30 September 2011

There’s a moral here somewhere…

When I used to be a bartender,

Friday nights were naturally super busy.

After making drinks for the waitresses’ guests,

I would turn to face a full bar,

everyone with empty glasses,

pushed to the very edge.

Then everyone was ready to strap on the feed bag.

I was taking orders, money and a whole lotta

“witty” remarks.

Every Friday at about 8pm,

I was always in the weeds, scrambling.

And every Friday at 8pm,

I would go back into the kitchen and scream

“I am so flippin’ busy, I don’t know whether to shit or go blind!!!”

And every Friday all of the people I worked with

would laugh as if they were hearing it for the first time.

They were such supportive friends.


My point.

I kinda feel that way now.

To a milder degree

and without the big stack of tips at the finish line.

But it is a good busy.

And possibly, if I was better organized,

I wouldn’t be so far behind.

But that is a theory that will never be proven.

I am  going to put up some pictures now…

grace manor 009

I was at Grace Manor to put my art in the new

Art Gallery.

We stayed in the Mexican Room.

grace manor 012

The biggest rosary…love.

grace manor 013

grace manor 018grace manor 015

grace manor 019

Joanne, the owner is a lover of the Arts.

grace manor 022grace manor 021

grace manor 024grace manor 025

grace manor 026guess who made this table☺

grace manor 020

This painting is one of my favorites.

It reminds me of Gloria’s work.

The artist is Pat Thomas and her art is all over the Manor.

grace manor 038

Her work is being featured in the Gallery too.

I think our paintings will become friends

and talk to each other at night.

I am going back to York in the beginning of November, I’ll have more pictures then.

This is a painting I finished right before I left.

Mary in velvet frame 001

I wish the picture was not so shiny.

Mary in velvet frame 002

or blurry…

I have to get to work on my piece for

 Inspiration Avenue 

Spain is the challenge…

Oh! my journal pages

september sisterhood 012

september sisterhood 015



  1. Yay Lisa..such a fabulous post! Love the photos of the rooms.so exciting...the art is gorgeous and magnificent..and all your work is stunning and very special..it carries such soulfulness and peace and beauty..you are an amazing artist and creative soul and you continue to inspire me..I so admire you! Shine on friend!

  2. You've been so busy and all so awesome! How beautiful they all are. Just love,love and more love! Have a great weekend! Julie

  3. Loved the little tour and at first I thought that painting WAS by Gloria!! Love your Spanish lady too!!!

  4. Hi Lisa amiga. Gosh I wish I could have shared that Mexican room. Love that bathtub and all the glorious paintings, especially the table you made. Excellent. I'm glad that you are getting out more now than before. I remember you used to say you were a hermit and were a little afraid to go out into the world. Look at you now, ready to go again. Thanks for the mention dear girl. Love you. gots to go.

  5. Woman, you are a whirling dervish of activity, but sometimes being busy is better than not having anything in your life at all! Good for you--your work is amazing, ALL of it. Rock it!!

  6. I know those feelings, but you seem to get soooo much done!
    I'm jealous as always of your trip, looks like fun!
    love your journal pages!

  7. You're definately using more gray and black since fall started!

  8. Your art looks right at home in that glorious bed and breakfast! Wow, what a room you stayed in. I love it!

    I love the idea of your art talking to the other art at night :) What would they be saying...

  9. That looks like such an amazing and creative place ... and a perfect fit for your work - it will be so at home there!

    I very much know the feeling of being overwhelmed by work at the moment :( Remember to keep breathing, and take time just to smell the flowers and gaze at the clouds whenever you can! x

  10. Your art looks right at home with the other things. The room looks like a great place to stay. The heart shaped tub kind of cracks me up tho.


  11. Hi Lisa, I have that exact big rosary in my bedroom!! I love that painting. A tip to prevent the shiny spots on your photographs : one can buy a single blackout or whiteout umbrella like they use in photographic studios. You just put it to the side of the object that you want to photograph and it prevents shiny spots!!


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