21 October 2011


This week I am joining the butterfly effect
(not because I don't have enough to do,
but because they are really cool artists and I want to be like them)
and their theme this week is Mask.
I am showing this painting...

I am still a secret.

                                               I sold this painting last year, and I want to 
recreate it for my journal.
The more I reveal about myself,
the more I realize
how much there is that is still a secret,
even to me.

If you find yourself with nothing to do,
or if you just want to hang out where the cool people do,
And don't forget the Blog Party...
there is still time to enter the challenge
and maybe even win one of the beautiful prizes.


  1. i Rarely see art that i want to immediately buy.
    I wanted this THE SECOND the page loaded.
    no wonder it has already been sold.

    also, good for you for putting nips in the painting. everyone is always such a weenie about that.

    p.s. you are pretty pretty preetyyyyyyyyy pretty!

  2. We all need a little secret or two I think. Hopefully a happy one.How else can we get that occasional enigmatic smile?

    I hope your lovely lady is happy with her secret.


  3. Great painting; awesome words!

  4. I love your painting and adore you! I agree with Amy...about the nips :) ♥

  5. Love your painting. Secrets, ah I think we all have something hidden deep inside. Have a great weekend.

  6. Love this piece!i have to go and see what the butterfly effect is all about

  7. I love this painting. I have been finding secrets myself lately. They have always been there but I had buried them deep and am now just reveling them to myself.

  8. Wonderful painting! I really love the black and white background. :)

  9. You've painted her so gorgeously, I can see why you want to paint another for your journal! To paint her body and it look so realistic, really impressive! She's got karisma and that magic in every ones dreams!
    Have an awesome painting weekend, so looking forward to seeing this recreated:) HUGS! Julie

  10. Hey Lisa, that's cool if you want to be like them; but I want to be like YOU when I grow up!
    P.S. Please feel free to do something like this when you get my journal, I am in LOVE with this!

  11. love this, so different from your others but still like them too!

  12. Loved this painting the first time - great to see you re-visit it in your journal, I wonder where it will take you and what secret doors it will open!


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