28 August 2011

Sunflower Challenge

Inspiration Avenue challenge…


August 2011 025

This is a project Mia and I have been working on.

Making my old car

funky-fun for her.

August 2011 026

Of course it is raining.

August 2011 027

We are almost through the hurricane…

A tornado, an earthquake and a hurricane this year.

Not so good for my nerves.

Here are my pages for Kathy’s

Sisterhood Art Journal.

August 2011 034

August 2011 033

My computer is finally fixed!

Everything is new and different…

learning new technology was not

on my agenda…

I have a lot of new things to share…

And catch up with everyone…

I feel like I’ve been behind forever.

I hope you all are well

and counting your blessings.

I will make another post super soon-ly.


August 2011 032

Look at the willow dance!


  1. That car is WILD! I wish my ride was that awesome. Fun project. :)

  2. Glad you and Mia are doing good. The car is looking great and the beautiful Willow tree is just totally awesome. Take care of yourself. I've been off and on too, Very busy lately. Take care.

  3. Wow what a car - I wondered what this was going to be. Now this is taking the IA challenge to an extreme - wonder what paint job you'll be giving your vehicles next week!!

  4. I have missed you SO much. It's wonderful that you are back. Also glad you checked in as the storm grows more intense.

    It's hard when so many things need updating. I was content to watch you update and change your studio. Now you have a lot of newness in your life.

    Gotta LOVE what you have done with that car. Very stylish and fresh.

  5. Wow! Lovin' Mia's car! Flower power!
    Can not believe all of the natural disasters lately. What is up? It's 117 degrees here. argh!

  6. The car illuminating "awesomeness" and what a fun project to do together! You have been missed.

    Sending you sunshine & sunflower love, petal by petal~*


  7. Now that is a conversation starter! I bet it will make so many people's commute brighter having Mia drive past them in a blaze of flowers!

    Stay safe in the hurricane hon xx

  8. GREAT use of sunflowers... what an unusual take on the theme!! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment about my art...and thanks for visiting because it led me to your blog...and to a new, creative cyber friend! See you again...


  9. What a fabulous and unusual way to display sunflowers! Brave/lucky girl to decorate the car that way! Stay safe in all that nasty weather!

  10. Eeeeeeeek!!! I love the car!!

    Glad to know you made it through the storm ok! I love the picture of the Willow! Your art is as wonderful as ever!


  11. Love the car!! How fun!!! Glad to know you are almost out of the storm! That's some scary stuff. Mother nature has sure been making sure that everyone knows whos boss this year! xo Michele

  12. oh! the willow!! thank you for that!

    and the car! oh oh oh!!! how wonderful and thoroughly smile making! mia will be driving a masterpiece...

    so i had a lot of computer 'issues' this summer too. they seemed to mirror my inner 'issues'. and they seemed to go on and on... ; )

    so happy to be seeing you again, my friend.


  13. The car is so much fun!! I'd love to drive in it around town.

  14. Fun project, I wouldn't misplace it in a parking lot! Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog.

  15. Yeah! You are back! Go check out the link I posted to your fabulous journal! Also....Now, you know how much I love your newly painted car. Wait til you see the fun you will have buzzing around town in it. I know my life changed when I b-dazled my car. I love those big bold flowers. Yeah...Lisa is back from hurricane, earthquake and who knows what all else!

  16. GREAT eye candy and happy to hear you made it thru Irene safe and sound!

  17. So great to see you back online!!

    Mia's car is so much fun! Love it! What a very creative sunflower.

    And fabulous pages for Kathy's book! Looking so forward to eventually seeing it in person.

  18. wow, so much to see, Love the car, your daughter must be creative and brave to drive it, I wish I was bold like that!, and your pages are wonderful, I'm so excited I get to see them and the rest of the book very soon, I'd better mail the one I have out too,but it's hard to let them go!

  19. I love the car! Very unique creation for the IA challenge! Thanks for stopping by my blog--sorry to be so late in commenting, but we just got power back after the hurricane.

  20. wow wow this is really pushing the envelope for inspiration - love it!

  21. Great to see you again!
    You are one cool mama, fabulous car.
    I love books too. SOme days my hair looks like that, only I´m a brunette. :D

  22. yes...dancing willow!
    and mia's car so flowerlicious!!!!
    welcome back dear friend.

  23. Glad your ok Lisa, bless you so much!
    Your car is amazing too. It's got to be the coolest car ever! I'm sure your going to get lots of comments and people wanting you both to paint their cars cars! Your a arty team!
    Huge Hug!

  24. I am in love with your journal entry- the faces, quote and colors; all SO gorgeous! And the dancing willow is wonderful too, as is your be-flowered car....girl, you have been MISSED!

  25. Bet Mia will love driving that art car.

    Hope you didn't get too wet from the storm, the blowing willow looks awesome.


  26. Love it all, & BIGGEST sunflowers I ever have seen :)

  27. Wow! Love Mia's Car! That Looks Like Hours Of Hard Work.

    Sweet Lisa, Thank You So Much For Your Kind Words The Other Day At My Place! It's Been Absolutely Crazy Around My House of Late And Each Time I Sat Down To Write You ~ Something New Blew In. But Please Know Your Generous Words Meant The World To Me! They Always Do!

    Lisa, I'm Truly Not Myself These Days. Mama Is Not Doing Real Well And I Don't Talk About It Much Primarily Because It Wouldn't Change A Darn Thing. It Is What It Is And That's All There Is To It. I Just Walk Through Each Day Handed To Me And Try To Distract Myself Whenever Possible With An Occasional Painting Project.

    Art Has And Always Has Been, My Salvation Of Sorts. Hey ~ I Know You Review Your Incoming Comments (like I Do) Before Posting Them, So You May Not Want To Post This One. Sweet Girl, I'm Rather A Bleak Blogger These Days, But If I Didn't Have My Online Friends Like You, I'd For Sure Fade Into Oblivion. Please Know I Love U My Dear Friend..Terri


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