02 September 2011

Lotsa New Art and Tomato Sauce

Picasso said to be a good artist,

never copy yourself.

Well, I’ve been breaking that rule.

My friend Joanne who owns

Grace Manor Bed&Breakfast,

(click on the link to see the fabulous-ness)

is opening an Art Gallery and I get to be a part of it!

I first met Joanne when she bought

this painting from me.


It’s hanging in the Mexican themed room.

So, I have been busy copying myself…

August 2011 012

making boxes

August 2011 004

and boxes

August 2011 014

and boxes

August 2011 016

and more boxes

August 2011 021

August 2011 007

my prayer cards fit perfectly inside

August 2011 011

these boxes take me about 16 hrs to make.

And some icons…

August 2011 009August 2011 016

and then…something a wee bit different,

Prayer Shrines…

August 2011 002

August 2011 003

And I will be able to show (sell)

some bigger pieces, that I can’t sell through etsy.

August 2011 013

August 2011 014

August 2011 015

And I am not done yet.

I am so excited for people to see my art,

and touch it…

It is so much glow-ier

in real life.

Besides all of that artfulness,

I made tomato sauce an easy way.

I will quick tell you whether you are interested or not.

I got a crate of tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market

a couple green peppers

a few onions

and 4 bulbs of garlic (bulbs, not cloves)

sauce 006

wash and cut in chunks,

toss in olive oil, salt, pepper.

Bake at 350 for an hour and half.

sauce 009

(I made 4 baking dishes)

Then  just pinch the tomatoes and their skin comes right off.

I put it all in a big pot on the stove on low,

added a can of tomato paste,

and stirred it every time I walked by.

sauce 010

Here’s what it looks like chunky (the way we like it)

If you are a no chunk family,

you can run it through the food processer.

This sauce almost cooked itself,

and roasting the veggies makes the sauce so naturally sweet…MMMmmmm.

Try it, you’ll like it!


August 2011 006


  1. Yeah! to the art
    YEAh! to the sauce

    YEAH to you getting to show (and sell!)

    i'm jealous!
    but excited for you :)


    p.s. and don't act like you aren't happy that i'm jealous. you ought to be. everything is nicer when people are jealous!

  2. I agree, I'm a bit jealous, you've made soooo much and it'll be wonderful to have so much in a gallery! I hope you do well, The sauce does look good, I want to try it but can almost guarantee i'll never get to it! .... Oh, I received the sketchbook! So much fun to open, like Christmas!

  3. Ok I need your artist muse to come talk to my muse. OH MOST AWESOME ART!! And sauce! Each one made me ooh and ahh and oh wow just beautiful. My most favorites the Namaste box and Mad clock. LOVE!

  4. Firstly, I can't get that luscious sauce out of my mind, so I'll address that first! MMmmmm, I'll bet roasting the vegetables gives them such a sweet, full flavor! Yum! I'm going to try it. Have to get me lots and lots of tomatoes first...

    Secondly, WOW! You have been a busy Artist. And a lucky one (and you deserve it) to have this opportunity for your art! Okay, since previous people have admitted it, I'll admit it too ~ I'm soooo jealous :) But in a good way lol.

    Your new pieces are wonderful...I love the little painted chest. Your painted furniture pieces have always been favorites of mine.

    Good luck with this venture Lisa! I clicked on the B & B link, and holy cow is it a gorgeous place!! Your art will be right at home there!

  5. Okay, it is breakfast and I am drooling over da sauce, Baby !!! Yum !
    And the art...you are a marvel, Lisa. Do you ever take a moment and look at how far you have come as an artist and go, "wow!" ? You should.
    I hope you have a cozy tomato sauce long weekend !
    Much Love !

  6. Lisa - you are where I want to be with my art. :) And you are not copying yourself. And Picasso shouldn't give advice - he was signing EGGS there at the end, if I recall. LOL! I love all your new work, and I am thrilled for you. Wish I could see it all in person!

