11 October 2011

Everything you never asked…

me 003


Amy (click on her)

is interviewing her readers

and I am one


here you go…

 1. what is your name and stuff? and any other good information. like bank account details.

My name is Lisa.  Just like the majority of people my age. (46)  All through school

and at every job,

I’ve been Lisa D.

And I have always hated it.

Not the Lisa part. The D. part.

Now I am priti.lisa.

After my Art Studio. Priti is a Sanskrit word

for the feeling of joy

you get from spreading love.

I am a mother, an artist and a wife.

I am a vegetarian and a humanitarian.

I am a lapsed Catholic with immense spiritualism.

And although I don’t call myself gay,

I love having a wife. 

We’ve been together 11 years. 


2. what is super hot about you?  <--- don't you Dare skip this one.  answer it.

I think my loyalty.

Unless you meant physically.

Then I would say my eyes.


 3.  don't lie or cheat: what is under your couch right now?

The leaf to my dining room table.

4.  when was the last time you shaved your legs?


But I prolly won’t shave them all winter long.


5.  what did you have for breakfast?

So far 3 cups of coffee.

But I will eat granola like I do every day at 9am.


6. if you could choose a new name, what would you name yourself?

I think I kinda did that.

But Merry is also cool.

          7.  have you ever had plastic surgery?



8. are you afraid of the dark?

No. But I am afraid of falling down the stairs in the dark.


9. are you a hermit?

A lot of the time.  It’s when I am happiest.


10.  why do you blog?

To prove I am “normal-ish”

I mean, I’m not that crazy. Am I?

                                    The End.

Thanks for asking Amy.

What I have been working on…

jesus and mary 001  jesus and mary 002

What I am thinking about…

jesus and mary 004

these guys I got from my neighbor.

They need a Priti make-over.

The moon last night…

jesus and mary 010

Don’t those clouds look like Angel wings?

I gotta go…

but I have to remind you to go HERE


And I am hosting the challenge this week…


“See” you soon! ♥♥♥


  1. Have a great day Merry Lisa : )

  2. I enjoyed your interview, thanks! :) It's great being amongst like-minded artists and that's the reason I blog too. I wondered about the name Priti, my son's teacher in Primary School was called Priti (She had parents from India.) I'd never come across it again until now. I hate my middle name and very rarely use it!
    Jess xx

  3. thanks be to Amy for such provocative questions and to you for your openness and candor... and the sketches you are working on are just stunning... xoxox

  4. Love the get to know you quiz although somehow I felt like I knew you already.

    I like the sketches of what you are working on and can't wait to see what you do with those gifts from the neighbors.


  5. Knowing about artist´s lives adds another layer to their art pieces. Very cool.

  6. i love knowing you,
    and now,
    even more!

    the sketches?

  7. Hey Merry! Keep creating my friend - you're one talented lady :)

  8. Nice to meet you, Merry Lisa. I don't have a middle name. It's a long story. And you are no crazier than I am, my friend. haha. :) xox

  9. Hi Beautiful. That is an excellent photo of you and your eyes are stunning. Well....I know you better now, but I always felt I knew you and your soul. Nice answers and sketches. Take care and enjoy life.

  10. Glad to get to know you, Merry Lisa! Those sketches are wonderful. Love to see where you take them and those neighborly gifts.

    Hugs and have a great week.

    Ps-I decided on the sparklies. It just not me not too. :)

  11. :)
    i think you are more than normal ish.

    i like you tons and tons ESPECially now that i know more about you.

    look, the sketch of the male face is really gripping.

    and i love
    the double chin on the woman.

    i don't shave my damn legs either.
    i don't see a reason.


  12. I love the details, no one, likes to talk about the details,...but these kinds of questions, makes ya, really, think about who you are! We don't do this enough. And I have 4 cups of coffee before my greek yogurt and granola.

    Take care, Priti Merry!!!!

  13. I'm sure you were my daughter in another lifetime! I'm so anxious to see what you create with those gifts from your neighbor-they are bound to be sensational!

  14. I so loved reading about you!!! My favorite thing about you? You don't lie or cheat - me neither - don't even know how. Just keep making your art so I can love it forever!!

  15. Thanks for sharing Priti.Lisa! Enjoyed your interview and photos...angel wings indeed!

  16. Hi Lisa. I was going to send you email but sometimes you don't get to it right away and I need an answer today, tee hee. Why? Well, would you allow me to "try" to paint you, the picture you posted here? I wanted to at least get a WIP by PPF? I wanted to post it on Friday. Pretty please? I promise to try and do my best. Let me know please. Thank you.

  17. Oh I forgot...can you leave me email or go to my blog and let me know please, priti please.

  18. You make me smile. Great interview.

  19. Fun to know little bits more about you, Priti One !
    My leg shaving goes way down in the winter months too.
    Love where your new pieces are going. So beautiful in spirit.
    Hugs to you, my Friend !

  20. I loved this :)
    A beautiful name for a beautiful soul!


  21. You grow more precious, honest and beautiful with each answer and each work of art. I loved reading this and I'm so happy to have made this extraordinary connection in blogosphere.

  22. Of course you may share it on your blog. I'd be happy if you did that. You go girl.

  23. Thanks so much for sharing the interview, That's what I like so much about our sisterhood project, Of course I love the art but I really love reading what people write about themselves too!
    great sketches!and that photo of the moon... very moving!

  24. Bravo Priti. As always love you,
    the fierce look on your face, your WIP's,and for being who you are.

  25. Not sure how I missed this post, but I have Amy to thank for the wonderful questions and interview. And I agree that Lisa D is definitely NOT you.


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