16 October 2011


Fear. What am I afraid of?

Besides riding in a car on the highway,

I couldn’t think of a fear…

worries and insecurities???

I am riddled with them, but fear.

Since I was the mastermind who came up with this theme for Inspiration Avenue,

I knew I had to be honest,

and admit to my big dark looming fear…


dispair 010

I am afraid of losing control

and letting the cloud of despair

take over my whole essence.

Faking my way through it has worked

to some degree so far.

But I am in constant battle with it.

I know I have a blessed life

and I would call myself a happy person.

And as long as I don’t think too much,

I am okay.

But I am a thinker.

Please travel to IA…there is so much to see!


Fear and Faith cannot exist in the same place at the same time. Choose one. ~Easa



  1. I love this piece Lisa!

    Happy Sunday!


  2. Sometimes we just have to stop thinking and let life take over. Sorry I was unable to make it to the challenge this week, have been occupied with with a sketch I wanted to turn into a painting. That isn't working. Maybe I THROUGHT about it too much, hahaha.


  3. Like it Lisa Lisa!!!!
    Brought out some grat art!!
    I love the transparity it has brought to peoples drawing boards too.
    Great job great challenge!!!

  4. I find focusing on nature and creativity makes the gloom shine around the edges ;). Too much thinking is bad for the soul.
    Stay inspired!

  5. so true - as a creative soul one always live close to the edge of darkness! but it is that same gift that brings one back into the light of joy time after time! maybe it is not faking it but living with the tension of the opposites - life is such a paradox! a blessed week to you!

  6. Great one, Lisa! It's going on anyway dispite our fear that gives us strength.

    hugs, and have a great weekend.


  7. I was waiting for you to show your fear, since it was your prompt this week. I really like both the painting and your fear of losing control. I have NEVER thought of you as a person who would fake their way through a situation or even a piece of artwork. And that quote at the end put it all in perspective for me! Love it all. Thank you again for this wonderful and thought provoking challenge.

  8. Depression and insanity are things to fear. Living on the edge I try not to think about it. Your art rocks!<3 <3

  9. I think we all can suffer from thinking too much and it takes us places we don't want to be.... really admire the honesty of your piece... and love the pic... very appropriate when you read what goes along with it. xx

  10. You silly girl, the world is run by "do-ers" who are inspired by "thinkers". Stay inspired!

  11. Love your art. Living on the edge can be very fearful. Good thoughts, always think good thoughts.

  12. Wow..super powerful!I love her engaging eyes( very potent!)..also I feel a deep peacefulness and angelic presence shining through her eyes....like a mask covering her!.. Love it.. very beautiful art Lisa..another awesome post! you are amazing lady!Wishing I would have had some of my wip's done (on phobias) to share with this theme!
    hugs and sparkles

  13. Aah Lisa you are a kindred spirit...I agree with Tracey this is so honest and dear you have given a piece of yourself to us and it is beautiful!!!

  14. I think we can all relate to this fear Lisa...you start thinking and before you know it that big bad doubt monster has also invaded your kingdom wreaking havoc along with doom :oP Love your artwork! xo Michele

  15. Lisa this piece is so amazing. I feel the courage in her smile and her beautiful serene eyes.

    I often say to myself 'fake it till you make it' and some days this works, and on others the smile is more like a grimace, and some days are just magic.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of you x

  16. Greetings, my fellow over-thinker! It's something I work on, not thinking and worrying about things I have no control over. Love your piece, she looks right on the edge. xox

  17. How I love the way you used the almost sardonic looking smile that is posed in such a way as to not betray the inner fear. But, we've all had that smile at one time or another in our life.

  18. I choose faith. Nice smile you got there woman!!

  19. Lisa, this painting is awesome. I have a daughter who is up and down emotionally and this so reminded me of her and gave me a laugh too. To shine through all the emotional baggage. What you've shared here is so powerful and would great in a magazine maybe medical for depression of something similar. Try putting the image forward to these I know it would cheer loads of people up. So deep and light at the same time.
    Thank you dear sister, You had me chocked with so much love! I bet you Angel Michael is totally awesome as all your art is! With a capital IS!
    I've painted Raphael, be able to share soon. If you go onto www.silenceofmusic.com/ and onto the archangel series some of the angels are already on there. In mock form and some are going to be changed in size etc.
    I so loved Raphael, healing angel!
    Got me in the mood now for archangels for sure. Wow, they have so much loving energy!
    Loads of love to you! Have an awesome week! Julie :)

  20. Sometimes just LIVING is the scariest thing of all! I love the quote you finished this entry with- SO profound and SO very true- thank you! And of course your art is perfect with the theme as always ;)

  21. This is a great piece, and one that I relate to a lot. Congrats to you, both on doing this and also on creating a picture that shows the importance of burrowing deep down to pluck a smile out of darkness. Hugs and wonderful job!

  22. I know that same fear. But so far I think that looking for the beauty and love in the world helps me pull myself up when the dark stuff threatens too much.
    You have a beautiful light, Miss Priti. Keep on shining !
    Much love !


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