08 August 2011

Living the Art of Life

I have finally chained myself to this chair

until I write a post, it has been too long.

The usual anti-social me has been in a whirl wind…

traveling to Pittsburgh seemed to open the gates.

Between meeting friends, we have been trying

to repair the ever needy house before wintertime.

So this post will be a pile of pictures…


In Pittsburgh, I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie.

She is just as I imagined from being bloggie-buddies for years.

In fact, I was so comfortable around her that

I think I didn’t make the most of our visit.

Naturally, I found a bookstore that I couldn’t get out of.

Next, some pictures of Pittsburgh…


Tunnels through the mountains.



Pittsburgh is very hilly!



The Dance Concert was the best I have ever seen.


Mia and her BFF.

I have managed to be creative…



AND I cleaned up my mess when I was done!

It is possible to change habits!

I have them in my etsy shop.

That in itself is impressive for me.


I also did my Sisterhood Art Journal swap.


Now I have tons of other projects that I would love to get to.

In between other engagements

and chauffeuring

and plugging my ears.

I didn’t realize how loud 16 year old girls can be.

Yesterday Leo turned 21.


Beard-Boy and his GF.


These 4 kids grew up together and have been friends forever.

Cute, right?

Ok. that’s all for now.

Watch for me…I’ll be popping in for a visit at your spot.




  1. I was born outside of Pittsburgh, but only lived there for the first year of my life - enjoyed your photos and your new artwork is beautiful as always ♥

  2. wow you have been busy, so glad you took pics along the way!! enjoy the last of summer!! winter will soon be here! xox

  3. I love this post! So much fun being had by people!

    Isn't it great meeting bloggie buddies?!

    Handsome kids.

  4. I always love your posts! The prayer boxes are fabulous! WHAT?? You cleaned up the mess?? Hmmmm...maybe there's hope for me?? Aw, happy birthday to your bearded guy ;o) Makes you feel old when they get to 21 doesn't it?? My oldest is 23! Looks like you had a fabulous trip too! It was great catching up with you :o) xo Michele

  5. Lisa, your so lovely and you photos are also. So lovely to see you!
    You go girl enjoy that summer! Glad you got to meet up with Maggie, you both look so happy together!

  6. wow wow wow impressive on sooo many levels! cleaning up, changing your habits, whilst fitting in a trip and visits and then creating such beauty! Your plaque at the end 'Live the Art of Life' is so apt and fitting.

  7. Great post, great energy, love, happy times! All good!

  8. Happy birthday to Leo! He's just a few months younger than Jesse. Looks like a happy celebration!

    It was so great meeting you in Pittsburgh! Ha, love the pictures of Pittsburgh, especially the dreaded Squirrel Hill Tunnel. It strikes terror in the heart of every Pittsburgher entering or leaving Pittsburgh :) The road becomes a parking lot during rush hour.

    Mia is radiant, as usual! I'm happy her performance was a success!

    You HAVE been busy! Your latest art is gorgeous. I especially love the journal pages AND the Day of the Dead Mary.


  9. You have been one busy lady! I know you were thrilled to meet Maggie- how fun! And I love your new boxes and the Sistahood entry- GREAT stuff!

  10. Looks like you are having a terrific summer. What fun to travel and meet a blogging pal. Still you were creative AND cleaned up. I'd say it has been a win-win.


  11. Ooh it sounds like you've been having a ball and making the most of your summer Lisa!

    Belated happy birthday to your lovely Leo (I love that we share a birthday!)

    And you know I LOVE your little boxes so I'm delighted to see some more! xx

  12. oh my 21... I remember 21 ;)

    beautiful children, beautiful artwork, beautiful soul :)

    I love your paintings and new prayer boxes.

  13. What a great post Lisa!

    It sounds like you've been having a fabulous summer! So great to see you back.


  14. Kewl that you got to meet Maggie. She seems fun. Your family is beautiful. Your art is da bomb as always. Oh I love the words in your journal...So true....BTW Frida's wounded deer is on display at my school. You wouldn't believe the RAVE reviews!Love you!

  15. Sweet Lisa..Enjoyed The Photos So Much! Gosh..The One Inside That Tunnel Was Awesome! And Girl, You Looked So Pretty Standing There With Your Longtime Bloggin' Buddy Maggie! Thanks For The Great Post! Sending You Some Love & Georgia Sunshine This Glorious Wednesday!

  16. How fun! I am so jealous! I know you two must have enjoyed visiting with one another.

    I love seeing your art! You make the most beautiful prayer boxes. Such a nice place to tuck those prayers into and maybe even to jot a note about how those prayers panned out.


  17. love this post, wonderful prayer boxes, and I totally love your work in Lori's sketchbook, I did mine right away I was so inspired!, I love that I get to see your work as it's all so full of layers!

  18. Welcome back my girl - you been a busy bee, buzzing around this summer. Time you rested those wings and sipped some nectar of the Gods with your feet up!

  19. Good to see you again. :) Thanks for taking us on a tour of the city.
    Happy belated birthday to your boy.

  20. Really enjoying your blog, Lisa...you have such an appealing, whimsical way.
    I look forward to my next visit...BTW, those Prayer Boxes are fabulous!!!



  21. charming and love filled in every way!
    thanks for tucking me in your frock pocket and sharing such life celebrations along the way!

  22. Yay Lisa..I missed you..awesome post..beautiful photos of all..yay..such fun and spirit! Shine on you Fabulous soul!
    Glad you ahd a fun trip!

    PS: your art and creations are mega-amazing..absolutely stunning!
    HUgs and sparkles

  23. dear one,

    i hope you will have a chance to visit...the invitation is up for dia de bloglandia!!!
    stephanie and i look forward to a soul stirring time, won't you join us?
    and bring all your dia de los muertos loving friends!

  24. I like your prayer boxes, Lisa. Enjoyed viewing all the pics, Some wonderful times recorded.


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