17 October 2011

Look at my swelled head :)

Many of you know Gloria from Viva La Vida
But just in case you missed it,
I am about to show you her masterpiece...

How Priti is she???
When Gloria asked if she could paint my portrait,
of course I agreed.
I love her work.

She reminds me of my favorite Mexican Art.
You can see more here.

Last September, another artist friend Eva from to be determined
did me the honor of a drawing of my face in graphite.
You can see more of Eva's faces here.

This makes me so happy. 
I love the kinder artistic versions of me so much more
than photographs.
If anyone else wants to do me,
here are a couple mug shots...
one with teeth
and one without.

Please let me know if you do me...
sometimes I miss things :D
Love, Lisa


  1. you have just tempted me :)

    i may, in fact, 'do' you.
    i will let you know if i do.


  2. I've seen this awesome art, what a great artist she is. Your face is so beautiful, you can see the angel within you shinning out through your eyes! Loads of love! Julie

  3. I love Gloria's portraits, and the one she did of you is beautiful! AND Eva's drawing captures your smile perfectly. Are you feeling famous yet? :) xo

  4. Oh, now what an offer...I may not be able to refuse!

    I loved the Fear challenge, and I even had an entry, but due to computer problems I couldn't get it posted. I may still post it on my blog...when things get better. Your fearful face with a smile is great! So funny, that's one of the things I'm bad at. When I'm fearful, mad, sad, I just can't smile. Wish I could.

  5. Thank you for your kind words Lisa. I appreciate it. I love your latest pics. So cute;)))

  6. so many pretty priti lisa'a !!!
    Love the shots you took too.

  7. What fun! Both works of art are great and each seem to express a little different "you".


  8. How lovely of her to make a portrait of you! Great pics!
    Jess xx

  9. You deserve that swelled head, as much as you do for this art community. Gotta admit, I like the idea of designing a mixed media Lisa, the Priti one!

  10. I saw you on Gloria's post!! That is one of her best too!! Teeth or no teeth hee hee. Love your teeth and the space between 'em!! So you!!

  11. I was thrilled to see Gloria's paintings! (Though I thought I chose the cuter photo to use... lol)

    You inspire just by being yourself Lisa! (And even more with your wonderful art.)

    Can't wait to see if others "do" you too!!


  12. A space between your teeth means integrity I've heard. Great painting. She really captured a likeness.

  13. You look easy to draw! My sister said I shouldn't draw people with teeth. I'll leave you a comment if I draw you! Patsy from


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