16 September 2011

Everyone loves pictures of art…right?

Hi everyone ☺

First, Thank you, Thank you

for your comments…some funny, some empathetic,

some encouraging, some full of praise…I love and appreciate them all.

So Thank you.


This is just another post full of pictures

to show you what I have been up to.

So busy in my studio…

I finished the Saints.

york 005

They all wanted to be a Madonna.

york 002

3 faces of Mary.

york 003

They are pretty tall, over 2 and a half feet.

And this painting


I never really felt it was finished.

I finally figured out the puzzle.

york 006

See the change?

york 008

The heart needed a little protection.

And a little blue from heaven.

Then this painting…


I have been looking for a frame for it.

I finally made my own by cutting an old frame down to size.

mary in frame 003

mary in frame 004

That was hard work!

Angles, or anything involving math…Bleh.

But she looks more majestic now, I think.

I have one more piece to share.

A box.

york 016

york 015

A cigar box.


york 012


york 013

I  l♥ve  this box!

I am still at working away…

Next Saturday I will be schlepping everything to the Art Gallery.

Happy Weekend to everyone!


me 011





  1. Wow! It all looks great! 1st I LOVE the Saints! Three very beautiful women. LOVe them!!!

    And you were right about the picture you were having problems finishing. The heart did need protection. The micha is a great finish.

    GREAT work!!! :)

  2. Hello miss mega fabulous Lisa..WOW....you always capture my heart! i love it all..i love that you paint figures on wood ( me too)..breathtaking Lisa..and the crowns are magnificent and they each are very special and sacred pieces..shine on they are magnificent girl! and your paintings are amazing..I love how you figured out the final touches to it..awesome..divine!!
    hugs my talented friend..thanks for adding so many sparkles into the universe!
    Love and hugs and sparkles

  3. Those Saints are nearly as tall as I am. Well half as tall, anyway! Gorgeous artwork and the perfect addition to the heart. And you did a SUPER job of mitering the frame. The angle was perfect and there were no gaps. Love it all.

  4. WOW Lisa...you have been cranking out some awesome art!!!



  5. I love the addition of the blue and "protection". You're so prolific! Inspiring. :)

  6. the mica on the heart is PERFECT, lisa!! everything is wondrous and buzzing with a beautiful energy.


  7. Fabulous work. I can't decide which one I like the best. I think it has to be the tall saints. Wow. Very novel idea and very spectacular. I was surprised that they are so tall! I also love the Frida box. Wasn't it wonderful that inside cooperated-You probably planned the box around the inside actually.

  8. my fren ... your work is full of meanings, is thought provoking, has a soul of it's own and has your inner spirit. they all meet at one place and they are what you create. you are an amazing artist!

  9. WOW- you HAVE been busy! Please send your muse my way, for I fear my muse has been on strike or something! Seriously tho, I love the three faces of Mary- it'd be neat if you could sell them as a set....and that box- I am in love with it!
    All of your work is so beautiful- I'm sure they will all sell!

  10. Love these!!, I am reading Traveling with pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd and her daughter Ann Kidd Taylor and I thought of the book when I saw your Mary art. In the book which is her memoir, she visits alot of black Madonnas in France and other wonderful sites in Greece searching for a female icon to relate to. Just FYI.
    And I love the slight change with the blue behind the heart! nice touch!

  11. Excellent Lisa!! Especially the last with our dear Frida. You look just awesome and beautiful in that little picture. I wish I looked like you. Love you! Have a great week.

  12. Lisa it all looks amazing in this and the prior posts. So excited for you!

  13. Your work is beautiful, I feel uplifted after seeing it; Thank You for sharing!

  14. I am here to check in with the LISA fan club!!!! You are doing some incredible work, and it feels like you've found your groove (put on some 70's music!). I have this desire to start over on everything, and try something new. I will ponder this before jumping in - lol!! xox Pam

  15. Everything you have done is wonderful. I can't wait to see how your art looks in a gallery.



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