10 July 2011

Poetry Challenge and a Priti Tour

I hosted the challenge at IA this week
and I love the theme ;-)
However, I had myself on ‘art lock-down’
Because I was determined to finish organizing my studio.
Finally I allowed myself to work in Lori’s art journal,
part of the Sisterhood Tour.
I used heavy gel medium and stamped and smeared.
It was fun, kinda minimal for me tho.
Of course the words are part of a poem by my
#1 man, ee cummings.

Now, on with the tour…
Last week we left off at my clean desk and bookshelves.
Now we are moving around the room counter clock-wise…
Inspiration Alley!
Just look at all of these treasures, would you.
I know you recognize a lot of these creative Artists.
There’s a pretty garden painting by Maggie.
Prints from Terri and Pam.
Cards and ATC’s and book markers and tags.
All from very important people…
Sandy Mastroni and Cheryl and ImGirl.
Below is my collection of
‘useful crap’
Back up the wall
A lion by Leo.
Parrot Tulips that I coveted and loved so much
finally Stephanie broke and now it’s all mine!
The print is a very cool piece of art by Barb (no blog)
And there is a Mary Shrine I won at the Oaxaca Art Auction.
She is a ‘new to me’ artist
Now, believe it or not, some bare wall
and then around the corner…
There is another Shrine from the same Auction.
This one by Lisa Jones-Moore.
Lets peek inside
Unbelievable, right?
Next a trio of Mary Statues.
And then a painting by Julie
3 little framed prints by Hot Tamale Studio
and little Spooky is hiding until Halloween.
Finally we are at the door
(which is maybe where I should have started)
The ornament was created by Angie.
It’s beautiful and punny. A Door…get it?
Do you want to see the rest or do you need a rest?
I think I will give you a break.
The tour will continue…


  1. Lisa, before I get to the art challenge - I WANT YOUR STUDIO AND ALL THAT IS IN IT!!!!! What a (very tidy if I may say so!) treasure trove of gorgeousness! Love the adore pun - I had to think for a sec before I got it but that made me laugh!

    I loved this week's challenge theme so firstly thank you for setting it.

    Your piece is beautiful. I really love the way that you've imprinted the letters, it gives the words a feeling of importance and gravitas, almost like engravings on a cave wall or on an ancient stone tablet. The little hearts along the side are a wonderful touch. Love it x

  2. Loved the tour, Lisa! Wish my workspace looked as uncluttered.

  3. I want more I want more!! I wanted to reach out and touch everything and take my time and look through it all - maybe saying "Oh Lisa this is so cool do you need it?" HA so maybe you'd give it away. You have done an excellent job my friend. And really I can't wait to see more. It was like a artists House Hunters tour!!

  4. Wish my 'studio' would look like yours ... sigh ... And the art journal pages are wonderful.

  5. Lisa, At first I thought you had done some plaster work on your IA piece. So Priti that you could carve the words into it. Your useful crap is very organized! Nice! Thank you for this challenge and your sweet comments to me.

  6. Hi sweetie pie. Your piece is awesome, you've done a great job and you are also doing a wonderful job in your studio. It's looks awesome. Great work, now come on over and do the same with mine. I'll give you trinkets, tee hee.::hugs::

  7. Yay Lisa...so mega-beautiful..what a fun post!Your studio is gorgeous and magical...just like you!! Shine on..magnificent and enchanting as always!

  8. Oh thank you Lisa, so much!
    Your art room is looking awesome!!!!! I love your little tables of art love!!!!!!!
    I'm making money to pay some bills and sort my art room out.
    So nice to see your beautiful space, given me inspiration!
    Loads of love!

  9. I'm honored that I am pinned up on your board as inspiration and for the link back. You (and the upcoming class I'm having) have inspired me to clean my studio as well. What a job. Don't you feel somehow "freed" at the process of the cleaning and organizing? I know I do.

    The journal page you are working on is luscious looking. It looks like yummy wax!

    Love that you have shown and displayed other bloggers and non bloggers work. Soon you will walk into a pristine, clean studio!

  10. what a great space, I hadn't seen the "before" post till after,... you worked so hard!. I love your piece for the sketchbook... so glad I get to see it up close soon, You're work in the sketchbooks is so wonderful and honest!, I love receiving them but it's too bad like you said... you won't see mine except for the one at the end, I feel the same for Kim's work...


