03 July 2011

Studio Update


I began by organizing and sorting my collection

of art/inspirational/poetry books.

Then I cleared the desk and moved it.

I felt a sense of accomplishment,

but you know how it is…

as soon as something looks better,

you begin to notice the dingy walls…

better to paint now, before I go any further.

So everything back off the shelves,

and then it was off to the basement to search for paint.

I am not willing to spend any money that I can

find around the house.

I was lucky enough to find an ancient

can of antique white, that must of came with the house.

Meaning it must be at least 17 years old.

I tinted it with some craft paint,

I knew I would never use and painted the walls.

A peachy, yellowy color,

I am calling Angel’s Blush.

Then the baseboards and window frames

glossy white (that’s what the can said)

I put all of the shelves back up,

and took a picture for you.


They say (whoever they are) that

the devil is in the details.

I guess that means that’s where the fun is.

I am getting there one corner at a time.

I also finished last week’s painting

Clothed in the Sun.


I added some crystal for the 12 stars.

I have to thank everyone for all of the kindness

and encouragement you have given me on my journey

towards tranquility in my sacred spot!

Your comments really, really make me feel understood.

Tiamo, Lisa


  1. Hi sweetie pie. It's looking good. One step at a time. Now you have me wanting to go out to the studio and start at one end, step by step. Looks pretty good and looking at your books I also have those Frida books. The big one is awesome. It has the pull out pages of her paintings, totally awesome. Glad you feel like you are accomplishing, you always do though. Now sit down and have a glass of wine. You'll feel much better.:)) ::hugs::

  2. It's always fun taking a peek into another's creative space. Thank you for the glimpse. :) The painting is beautiful!

  3. WOWSIE!! I am so inspired! Your paintings, whats not to love? Clothed in the Sun...Beautiful!

    Your makeover studio? Fabulous! I must say you have shamed me, ...now I know there is no excuse for me not to get my room is better shape. It's quite the mess. I was quite comfortable with it. You have inspired me. There is hope. LOL


  4. The studio looks great - you've inspired me to do a makeover for mine...hopefully in the next few weeks! Love the addition of the crystals for the stars - beautiful!

  5. wow... i am impressed... my gosh, that's a lot of work you've done!! i love that you used the old paint and tinted it with craft paint! yes!


  6. "Clothed in the Sun" is a perfect name for your beautiful woman. I love the color scheme and her soulfull (even though they are closed) eyes. They still speak volumes.

    Studio is looking wonderful. I like that you have chosen the cliche "the devil is in the details" to mean 'fun' instead of 'work.'

  7. Wow - you've been a very busy lady. Your creative space is looking gorgeous & I love how I've learnt more about lovely you from this photo.

    That painting is stunning - it really moved me. I love it and feel completely drawn to its creative magic.

    BTW did you see this new etsy group: http://marysgraces.blogspot.com

    Kat Xx

  8. It looks wonderful! Now you have inspired me to go and clean up my messy studio!

    Happy 4th!


  9. Beautiful - great job both on you room and your painting!! I wanted to pull some of the books off your shelf and sit down and look through them!! Thanks for liking our new idea and even though you didn't think of it as soon as we get it ready you can be part of it!! Now I think I will straighten up my work area.

  10. Your space looks wonderful!! It's always such a huge task cleaning up my work space! I avoid it until I just can't move in the space anymore ;o) You've done a fabulous job! Love love the new painting! xo Michele

  11. Absolutely wonderful! I love your new desk space! My studio is also in bad need of renovation but I am holding off a bit until I get some other parts of the house under control. i did do some work on my paint table the other day. but now it's messy again with WIP!

  12. LISA! What A Transformation! So Organized And Tidy! Loved How You Used The Existing Paint And Tinted It Yourself! It Looks FABULOUS! Only Thing Is Now That Your Studio Looks So Well Designed And Put Together..Makes Me Feel I Need To Do The Same For Mine! :)) Hope You're Enjoying A Sensational Fourth! Sending You Some Love & Sunshine, Terri

  13. P.S. LOVE your newest Composition! The Crystals Were A Fabulous Addition To An Already Perfect Painting!

  14. It looks great Lisa. Love the cozy depth of paint color. Cheers to you on jobs well done.
    clink clink

  15. It is looking beautiful! I bet you are going to be even more creative when you have finished (is that possible?)!

    One corner at a time. A great way to do things! I find breaking it done into little tasks always helps me.

    Love "Clothed in the Sun"!

  16. i love this - i'm not sure if your space is what i consider one of my desks to be but it seems similar. One of mine is basically a shrine where i work in my diaries and do only like, soul searching stuff - no art for anyone else.
    Everyone deserves a spot like that.


  17. David and I have spent the last two weeks cleaning, painting, and updating the apartment we have for rent upstairs. I am sooooo sick of that space now but man, it looks beautiful ! I would moving in in a minute.
    That said, your pics make me want to dig into the corners of clutter and mess in the studio to allow new air, new inspiration and ne energy into my sacred space too. Maybe after a week or two of just enjoying summer, the oomph will return to this tired, tired Queen and I will look to doing that.

    In the mean time, I am dying to get something creative out of this artist body ! I promised myself I would take at least an hour today while David is at work !
    Enjoy your sweet corners ! You are amazing, Lisa !
    Big Love !

  18. i am sooooooo impressed!! and you know how much i LOVE your recent painting :)

  19. I'd love to sit at your desk, look at your inspirational pieces and read your books. Maybe I'll get an airline ticket, LOL!


  20. It looks beautiful! I am determined to organize my work area, and you have inspired me big time. I have saved the next few days to do just that. I can't even see my table top any more - lol! LOVE your new painting. I hope you are having a wonderful summer, my friend - xoxox Pam

  21. What a difference. Your space looks amazing. I also love to just sit and snoop at what p[eople have on their shelves.

    The painting is gorgeous, she looks familiar and yet not. I love it.

  22. I'm impressed with your corner that you've managed to turn into a tranquil place. I am hoping to get my art out of boxes and onto shelves soon. You are truly doing a marvelous job. I like your use of what you have. That's my motto, too, and I would be checking my leftover paint, OR my local household hazardous waste recycle shop for free paint.

    Now that you've started, it will get easier, too.

  23. Ah just look at that beautiful organisation. A clutter free space - heavenly. Want to come round and help me?

    PS your 'before' shots look strangely familiar - oh yes, my house!

  24. Wow Lisa ~ this looks aMAzINg!! I love the color paint you made too! I do the same thing, we always buy the $1 cans of paint that have been returned to stores and then I mix them up, whoot! Really looks fabulous though, bravo!

  25. I LOVE rearranging and freshening things up with paint! Last week in between doctor's appointments I totally moved the dining room/studio/living room spaces around, cleaned out cabinets and changed all the pictures around- YES a definite sense of accomplishment! And your new painting is STUNNING! Did you change the background? I don't remember it being that glowy before- I DO remember the face and that oh SO difficult pose of the lips and teeth you used- beautiful work!

  26. Hey, Lisa, finally catching up on my reader. Your space looks wonderful. Now mess it up and start creating. :).
    Love Cloth in Light. The rhinestones are great.

  27. Beautiful...Bravo!!! What a gorgeous space...love it all..gorgeous gorgeous art..woah! Shine on my super fabulous soul sister!!

  28. Lisa, these are gorgeous! Good job! I recently just arranged my stuffs too like books and the like and it made me feel fresh and new..Your painting is fabulous! What a lovely lady!

  29. Beautiful and one step at a time; just the way I roll. xoRobin

  30. I think I actually gasped when I first saw Clothed in sun... just breath taking. Is she in your shop?


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