15 July 2011

Mary Magdalene and more Priti Tour

The beginning of this was it was hot (which I like)

and so incredibly humid it was hard to do anything

mostly because my thighs were glued together

and my breasts were glued to my ribcage.

I don’t really mind sweating

(we don’t use AC)

Because it is the perfect excuse to lay down

and READ!

(my inner book worm was so happy)

I read one book and started another…



Oh man, I judged this book by the cover this winter.

And I am so glad I did…this book led me on an art study

and finally to this…


As soon as the humidity went down-ish,

I then let my inner paint worm have some fun.

It was hard not to get stuck in painting what was in my head,

and just paint what was in my heart

and with my capabilities.

But she is something else and I love her.

Moving on to the

Priti Studio wrap-it-up-already Tour.

Last time we left off at the entrance….


So, again moving counter clock-wise…


My rack of boxes and wood and books…

all for cutting and painting and gluing!

A comfy chair for thinking or reading.

or drinking coffee or wine and looking at my wall of friends.

(I have another one just like it Maggie, come pick it up)

I have more bare wall above.

Then comes a window…


My Mary window.


Do you see someone named Alice?

It is a little Tascha doll…just for fun.


There is a Mary painting by Maggie  that I stuck into a cigar box

(I stepped on the box and broke the lid)

But now it holds this beautiful gift, and my incense burner.

And don’t you love the bleeding heart from Donna the Woodwife?

Underneath the window…


a cool box crammed with more books.

And then the bed without a mattress.


I will buy a mattress soon.

I only need 49 more bucks.

This was my childhood bed…half of the bunk set.

I think I want to paint it.

Then I think…don’t you dare Lisa.

I do dare, but I have so many other things to do.

Like buy a mattress and bedding.

OK. That’s all for now.


♥♥♥, Lisa


  1. Woo woo Lisa girl.
    Love your room and your art.
    So very priti.

    Any news of Bear? I lost my cat Pookie once forever and understand your heartache.

    Love you

  2. Oh so beautiful - no, wait, that is not a strong enough word - exquisite is more like it!! The colours of Mary Magdalene is so rich and intense and glowing! Like velvet! Did you read about my visit to her relics and Basilica and also grotto in France? Your Mary window just grabbed and squeezed my heart. Have a look at my Mary altar that I am sharing today as part of the challenge on Mary's Graces!! blessings

  3. Oh THANK YOU for the visual FEAST! I love your new painting- so beautiful and profound, just like YOU! And thank you also for sharing the rest of your studio- it looks so much like I imagine mine to be when we finally get around to finishing it- but smaller ;) I'll definitely be surrounding myself with the love of family and friends like you.
    P.S. I wish we could skip the ac, but here in Georgia we just ended a heat wave where the temps didn't drop below 80- it's a delightful 60 something right now, and I'm LOVING it!

  4. I don't know where to begin! I love your posts because they are SO full of inspiring stuff :)

    So I'll start at the top...Your painting of Mary Magdalene is awesome. She looks as if she is filled with sad secrets. I read The Expected One also. Very intriguing take on Mary Magdalene. I want to read more in that series. (side note: I got a Kindle for my birthday, and although I love the convenience of always having something to read, I really miss judging books by their covers ~ I've gotten some real duds without being able to pick up the book and look at it lol. I also miss going to the library *sob*)

    Before I hog the whole comments section: When I saw your chair, I thought, THAT is what I want for my art room!! And then you said you have another one like it, how amazing is that. I wish I could buy it from you...distance is just a wee problem. Hmmmm.

    And wow, you are a creative genius! What you have done with my attempt at Mary is so cool. I'm honored at her place in the cigar box, it looks like she was made for it.

    Priti Studio is looking gorgeous. I am so enjoying the tours! And thanks for permission to lay down and read when it is hot. I needed that. Tomorrow the humidity is returning, maybe I will read all day!

  5. The piece inspired by your reading is just DRENCHED with feeling; it is coming RIGHT THROUGH the screen. Beautiful as always. xoRobin

  6. Your Mary window is wonderful - so full of light and love !
    Thanks for the views around the studio. I love imagining you there.
    Much Love !

  7. I adore the soulful look on your new Mary's face. Paintings created from inspiration from books take on such feeling and emotion. I also love your window of Mary's. Thanks so much for the book recommendation. I actually think I have that book in a stack of "to reads"

    Hope you get your childhood bed finished soon. I'd definitely paint it a bright color.

  8. OK I absolutely love your painting. Each time I think that one is my favorite and then well, the next one shows up. OK so I love them all. I saw my little heart and I smiled and my own heart melted. It was so nice to see it there. I have your holy card right in front of me in my work space. Your room is looking great!!

  9. I am here sharing a glass of wine with you right now - "Cheers!" from one Lisa to another.

  10. Your room looks fabulous and I LOVE LOVe the new painting, she is so wonderful!! xo Michele

  11. your room looks great! Thanks for the tour- it's always so neat to see where others create! Your newest creation is amazing- she has such soulful eyes. Gorgeous!

  12. Oh Lisa, she's so beautiful. I just love looking at your deep faces for they tell such love and devotion.
    So enjoyed touring your Mary collection and your reading chair with arty art and books.
    I love shelves like this, I've one similar for my blankets. Prefer them better than wardrobes. Love shelves....!
    Thank you so much, your post is so lovely, like you! Your a blessing!

  13. That new painting knocks my socks off, not that I am wearing any. :) And your studio is so you! I love it, and all the little treasures you've collected and made. I really really do need to clean my work area. LOL! xoxo Pam

  14. What a wonderful oasis. We all need one in this crazy world. I have read all the books by Kathleen McGowan. Excellent reads and very, very absorbing ( I got lost for a few days in them)

  15. I am loving that chair. I have a bed in my studio too! of course you can't see it at the moment, but it's there. I call it my fainting couch in case I create something so cool that I actually faint! yeah... i haven't had to use it so far lol.

    I swear I am like a peeking tom. I just love to see other artists studios and your doesn't disappoint. You are so talented Lisa, it's fun to see things around your studio that inspires you. Your Mary is beautiful :)

    xx Jaime

  16. I love your art space sweet lady. That chair is awesome! I love Maggies Mary in the cigar box, too. How on earth do you live with no A/C? I would melt, literally.


  17. HUgs and HUgs Kindred...we are such souls-spiritual-sisters...I Love your Mary M...MARVELOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!She is close to my heart too...what a powerful piece..beautiful!
    I LOVE the tour...I love the Mary window..love everything..and loved the shot of the chair and clock...very cool!
    Thanks for sparking my world tonight with magic and beauty and inspiration!
    Love and hugs

  18. Hi pretty lady!
    Just popping by to say Hello and sending you some sunny rays of cheer!



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