09 September 2011


ramil, madonnas 019

This week Maggie chose Patterns

for the challenge at Inspiration Avenue.

And since we are having our 4th

natural disaster this summer,

this time a flood,

I didn’t bother even trying paints.

I just did a page in my art journal

with markers.

It was fun to draw patterns

and color them in…

Much more fun than shoveling water

out of the basement.

Look at this picture of

Front Street in Harrisburg.


I was just there on Labor Day

for the Art Fest,

it was drizzling on and off all day,

we left just before the skies opened up.

It didn’t stop raining until last night.

So much damage.

But I don’t want to dwell on that.


I prepared some wood posts

for sainthood.

ramil, maddonnas 002ramil, maddonnas 010

The knots I like, the cracks not so much.

ramil, maddonnas 017

ramil, maddonnas 020

That’s better.

I sketched some ideas for faces.

ramil, maddonnas 024

And today,

I think I will get out the paint…

(it might have a chance at drying)

And ignore the last three inches of water

in the basement.



  1. I'm so sorry to hear of the flooding in your hometown, but I'm glad you got to go to Art Fest!
    Liking the art journal spread... it's good to change it up once in awhile, especially when you're frustrated that your basement is flooded! ssigh...
    I'm looking forward to seeing another great set of Saints! You go Priti! ; )

  2. Aw poor you - what a crazy summer you have had over in the States. We have all your soaring temperatures, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods on our news. Terrible. At least you are safe my friend. Hugs.xx

  3. Water water everywhere -hey maybe you should try watercolors!! Oh well that's a bad water joke. Can't wait to see your saints. Is there a saint to stop flooding?

  4. Holy Cow, Lisa! That's a lot of rainfall! So sorry to hear your basement is being affected. The drawings of the faces are awesome! Love, love, love them! Try to stay dry.

  5. hello my dear lisa... well i must admit, reading that you're experiencing your 4th natural disaster made me laugh, even though i would be happy if it weren't so and i'm sure not *happy* that you have 3" of water in your basement...

    i love looking at this wood - and also your face ideas... that feels reaaal good.

    shine on, bright one...


  6. We had a summer of rains and floods here in Queensland last year and it does play havoc with trying to paint,so you have my sympathies but I loved your post and the quote in your pattern piece is very appropriate. Loved it.

  7. They'll be lovely I can tell, and ignoring the water seems like the way to go to me as well! alos love the pattern with the perfect quote!

  8. Oh, I hope you dry us soon. We had a foot of water in our basement after Irene made the power go out and rendered our sump pumps useless.

    I really like your pattern piece--so colorful and whimsical!

  9. I love your zen doodly chicken - totally awesome!! (And love Edna St Vincent Millay)

    Your basement flooded? Was it finished? I so hope you don't have too much damage. :(


  10. Sorry to hear you've been having so many problems with flooding. I hope it all dries up for you soon.

    Love, love, love your journal pattern - so vibrant & funky. I'm thinking of starting a dedicated 'pattern' challenge I'm loving this week's theme so much ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your projects in progress - it's always interesting to be allowed a peek into the process.

    Hope the weather starts behaving & you have a super fab weekend.
    Kat Xx

  11. It has been unreal, hasn't it? We finally got some sun (a little!). I can't wait to see your new saints! xo Pam

  12. I really enjoyed this poor chicken (guess it's a rooster, but I'm a city gal, so it's all chicken to me) and his fate. Now that is one super incredible use of patterns. Not only did your background turn out amazing, that bird is sure filled with lots of pattern. It can't get any better.

    I'm so sorry to read about your flood. I can relate to water in your basement, and I feel for you. I also hope your soon-to-be saints are now high and dry.

  13. oh wow.

    floods are So horrible.


    but i do like your patterns and the blocks will be the schizz.


  14. Cool journal pages and love chicken! Very well done!
    So sorry to hear of all your disasters and messes - hope your art can cheer you a little.

  15. So many people dealing with so much damage and challenges due to weather this year ! Scary times. Glad you found other things to concentrate on. Can't wait to see your new figures...
    Keep those tootsies dry, my friend !
    Sending love !

  16. I´m sorry you are having to go through so much.
    Awesome art journal, cool patterns, bold, vibrant colours.
    Those faces are so different, so distinctive.

  17. The rain is worrisome enough but I dread to think of what may happen this winter with the snow. Since we've been hit with so much on the east coast this year, it could be an interesting winter.

    Thanks for the tip on repairng wood with Stainabe. I'll have to look it up. It seems to do a wonderful job.

    I like your zentangle in journal page. Black and white with color background works well.

    Good luck with basement!

  18. dearest Lisa,
    I love chickens. When I was a kid we had them in our yard. Yours is cool with hearts, patterns,and all.
    So very sorry you've had a season of disasters. If things don't get better soon, come to Az.

  19. Sad to see the damage of the storms but happy to see your lovely work. :)xx

  20. Oh, wow. This sounds overwhelming...

    You keep on keepin on. Love it!

  21. Hope your house has a complete dry out very soon, you need a break.

    Your poultry patterned picture is something to crow about! (Sorry for the fowl pun, oops, I did it again.)

    Great colors and I like the hearts in the feathers, too.

  22. Poor you, you really have been through it with all these horrible storms and freak weather :(

    Best option I agree is to ignore it as best you can and paint!

    Your pattern piece is wonderful, really vibrant and funky! And I'm already excited about seeing your new saints, nice to see the early stages too!

  23. Do you want me to send a big blow up rubber ducky? That flooding is unbelievable. That water is to much! Hope it's drying up and you can go into the basement again! I have quite a few posts that would make great Saints! But...! Okay lady, I'm going to go play with the new baby...love ya,



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