    PS I do something like that with tomatoes, too, but we add basil and oregano (no peppers). Last summer we had a ton of maters, but this year, not so many! xox Pam

  7. Every time I visit your blog I am so filled UP! I love your imagery--congratulations on the gallery opportunity! Rock it! :) <3

  8. Lisa, your adventures sure sound exciting, all the best with the gallery!
    Your art is inspiring and beautiful as ever!
    I've moved to www.loveartangel.blogspot.com
    Hugs! Julie

  9. Beautiful art - you are still my most favorite artist. Also I love your sauce idea - I always make my sauce form scratch but now I am gonna do what you did. Thanks for the inspiration both art wise and food wise. You rock woman!!

  10. Ah--just magic here--love it all--and that sauce--delicious!
    And you're so right about seeing art in person--nothing better!

  11. Its all so wonderful, Lisa D.

    Your sauce looks very yummy!

    Have a great weekend, Lady!

  12. Hello Lisa my kindred sister! Hugs..BEAUTIUL creations..magnificent photos..pure gorgeousness....I adore you and your art and your special spirit...! and yay..thanks for the sauce recipe...I am a sauce girl!!and a wine girl two..they go perfect if you ask me!
    It is like you are part of my everyday...for I play that cd everytime I paint!
    Hugs and much love....you rock...you inspire me and i am so happy to have met you!

  13. Your mirror and art are so beautiful, Lisa. Angels and love shine out from the computer!
    Your giving such a wonderful gift!

  14. wonderful wonderful all just lusciously wonderful - so happy for you and thanks for sharing the love

  15. You've been one busy artist! Of course I love everything. I think it is terrific that you are going to be able to show your work in a gallery. You are right, "in person" is just so much better than a photo. Good for you!!!


  16. I don't care if you couldn't call one of those gorgeous icons "beside the blessed sea" or "beach" or some such, but I came to visit, anyway because you are such a great artist. I value your art, I LOVE your art, I am NOT jealous, only impressed with your art. You have been working like a mad woman. I'm delighted to see all this coming from your creative mind and soul.

    Now about those tomatoes. I love the sauce recipe. I will bookmark the page in your blog. Last year I had more tomatoes than I could give away. This year the two plants the birds didn't eat as soon as I planted them, have never produced a single fruit this year. And I didn't find any pepper plants to plant. But my herbs are doing super! Can't wait to try your recipe.

  17. Your art is so beautiful it moves me - honestly. It's incredible friend. But you know what pains me... you say your boxes take 16 hours to make yet you only sell for $65. Take off cost of supplies and other fixed costs and you are paying yourself less than $10 an hour. You are an incredible talent. It's not fair is it? I know we have to price so they sell, but...

    So, really hoping that this gallery show will allow you to put your price up. In fact, you should put your price up. You are an established artist who has her work in galleries.

    I saw some scultures today that were just some wire bent in the shape of a person (loosely) and they were £250 (must be around $400). Can't have taken more than an hour to make.

    Time for some PR young lady.

  18. first I gotta say I am so trying your way to make sauce instead of my kitchen of horrors sauce from hell... ;)

    AND... CONGRATULATIONS a million times over on getting a show!! Yeee haaa that is great! I love your chest and all the pieces. I hope you sell out and she begs you to make more and sell in her gallery ;)

  19. OH Lisa, I just went and looked at the B&B and your work is going to look so fab in there! I also couldn't help notice the French room where there is a mural by David Lynch. I wonder is it THE David Lynch?? like the director/artist David Lynch? Wow! I recently saw a documentary about him on Ovation and he is quite talented. You are stepping up in the world Sistah! Well deserved I might add ;)

  20. I love this post. Your prayer boxes are my favorite of all that you made but your boxes in general are divine. (pun intended)

    I am glad you will be a part of this beautiful B and B, your work certainly looks like it belongs there.

    I will try your sauce. It looks easy enough and delicious! Once again, thanks for the great post.

  21. Everything is absolutely fabulous. That dresser wow! Very happy that you get to show it at such a lovely and relaxing venue.

  22. I LOVE your work (you might have guessed this by now ;)) And I say; why not copy yourself, it's all fabulous and no two pieces are ever completely the same- really, you just end up taking inspiration from yourself!
    P.S. If I had to choose a fav it'd be your "Let it Be, Mother Mary"....just gorgeous!

  23. These pieces are so very rich in every way, gorgeous.


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