18 June 2011

Saints and Queens and Angels on Earth

My dear friends and readers,

I know it has been too long…

I have not written, visited or even read blogs.

I haven’t done more than the bare minimum of my

on-line duties and joys for weeks.

Many of you know I am a Dancer’s mom.

And June is packed with more than the usual amount

of classes rehearsals and concerts.

Added to that, Mia was accepted to a summer dance

program at Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

She will be gone for 6 weeks. Gone.

4 hours away from her stinky old mom.

It will be like losing a body part for me.

But a truly exciting experience for her, and something for me to brag about.

I have been squeezing in some time for myself though.

In my (not so) Priti Studio I painted a wedding gift.


St. Dorothy, protector of Newlyweds.

Acrylics on 1 inch thick oak.

She fits the romantic theme at IA this week…


Thanks Stephanie for the perfect prompt!


I didn’t enter her in PPF because I didn’t feel

it would be right to participate if I couldn’t

be sure of visiting everyone else.


The wedding was today, the ceremony and the couple were beautiful.

I didn’t go to the reception because we leave for Pittsburgh tomorrow morning and there is still the packing to finish.

I have also had my nose deep in a book by my most favorite author

about one of my favorite subjects.


I have read so many books about Elizabeth I,

but never a novel about her last decades as Queen.

It is a beautiful book jacket, isn’t it?

Of course, I take it off to read…I practically worship books.

If you have never read any of Margaret George’s books,

I insist that you do, she is amazing at her craft.

I have also been trying to get my 2 spreads done for June

in my Sisterhood Traveling Art Journal.

This month I have Jaime's book.


Of course,

When I folded the page up, it stuck together

and smeared and ripped (sorry Jaime)

I fixed it best I could and moved on…




As you can see I wanted to show off

some of my gardening I have been chipping away at…

should be done by August, I hope :)

Here is Mia with her 2 besties and her dance teacher


I think I have a lot more to share,

and I know I have a lot to visit.

I will be back Tuesday,

childless and ready to be busy with my art

and your art.

I promise!

A special thank you to Chris for showing my ATC’s on her blog,

The Parabolic Muse.

It’s so much fun to swap art!

And Gemma.  Your constant generosity and pure spirit

make me want to be a better person.

And Rebecca. God smiles.

Big Love to all of you…

EVERTONE in the whole world wide world!!!



  1. A summer dance program sounds so exciting and fun! What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter. Love the wedding gift you painted. Gorgeous! :)

  2. Such wonderful things on your end. Beautiful creation; wonderful smile on Mia!

  3. I'm happy to hear all good things were going on while you were missing. The dance study class must be so exciting for your daughter, so nervous for you :-)

    Love the painting and the drawings.


  4. Oh, you must be over the moon and tickled pink with this exciting news!
    It is difficult when they go, you'll get so much more excited when you see her again, like christmas but better.
    Loads of love to you all!

  5. yes... some days are for folding ourselves in the arms of life...so completely our blogs must lie in wait for our attention to return.

    thank you for my place here, in your heart.

    it's tuesday, the first day of summer and my blogiversary. drop by if you have a moment for laughter and true confessions!!!


  6. Even though you are on the run, it was nice to read your catch up blog posting. You sound like such a good mom. The time will go quickly and before you know it, Mia will be home again...and much, much older.

    Your saints continue to brighten my day as does your garden with sunflowers. I'm jealous. I cannot get those to grow because of the animals around here.

  7. Sweet Lisa..What A Lovely Post! I Always Miss You When You're Away And I Was So Happy To See You Had Visited. And Oh My Goodness..I'm So Happy For Mia. Such A Wonderful Opportunity For Such A Beautiful Young Woman. She'll Return Home Before Ya Know It! In Closing, Loved The Painting. Truly A Precious Gift! And Girl ~ Those Sunflowers In Your Garden Are Fabulous! Just Beautiful! Have A Safe Trip! Love & Sunshine, Terri

  8. Such a lovely wedding gift. I'm sure they will love it. Your daughter is so sweet. Enjoy her summer concerts.

  9. dearest Lisa
    Big big love to you too. What a fantastic opportunity for Mia. Thank you <3 for precious thoughts and words. MUAH

  10. Oh, how I DREAMED of being a professional dancer, when I was just about your daughter's age. You must be so proud of your precious Mia (one of my favorite names btw). I love the painting you did as a wedding gift. My best friend was married in May and requested that I paint something for her gift. so I'll be working on that this summer. As always, you are an inspiration!

  11. Yay HI Lisa..so much fabulous news and gorgeous art as always..stunning pieces! and gorgeous pic of Mia and friends! Wonderful!
    Shine on my kindred spirit..it is always magical visiting Lisa-ville!!

  12. she is beautiful, a special gift. wishing you a wonderful time away.

  13. I am not sure how I missed this- but I am SO glad I found it! Where to begin? CONGRATS to Mia for what is sure to be an amazing experience! She is so lucky to have a mom like you! Those ballet shoes are beautifully done by the way....
    On to your art- I LOVE your saints they are always so inspiring, beautiful and creative- just wonderful work!
    Your June spread is beautiful- I WANT a white nightgown....I can definitely see myself sleeping in the garden on a warm June night :) And I can't wait to get Jaime's book to see it in real life!
    I know you love your garden as much as I do mine- maybe some more pictures next week? Plleeese?
    I'm glad that all is well with you, I've been thinking about you and hoping that it was only busy-ness that was keeping you from posting.

  14. Oh your lucky daughter! I used to do ballet as a child and always wanted to go to a ballet camp. We could never afford it :( Don't feel bad we lived near the water and spent summers at the beach.
    Love the wedding gift it is such a personal and touching gift!
    I had no time for PPF too many graduations and parties this week.
    Viva La Vida!

  15. Good to see you! Beautiful wedding gift. Best wishes for the young dancer on her adventures.

  16. Aw! It will be a wonderful experience for Mia I'm sure, but I empathise - I dread my son going away for that long (and I'm not even thinking about him leaving home lol!)

    I love your romantic painting - and it's a perfect wedding gift, beautiful as well as meaningful. I'm sure they will feel St Dorothy watching over them :) xx

  17. Oh Lisa the journal pages are just fantastic! I can't wait to see them in person :)

    hope your temporary empty nest is buzzing with art creating :) Mia is a doll!


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