02 November 2011

another post about me...

I've been making things...
they aren't done yet.
Maybe tomorrow. Everything takes sooo loong.
I am never happy until...
well until I am.
Which seem to take no less than 16 hours.
Here is a couple of peeks:

just in case you are bored 
by what seems like redundancy...
Gloria this time a different Gloria.
A Gloria from New End Studio
has bestowed an award on me.

I must tell you 7 things about myself.
And pass it to 15 other people.
So. I will. Because Gloria is nice.
 (aren't all Gloria named people the best?)

1. I can never say no.  Actually, since I was 45 I have been saying no, but no one hears me.

2. I wear pajamas all day. Unless I have to go food shopping. 

3. I think that I am 32.  But sometimes I think I am timeless.

4. I think ALL of the time about heavy-ish shit. I can't stop thinking about things. I think there must be an answer if I keep thinking...

5. I talk to my paintings/art the whole time I am at it...I want them to be happy with who I make them to be. Maybe that's why it takes so long.  But I wouldn't be happy if they were just "okay" with themselves.  

6. I am afraid that I will never be good enough.  At anything.  But, I am! And so are you ♥♥♥

7. I hate talking about myself.  I feel like I am bragging when it's good, or complaining when it's a gripe.  But here I am ...talking about me again.

8. I am an over-achiever.  Had to do #8 just to see if you would give me an A+.

So there it is.
And if you want this award, you deserve it.
Take it.
I will happily read about you.
It's on my list of favorite things to do.

Love one another.


  1. Always enjoy these "about you" posts but hate writing about myself. Such beautiful work you've been doing.


  2. Gorgeous!!!! Will any of these for sale on your shop - I see it is a wee bit empty?? And your Day of the Dead shrine? If She is for sale I am interested - please let me know.
    ciao bella!
    Be Blessed

  3. I got this award too, and maybe I'll copy you and send it out out to everyone- I hate choosing!

    Oh and I felt like I was reading about myself especially the one where you said you hate talking about yourself.......
    P.S. Beautiful paintings....I LOVE them all

  4. I love the comfort I find when I visit your blog. :)

  5. I really enjoyed this post! Thankyou for your honesty. Yes Gloria is a glorious name!
    Jess xx

  6. so funny... you wore the earrings and I was listening to Priti music... we were on the same wavelength eh?
    i am always impressed by your honest vulnerability... i think i did this award thingy questions thingy once, but ONLY because SF asked me to...
    i think it took me a week to finally think of things to write... agony... I so understand how you felt... xoxo

  7. Artwork is GORGEOUS! Thanks for the peek! Always love when you talk about yourself, and I loved number 8. I can relate ;o) xo Michele

  8. #4, 6, and 7= me, too.

    It was tough to select only 15 and I wanted to do what you said at the end of your list; glad you did!

    Thanks for playing along!

  9. Okay, I agree with Her Speak, I do too. Thank you for the nice comment. Me, personally don't like talking about meself. Isn't that really what we are doing when we blog? How fun wearing your pj's all day. I wish to be 32 years again. Somehow being 32 has slipped my mind. I'd have to think really hard to remember that year and my brains would probably break through, hehehehe. Nice post. Thank you but I'll pass on the list, your list is cool though, but I know you. You are kind, sweet, considerate, beautiful, and all things womanly. Take care of yourself and keep talking to your canvas/wood when you work. :)) Oh thank you for stopping by my El Dia post, I appreciate it.

  10. I laughed at #1 because I´m at the same stage. By #8 I checked the blog address because except for the pajamas I could have written each and every one of your points!
    Powerful iamges.

  11. Every time I read one of your posts, I learn a bit more about you. It's always fun to fill in the blanks with real knowledge. I adore those sneak peeks, especially the last one. Is that mica over the top of the image? Gorgeous!

    Yes dear, I KNEW I won your bookmark and even mentioned it on my blog one day. I sent Shelly (who we were supposed to send our addresses to) a note via her blog explaining my e-mail is down and has been for about four weeks. I keep trying and can't log onto it. However, I told her that Tammy had my address because of the box I had won and she left a message on my blog that she would check with Tammy and get the address from her. If you want me to send it to you via your blog, I can, since you use comment moderation. Just let me know via my blog because I am more than willing to do so.

  12. I think as artists, we really talk about ourselves all the time only it's through our art. So when we have to actually verbalize our thoughts and dreams it is harder for us.

    I love to communicate though and find great comfort in discovering what I have in common with kindred spirits. And it's always just so interesting to me to find out more about someone I admire, like you Lisa.

    Putting in all the time for your pieces and talking to them just shows the care, heart and soul you put into your art. And it shows.

    xx Jaime

  13. :)
    i like you.

    i like the things you write, and i like the things that you create, and i like that you are exactly you and not a phoney faker.

  14. Your art is beautiful. Thanks fir sharing a piece of yourself.

  15. You are an incredibly honest, and open and a fantastic artist. Stay happy and your pieces will be too. Love it.

  16. Oh my, I haven't been blog hopping and didn't realize that you already did this! I chose you as one of my 15! Yes, Lisa, you certainly are good enough ♥

  17. Wow Lisa..beautiful..I love these newest pieces..powerful and beamiing with beauty!! I love all you do!! and loved reading your post..you are awesome...and i so admire you..hugs and sparkles my kindred sister!
    PS; I talk to my paintings too..sometimes i think they are my only friends! and thats ok too..they are my family!!

  18. I too, talk to my paintings and if I can't get them right I ask whoever it is I am painting to please help me!! Usually they do too. we are a lot alike in many things that you said but especially in the always thinking thing. I am always thinking deep like the ocean.........think on my friend maybe we will run into each other out there in the deep.

  19. Beautiful works of art, Lisa.

    I fret quite a lot too. Too much thinking can be a very bad thing. Just keep in mind that you are more than good enough.

    You are an amazing artist!
    You are beautiful!
    You are uber talented!
    You are a nice person!
    You are fun!
    You are a sweet friend!
    You are a good momma!
    You are goof ball!
    You are smart!
    You are perfectly imperfect!

    I love ya' just the way you are.
    Big Hug!

  20. I'm always interested in reading more about the people behind the blogs I read! And you wear pajamas all day! Sweet! Patsy from

  21. I can't wait to see what the sneak peeks are part of...
    and although I feel different on many of your comments... like I don't really mind talking about myself, on blogs as here it still feels anonymous to me, but in real life it is hard for me.... and I don't think I THINK enough deep thoughts;(I tend to drift off into happy daydreams as a way to ecape), but anyway, my point was going to be... even though we're different there, I love your work and I love hearing about your thoughts and you!

  22. Hi!!! Great to read things about you and to see all of your new work here and in your etsy shop! Awesome Lisa. Guess what? I still have my pj's on @ 5PM.
    Love you!!!


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