06 November 2011

a Gift-Away for my Birftday!

(it kinda rhymes)
I am 47 today!
And instead of the usual give-away,
I decided to do something different.
This year I want to buy a sheep.

A sheep for a family in need.
I have been wanting to do this for a few years,
and since I sold 5 things in the Gallery,
I want to share my blessings.
is an organization whose mission is
to end poverty and hunger and care for the Earth.

A sheep costs $120.
For the first 12 people who comment on this post,
I will donate $10 in your name.

If you email me your address,
I will send you a card thanking you.
(my email is on the sidebar at the top)

You can read more about this project HERE.
If you like it,
I would love if you would spread the word.

Speaking of animals...
this was me my last birthday when HE showed up...


 Man, I was so happy then...
Maybe he will re-appear like magic on this birthday.
Miracles do happen.
I'm gonna stand on the porch and wait.

PS: I also bought myself the boots I wanted...I love Earth shoes!

You can find Earth Shoes HERE.


  1. Dear Lisa, a wonderful way to share your own blessings. I am a vegetarian and working hard at becoming a vegan (and so is my entire family) and initially I baulked at the idea of giving a sheep to a family to be killed for food. Then I realised that I am so blessed that I have the privilege of choosing not to eat animals and that I never go hungry! So here is my support. I support the Lucky Lucy Foundation with my income from Etsy and any art I sell. When you have time, have a look on my blog - the link is there. They do amazing work with cats and dogs. I pray that your cat will come home to you. Oh and you do not have to send me a thank you card - your giving is all the thank you that I need.

  2. Hello,wonderful Lisa:-)*

    Happy Happy Birthday,great talented lady!!!

    Wish you mostly fantastic day,my dear friend!

    Creative,amazing and all beautiful time for you:-)))*

    Much Love and Hugs to you,

  3. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend.

    Funnily enough I have posted a picture on my blog that reminded me a little of you - well, more specifically the Frida pose you have with the flowers in your hair.

    Have a wonderful day special lady. If I am in the top 12 comments, I would be honored to have you buy a sheep on my behalf.

  4. I love Heifer! I am commenting, but don't feel like you have to send me a thank you. We should all thank you for buying the sheep! We buy chickens every year with Heifer (we've voted on this as a family, and they keep winning). Happy birthday to you! It's my bday month, too. :) xox Pam

  5. Happy,Happy Birthday, Magnificent Lisa ! I wish you all kinds of little miracles and tons of love and laughter.
    Your give-away is brilliant ! How marvelous to share your many gifts in this way.
    And that Bear...oh, my heart...so beautiful. Love and light to that beautiful creature too.
    Love you !

  6. Happy Birthday Lisa! Since it is your birthday and you are such a sweetie, how about I send you the $10 instead of you sending me a thank you note. Yes, that's what I will do! We need more families to ohave more sheep.


  7. I love this. You are such a giving person. Nice boots too!! You send sheep I rescue Chihuahuas - we are all doing Mary's work in one form or another.

  8. Happy birthday, Lisa!! I hope you enjoy the day immensely!

    I just heard about Heifer International last week. I loved the idea. It's such a perfect way to help families in need, so much better than a one-time gift of money. You will be blessed for offering this sheep to someone who needs it!

    Aw, I am picturing you waiting on the porch for Bear. What a wonderful cat, and yes miracles DO happen. If you don't see Bear in person, I think there will be a different type of miracle in store! All you have to do is be ready for it!

    Those boots are awesome.


  9. Yay..Happy Happy B-day my sweet sister kindred! Wishing you mega-sparkles and magic this year and always...and many wonderful,adventures ahead!!
    Wow..Fab boots..you will rock them..no doubt! and how super generous and wonderfully empowering of you to buy this sheep..shine on..you rock! yes i love heifer..one year my friend donated in my name..that was so sweet and amazing..! You are so awesome to do this....and you are magnificent and have such a beautiful heart and soul!

    My gypsy-sister..i hope one day we can meet in person..I will wear my big Dr Martens if you wear your new boots and we will hit the town!
    Saluti..I will toast to your special day tonight at dinner!
    Hugs my friend
    Blessings...!!! celebrate..party on!!

  10. Happy Birthday,
    what nice thing to do! I'll have to read about this project!!!
    have a great, great day!!!


  11. happy birthday bella and don't you look happy, enjoy your shoes and your day no matter what the outcome, it has to be good with your generosity of spirit... oxoxo cat

  12. Hi Lisa. That is wonderful of you, it's a good thing that you are doing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR LISA and many more. ::hugs:: and God Bless You for your kindness.

  13. That's a great birthday gift!

    Happy Birthday and Many More!

    I wish your Bear would come back home, wherever he is, he knows you love him.

  14. Happy Birthday Lisa!! Hope you have a fabulous day and year, and many many more!

    Great idea re the sheep. I've heard of them and it is a very good idea. I also LOVE the boots! Wow!

    Bear. I'm confused. Has he gone? I thought he stayed with you. I hope he comes back as he sure lit up your life.

    Hope you have a great bottle of wine ready to crack open tonight. (I'll join you and propose a toast to you!)


  15. Happy birthday! Such a thoughtful way to share with the world! Wishing you a year full of love, art and laughter. :)

  16. What a lovely idea! Was your birthday yesterday, November 6th? It was my 57th birthday yestereday! Small world.

  17. Those earth shoes will look great with your pink robe and pj's!
    Just kidding. They are wonderful.
    Congratulations on selling all those pieces at the gallery. Maybe things are perking up in the art world.

    Happy Birthday Lisa!!! (You don't look your age)

  18. Happy Birthday again and what a wonderful cause you're donating to- I love how you're always about the giving back- you never cease to amaze me!
    I'm so glad you got yourself something too- you deserve it! And I'm still hoping your Bear comes home to you!

  19. You are so giving... may sweet blessings continue to shine on you my sweet friend :)

    Happy Birthday and you don't look any older than 37!

    xx Jaime

  20. Happy Belated Birthday, Beautiful Lisa! Your post is so loving and kind, and your art is always a joy-- I thought your necklaces in your "Sew" post were particularly detailed and I love how they were turned from clearance bin items into beautiful jewelry that sparkles, is fun to look at, and I'm sure fun to wear. Lots of love and all the best! <3, Donna


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