26 June 2011

Summer Sun

It has been a few weeks since I

completed a challenge in time for Inspiration Avenue.

So I am writing this so very quickly,

I have to get this in on time. I must!


Clothed in the Sun.

My first painting with teeth!

I am not finished with her, but close-ish.

It is a beautiful sunny, summer day in PA.

I am going for a walk.

Maybe visit the cow.

Have a happy Sunday.

And visit Inspiration Avenue this evening.Smile


  1. Beautiful, Lisa. I can't wait to see the end piece. Enjoy your walk. It's storming here so I'm stuck in the house. Again. The grass gets much higher from all this rain I may have to make a maze out of my yard and charge a fee to play in it.

    Anyway, have a great week, girl!

  2. She already looks gorgeous to me! Happy Sunday!

  3. Love it Lisa. I have not ventured with teeth yet!!!! you are awesome. hope you enjoy your day.

  4. Hello Beautiful Woman! Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. I am so sorry to not have visited you! Wow, summer is a hectic time. Love your Inspiration Avenue art, always beautiful to look at your work!

    Hugs! Zan

  5. Oh she's beautiful Lisa. So serene.
    Enjoy your walk, jope the birdies
    sing a lovely song for you!

  6. Truly stunning and beautiful. A maze zing!


    PS we had a scorcher here today too - about bleedin time!

  7. There is a strength in your painting. She emits an emotion but keeps her dignity. She's very pretty.
    I am staying inside today
    Too hot!

  8. Oh I'm so glad you have shared her with us! She is lovely, so calm and serene. She looks as if she is about to speak, thinking of what she will say.

    It HAS finally been nice in PA, not so super-hot and humid. I have to get outside more while it lasts :)

  9. She's wonderful. I love the pensive eyes and the teeth are just right. No big toothy grin for you! The colors are also muted and lovely. She's a winner-like you!

  10. You are brave! Teeth are hard to do I think but you got it right.
    Enjoy your walk and take the cow a treat.


  11. I love this - the look on her face and hey they are great teeth - don't think I have ever done teeth. Let me think.....oh yeah on my Mick Jagger painting. Teeth AND lips - lots of lips!!!

  12. I've really missed reading your blog and seeing your awesome art, so it was good to see you back today. I'm not a painter/drawer/sketcher, so I'm impressed with anything you make, much less TEETH. I take it they are hard to get right. I think you've already mastered it, dear.

    And to think you designed this beauty while your daughter is far away in PA. It could be worse, though. She COULD have been accepted to a program in Kansas (grin)!

  13. i have to say, yours was my favourite entry this week - she's so restful, thoughtful, yet radiant...
    and thank you for your comment on mine :)

  14. She is SO very beautiful- I LOVE her! And you did the teeth perfectly- just gorgeous work!

  15. You continue to inspire me--exceptional art!!

  16. I think she's beautiful, and you don't really have to paint another brushstroke! I'd love to know what she's thinking, she looks so enigmatic :)

  17. Hi sweetie. How are you doing? Hope all is okay and when does your daughter get back? I love your latest piece and she's got great teeth. Good for you. I still need to do teeth. It's hot over here Lisa, just hot and it's only the beginning of summer. I hope you had a great walk. It's nice to take walks alone sometimes. Gives one time to think. Take care. Loveya.

  18. beautiful lady and work.. love the summer-ish feeling! Great site too:)


  19. Thanks for visiting my site - love your face - so many artists out there do such great versions of womanly faces and I can't so I'm in awe of the ability. Nice job!

  20. My dear friend, I've been a little away from blogosphere...

    But I am back and see your beautiful painting at my sidebar!

    I adore this painting if yours... all of it... the colours, the face...

    Miss you all!


  21. She is FABULOUS...I just wanted to tell you how much i LOVE this piece!



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