26 November 2011

Aged Beauty

The theme is Aged Beauty this week at IA.
A perfect theme from a perfect host Luthien.
I was afraid I would not be able to participate...
nothing I am working on fit the theme.
You won't believe what I found at the Humane Society Thrift Store.

A perfectly chippy, vintage Mary!!!
She lights up and everything.

And she was $15.
I know.
Almost as good as a kitty cat.
But not quite.
I have given up on Bear coming back,
and I am kitty shopping.
I am pretty sure I want at least 2.

Don't forget to visit Inspiration Avenue
on Sunday afternoon.
And while you are at the computer...
pop over to The Butterfly Effect
I was the guest host this week for their challenge.
It should be posted Sunday too.

Love, Lisa


  1. omigod. the mary.

    lights. up.

    this is awesome.

    lucky lucky you.


  2. It's amazing what can be found at the Thrift stores, which is my favorite place to shop. Now you need the entire creche, all lit up in your yard. LOL..

  3. Yep, you're right. A lucky find indeed and a perfect fit for the challenge!

  4. I LOVE your Mary- so cool! And while I am SO sorry about Bear (big hugs) I can't wait to meet your new fur babies!

  5. Wonderful addition to your Mary collection. Hope you bring home a couple of kitties real soon.


  6. Yay.how gorgeous..beautiful pics..Mary is fab!!
    and hugs...awww..what happened to little Bear..i am so sorry to hear that! HUgs and sparkles!

  7. She is very beautiful - but your painting below is even more so!

    Treat yourself to kitty cats - they are so soothing and cuddly and soft and cheeky and.... (I love 'em!)

  8. Oh wow that's just fate - she was obviously meant for you Lisa! What a fabulously fabulous thing to own!!

    Aw kitty shopping sounds so much fun - can I come too please? x

  9. Yes, your Mary is just awesome. What a find!! Good luck with the cats. Take care and have a great Sunday.::hugs::

  10. Jealous! <3 I just discovered a religious articles store in the city--I can't wait to snoop around. :)

  11. Your Mary was an awesome thrift shop find and so fitting for this theme! I'm new to your blog, but gather you lost a kitty-sorry to hear that!

  12. The light up is such a bonus, nice to see you saved her. What a bargain and perfect for aged beauty.

  13. I was impressed with your Mary AND that you got her at a Humane Society thrift shop. I love the painting below, too. It could have been this week's challenge piece. But Mary's lighting the night makes her even more special.

    I understand the heartbreak of losing a cat. It's ONE thing when they die. You know and understand the process. It's ANOTHER thing when they are lost in the world. I assure you, years later, something will be said that will remind you of losing Bear to the world. It is haunting. I had my own Bear (yes, that was his name, except he was a champion Chesapeake Bay Retriever) lost that way. Nothing will replace your Bear, but you are on the right track to finding a new loved one or two.

  14. What a lovely find !

    I am sorry that Bear is not returning to you. That story makes me so sad ! But I am glad that your resilient, kitty loving heart will be filled up again. As a new momma to a third, I cannot imagine not having them around now. So cozy !
    Good luck on the search. Will send light and love around all of you finding one another.

  15. Hi Priti Lisa! :) Thanks for guest posting for us this week. I just made my broken piece and didn't think I'd have that much fun cutting it up. :)

    Sorry about your kitty. You should definetly get two at a time. I have 7 and I find that those that came together are greater friends than those who I got solo. :) (5 of them are adopted)

    And they have a playmate, too, when you're too busyor out of home.

  16. what a perfect find!

    i have just posted my call out for Marys, a virgin a day until dec. 12,
    mary's feast day.
    hope to see you for any or all the twelve days!

  17. Such as sweet find! Love how it lights up! Happy IA!

  18. Thanks for the nice compliment on my "self portrait" - it's much appreciated.

  19. Oh how I miss thrift shops! Such a great find, Gina. LIGHTS UP! Can't believe it. YEAH! So sorry about your kitty ... they become so much part of the family. TWO is better than one I think. They will keep each other company AND they are more to love. take care, xxDonna

  20. so wonderful to know you will be joining in for a virgin a day.
    looking forward to your mary love!


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