24 July 2011


This week’ s IA Art Challenge is Wings

chosen by the creative Kat.

Sadly, my is just a page in my journal.


I really wanted to do a beautiful Angel Painting,

but I have some projects that really need attention.


I am excited to see everyone else’s Wings

at Inspiration Avenue.

I have some serious blog visiting to do.

I swear tonight is the night.

It has been so incredibly warm here that

I just can’t bear the thought of sitting with the

hot laptop.

Thank you for all of your encouraging, sweet comments

I really do read them…

I promise to return the favor, even if I have to do it naked!

We are picking Mia up this weekend!

I just can’t wait to squeeze her and give her lots of kisses.

(I hope she didn’t lose her tolerance for me)

No news on Bear, but I haven’t given up hope.



  1. Your angel is serene and beautiful (although she looks a bit hot too).
    Needless to say, the British summer has done its usual disappearing act. Weather is more like April than July, although today the sun is actually shining (just not terribly warmly). Keep hearing on the news about your heatwave - why don't you just send us a few degrees then we'll all be happy!

  2. We need all the angel wings we can gather these days, so much sorrow in the world. Yours are beautiful. I'm glad Mia is coming home. Give her an extra hug from me.
    xoxo Pam

  3. Your angel is GORGEOUS. As always, I'm impressed with your entry, and this angel is no different. It's incredibly hot here, too and I remember the days when I used to have a laptop burning my legs. Just keep creating and that will make Me the happiest.

  4. Your journal entries are interesting in a different way than your finished work. I'm always delighted to see anything you do.

    Have fun reuniting with Mia.


  5. I would love to have a page 'just' like this one in my journal (painted by me in my dreams)!! Don't you put yourself down lady - this is beautiful; I genuinely love it.

    Kat Xx

  6. She is lovely ! wonderful use of brush stokes, perfect for an angel!

  7. I love your entry this week. I love the wings expecially, the details and colors, very soft. And then the butterfly on top adds a nice touch.

  8. She's a beautiful angel, Lisa, and I look forward to a angel painting from you. An angel of joy maybe?
    I'm sure Mia is ready for some hugs from you.

  9. She is absolutely beaUtiful as always. Love that you have included duality with both light and dark wings!
    Glad Mia is coming home soon.YAY!
    and Really sorry about Bear.

  10. I love your journal entries. She is beautiful, and her wings are amazing!

    I missed so many blog posts awhile back. Is Bear missing? I'm so sorry... Cats have been known to reappear after quite some time...I'm hoping he will make his way back home :)

  11. The journal page is so beuatiful ! Love that black butterfly contrasting with the white angel...
    Oh, Bear...Sending loving wishes you way, Kitty Cat friend.

    Take good care of you and have fun reuniting with Mia !
    Love and hugs !

  12. I love your journal page Angel. She is beautiful. There's a lot of texture there. Sorry about Bear, hope he comes back:(( I'm glad Mia is coming home, I bet you are soooooo very happy. Enjoy and have a great week. ::hugs::

  13. I see your angel's wings are lifted, that's a sign of hope and attention, this is a beautiful piece.

  14. Your journal pages are some of my favorite art you do- I LOVE your angel and as always- you've created the most incredible eyes and composition with that gorgeous combo of words, wings and wisdom- I LOVE this piece!
    Is Bear missing? I just went through your older posts to see if I'd missed something, but nada. In anyway, I'm sending you lots of kitty love and prayers- one of our cats went missing for so long that our daughter had already adopted another by the time he came home....
    P.S. I think it's supposed to be cooler this week.....fingers crossed

  15. Your angel is beautiful Lisa. Enjoy your reunion with your daughter, I'm sure she will have much to tell.

  16. Hey, Great Lady! Your stuff as always looks GREAT! Hope your keeping cool.
    Big hugs to you all

    Lisa D.

  17. Wow Lisa, this angel is so beautiful. I love how you frame your pieces in other objects. This piece a uniquely vintage and treasured feel. :))

  18. It's "just" a page from your journal you say, but it makes my heart sing :) xx

  19. How could you apologise for sharing something as inspirational & stunning as this??? Thank you, it's magicial :)

  20. even if you write naked...
    i just know you will have your wings on.


  21. such a dimensional journal page, and love the black butterfly... it has been incredibly hot hasn't it... ugh! xo

  22. I always love your work...at least you are working in your journal! Mine is crying for attention.

    Get Naked
    Have HOpe (Bear)
    Love your Mia
    Sending you lots of imagined snowflake LOVE ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~, I hope it reached you!

  23. Goreous Lisa..everything you do enchants my soul..very beautiful and very peaceful too...wonderfully alive feeling i sense...LOVE it!!
    Enjoy time with Mia!

  24. Hi Lisa, Love Your Beautiful Angel! My Apologies For Missing Your Final Reveal On Your Stunning Studio Redo..Girl, It's Been One Thing Following Another Here In My Neck Of The Woods..But I Just Finished Browsing And Found The Photos. Goodness How I Love Your Mary Window. And I Really Like The Stainless Bookshelf. Such A Wonderful Transformation, And I Know You're Enjoying It. So Tidy And Organized. Took A Trip Over To Your Etsy Shoppe To See All Your New Pretties. I've Closed Mine Temporarily While I Work On Inventory. So Sorry About Bear! I Hope He's Home Soon. Sending You Some Love And Georgia Sunshine This Glorious Monday Afternoon, Terri

  25. Lisa, hope your having an amazing time!

  26. Dearest person who does not have as much time as she'd like;

    I hear ya.
    Thank you so much for visiting me and for being supportive, and know that I support you in your quest to make an angel painting which is just as beautiful as this one you've created, here.

    Our reach must exceed our grasp, or what's a heaven for?



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