18 September 2011


This week…Autumn Splendor was the prompt at Inspiration Avenue.  I know this is the favorite season for many people, but for me it is melancholy.

Jane Kenyon describes my feelings about Autumn and childhood perfectly and soulfully in this poem.

autumn 004 


A white indifferent morning sky,

and a crow, hectoring from its nest

high in the hemlock, a nest as big

as a laundry basket…

                                  In my childhood

I stood under a dripping oak,

while autumnal fog eddied around my feet,

waiting for the school bus

with a dread that took my breath away.


The damp dirt road gave off

this same complex organic scent.


I had the new books-words, numbers,

and operations with numbers I did not

comprehend-and crayons, unspoiled

by use, in a blue canvas satchel

with red leather straps.


Spruce, inadequate, and alien

I stood at the side of the road.

It was the only life I had.

                                  ~Jane Kenyon


Just a page in my art journal.

Don’t you love the way she refers to herself as spruce,

grouping herself with the hemlock and the oak, standing alone in the subtle way of a wonderful wordsmith…

I have the book of her collected poems, and I would recommend the book to everyone…even if you think you don’t like poetry.

I am too late for the challenge, but a lot of people

were not…visit the results at Inspiration Avenue



  1. Great poem, Lisa. I will definately look for her works. I feel melancoly in Autumn too, but I also love the season for it's colors, crispness of the air, and of course Halloween. I don't know if you have seen any of my own poems, but many are about Autumn too.

    Have a wonderful week, Lisa!

    Hugs, Kelly

  2. Just beautiful Lisa! I love this poem!


  3. Reading the poem gave me chills, it's so beautiful. I was not one who enjoyed going back to school...I would rather have stayed home with my mother! So I can relate to Jane Kenyon's words. I think I started to like autumn better after I was finished with school :)

  4. Awesome poem! Did you do this writing? I like the style!
    :) Julie

  5. Hi Lisa priti lady. I always think of you too. What a beautiful poem, just wonderful. I played your music the other day when I was working on the cock a doodles and thought of you and all you do. Great work and I hope you have a great week. Take care dear amiga.

  6. What a beautiful poem and page Lisa!

    Spruce - I like that!

  7. Sometimes the melancholy forced upon us in autumn is like a sieve to refocus and find the gems which remain after going through the scraps of life- the memories, the unreached goals, there the nuggets are left to repair the bruises and cuts left from prior encounters. Autumn can be sweet- the harvests- wines, veggies, and more which wait to ripen for just the right hand to pluck and transform. Winter can last a week and I'd be grateful, the lack of green is sometimes suffocating; autumn and spring I'd welcome them to stay longer.

    Thank you for sharing that poem, it was beautiful, I'm going to look for that author and see what other moments she captures.

  8. Wonderful poem, thanks for introducing me to this poet. I'll definately look for her work.


  9. I love the poem - such beautiful imagery. Amazing what some people can do with words. But I love autumn, Lisa! You should come to my house, where we are slapping skellys all over the place, it would cheer you up no end! I'll join you in winter, though. Not my fav, although I try very hard to have a good attitude. :) xox Pam

  10. Beautiful poem- I'm not familiar with her.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Gorgeous post Lisa..Love love love it all..beautiful and hypnotic..i am a poetry lover..so i deeply enjoyed this..THANKYOU for stirring my soul!

  12. everyone secretly likes poetry.
    some people just don't know it yet :)

    i like you more and more every time i come here.


  13. Hugs on your beautiful Spruce heart in this Autumn season, my Beautiful Friend.

  14. Oh Priti, All of your new art I LOVE, it touches my heart. This poem and girl I know myself as well. Love to you

  15. Oh Lisa, you don't know how precious your message is to me today, thank you so much.
    I totally agree with you about your art being a journey and purpose. I can so see and feel this with every creation your making. Your so lovely lisa and I feel honoured to share and know you.
    Almost feels like a break through and an emergence of self strength, sharing and giving people the love and hope from a higher level so they can hold it for themselves.
    Remember the film, is it first encounter? Where everyone is making mountain models and pictures. This is where first contact was. I feel like this, with us all crating art. Like something beautiful is coming and we're preparing for it.
    I love looking at your prayer boxes, wall beauties and your statues of loving people. We're bringing the love out of the canvas's. My life is so much more fulfilled because of you.
    Huge HUG:) Julie

  16. Interesting poem - I don't share the sentiment but I can really appreciate the beauty of the words. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the visit!

  17. Autumn was my favourite season for a long time, and I still love many things about it.

    But these days I can sense the melancholy that you talk about and I probably prefer Spring. Maybe it's just part of getting older! That is a wonderful poem, thank you for sharing it :)

  18. Lovely poem and work, I understand your feelings but for me that's how I feel in spring when everyone else is celebrating new life, I feel sad and lost. In autumn I feel alive and rejuvenated !

  19. "with a dread that took my breath away"
    iam watching the leaves turn colors as I write, and I am not surprised by your melancholy feelings, this is the time of year of the crone. .... you are always so empathetic... xox


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