22 October 2011

On Wings of Inspiration

This week Inspiration Avenue is asking
"What inspires You?"
"What fuels your inspiration’s wings so that they can lift your ideas into creative being?"
All leading up to the big blog party Sunday.
It's been 2 years since I joined this extraordinary group of artists,
and they have inspired me.
But it has been so much more than inspiration.
Their humor and encouragement have done more than inspire me,
they have given me a place in the art world
and a family in cyberspace.
We are all very different and unique, 
but our spirits all shine with the same light.
I am grateful to have them all in my life.
all of you kindred souls that read my blog
and flatter me with your comments.
The art work I am sharing this week is 3 paintings. 
I've been working on all 3 the entire month.
Each portrait is a person I have drawn inspiration from
in my life and my art.
16x16 acrylic on birch/vintage frame
16x16 acrylic on birch/vintage frame

11x14 acrylic on canvas/antique frame

Thank you for reading...Love, Lisa


  1. These are great.

    These are Really great.

    The coolness around the eyes in the top icon is AMAzing.


  2. The middle painting is just so beautiful... I love the colours in the face and you have created such a lovely atmosphere in all of them...love your work xx

  3. Lisa - such beautiful work! You have outdone yourself, my friend. xo

  4. All gorgeous paintings!! You are so talented Lisa! xo Michele

  5. I love them all but especially Frida. She has a look like she is saying 'hey girl you rock' thanks for painting me.

  6. The last painting is my favorite--her gaze is so striking.

    Much Joy! <3

  7. Lisa, your portraits jump right off the monitor and into the heart, these are gorgeous and I like the frames you have used. You are also an inspiration with art and your kindnesses.

  8. These are really wonderful Lisa. I do believe I can see your growth as an artist. Just when I think you are perfect then you get better and better.


  9. You have captured such SOUL with these paintings- i love them all but Frida REALLY sings for me; so very beautiful!

  10. Bravo! All three are fabtabulous! The lettering shown behind your great paintings add so much age and mystery to these pieces. And...of course, Frida is amazing in her oval shaped frame and quotation.

  11. YOu are inspired and inspiring !
    Love your art.
    Love your heart !

    Happy Sunday !

  12. Masterpieces. Do you ever get paint on your face? I know you do because you put everything into your work. LOVE them. You inspire.

  13. Your paintings are always so lovely. I'm always in awe of anything you paint. I'm not a big Frieda fan, because I've never seen what others see in her, BUT I really like what you have done with her image. It is not the same representation that most people make. Yours is softer and kinder.

    You are a true inspiration to me, just like IA is to you. Sometimes you give more than you get!

  14. Gosh, these must be some of your best - really powerful pieces girl!

    And yes, we are a pair of sentimental sillies :)

  15. wow, lisa... just WOW...

    and love...


  16. Ah Lisa you've surpassed yourself ... yet again!

    Each one of these paintings has so much interest and character, and the brushwork - especially in the skin tones - is so subtle and beautiful.

    Your creative spirit shines through everything you do and your work is always inspiring to me :) x

  17. Wonderful inspiring paintings! I love your use of Roman lettering/Latin, it really adds to them.


  18. Lisa, your so inspiring and passionate! Just love coming here to share with you. Love the three portraits and the colours you share in them. Not just colour but a softness of aluminicity.
    Lisa the world is so beautiful with you being in it and my life too!

  19. These are amazing. The dark background colours you've used really make them stand out. They look so serene, and like they have imparted great wisdom. Just beautiful.

    Thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments. x

  20. Lovely sentiment and drawings - you're a great contributor and I love your talent and outlook!

  21. These are all some of my greatest inspiration as well! Your rendition of Frida is exquisite - it reminds me of her wounded deer painting! such tenderness

  22. Wow..these are ALL fabulous in their own way! The first two carry such gentle peaceful and spiritual essence..marvelous Lisa..and your Frida is magnificent and her spirit shines through powerfully!
    Awesome!You are one mega-talented artist!
    i love what you wrote..congrats on IA team you are on..you are magnificent!

  23. bravo my sweet... well done and adore the hand earring... xo


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