  11. i can never get too much of mr cummings... *sigh*
    and what a wonderful, inspiring art space!! i'll share on tuesday my chaos... you've already inspired me to try and deal with it... :)

  12. more please... I wanna see more... xox

  13. I want to see more, so that when I come for a visit (with my BIG cardboard box) I'll know how big a box to bring. haha. You are so dang organized, woman! I love you anyway. You know how I said I was going to clean my work area? Um...;) xoxo Pam

  14. your studio is coming out Wonderful! I know mine certainly needs work,but I've been trying to get the rest of the house under control before I tackle it. Besides, I can't clean if I'm painting and I've got a commission on the easle.

  15. Wow! Lisa the before and after pics are amazing. I love the color on the walls. It warms the whole room and really shows of your furniture and art. Very very pretty. I bet it is so fun to go in there now and hang out with a glass of wine dreaming about your next project. I am so glad you stopped by, if anyone deserves the worst blogger award it is me. I have been absolutely horrible. It is just too hard with the kids home. I will have to catch up with everyone in the fall when they are back to school. You know how it is. :) Your art is beautiful Lisa! Keep doing what you are doing! Jennifer

  16. Ah..How Cool Was This? Gosh Lisa, I'm So Impressed With Your New Set-Up! And You're Such A Sweetheart For Mentioning My Name And Print In Your Posting. :)) Sweet Friend, You're Forever Lifting My Soul More Than You Know. Thanks So Much For Sharing Some More Of Your Beautiful New Place With Us..You Can Bet I'll Be Back To See The Rest. xoTerri

  17. Wow Lisa what an impressive job! Such a pity one has to make a mess again but then that is one of the sacrifices of priti!

    Om prem - Sanskrit for eternal infinite love

  18. I continue to be impressed and amazed with your art studio. Of course, now it looks like a museum of altered art, which shows how much you love art made by others. Really love the look.

    BTW, even though I had trouble with it, I still appreciated the challenge your poem choice presented this week. Your contribution was pretty awesome, considering you have been reorganizing your studio. Until next time, dear friend.

  19. Such a great tour through your studio, I enjoyed it! The art journal pages are gorgeous, so far I haven't really used heavy gel medium, it's too intimidating for me.

  20. Oh I love your desk and studio. Great love in all the pieces. Love the journal pages and just wow!

  21. Ok, let me just say, I WANT to come live in your studio- it is SO beautiful!!! And I feel so honored to be included in your wall of Inspiration....that really made my day! Between you and Maggie; I am starting to feel seriously studio deprived....so see, if you let me come stay with you, I'd only take up a tiny corner of space- I promise ;D
    Kidding aside, I LOVE your journal page- what an amazing idea! I got my daughter a sampler set of various gels and medium enhancers for Christmas- it is sitting unopened in her room as we speak...maybe I'll do a little playing around with them in Andrea's journal?
    As always, you and your work are SO very inspiring to me.

  22. I'm sad I didn't get to play this week because I loved the poetry theme. Your journal pages are inspirational.

    Loved the tour! It was wonderful looking around at your studio and all the inspirational gorgeous art treasures decorating it. I love your collection of 'useful crap'. I have a my own very large and ever growing collection of 'useful crap' but yours looks so beautifully displayed.

    I'll look forward to further tours and peeks into the studio where you make your art magic happen!

    Kat Xx

  23. Give us a break? I finally get my arse here, and now I want more...demanding aren't I. But really, I can see you're busy, just know I'm with you in spirit,

    I would die, if I showed my studio at this time, but maybe I should put myself out there and show my hording mess!


  24. Hi dear Lisa, hope you having an amazing week! I can imagine you creating your beautiful art now in your new work space! You go girl!

  25. What a juicy, yummy, inpsiring, loving place to create !!! No wonder you are such an awesome artist ! You have made yourself the perfect place to fly from...


  26. Lisa! I told you I was VERY behind in my blog visits, and now you know I wasn't lyin'. How could I have missed this?! I love love LOVE your art room ~ the last I saw it, it was looking a little, ahem, full. And now, this transformation! With everything neatly in its place. This atmosphere, to me, is perfect for getting inspired, although sadly, my space never looks this neat. I am going to try though.

    Your art collection is phenomenal. I could gaze at it all day! I'm honored to have a place there.


  27. Oh you've done a wonderful job on your studio ~ bravo! It's amazing to see all your cherished treasures together in one place, isn't it? I can't wait of have my studio set up here. I do have your plaque hanging on a nail in the wall ~ a symbol of things to come. ;D I hope you're still enjoying the key holder I sent you forever ago.


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