18 November 2011

Join the Dance

November is the month of remembrance.
And thanks.
And harlequin (at IA)

Harlequin is my favorite pattern.
But it takes a lot of measuring and exact-ness.
It isn't just a checkerboard set on end.
Harlequin isn't square at all.

When I saw this week's Challenge 
I thought I was ready...
I had just finished a project,
and I thought it happenstance...it fit the theme!

But when I looked closer

that's not harlequin,
that's checkerboard.
Back to the drawing board I went.

And I am glad.
It's always great fun to work in my art journal.

And then I couldn't stop...
I'll show the others later...I am in the weeds again.
It seems the more free time I have
the more quickly I can't account for it.

Except in exceptional ideas.
And poetry.
And pictures.
And surreal dreams.

Tomorrow I will be busy and accounted for.
It's Nutcracker season.

I devote Sundays to blogging...
so I'll be 'seeing' you then.


  1. **big wet messy smooches!**

    i have a harlequin, which was also happenstance! i need to alter my post to have an ia link and then share it with ia.


  2. This is a beauty of a journal page Lisa! I'm glad you had to re do, too! So we could all see your beautiful harlequin pattern which looks pretty perfect ;)

    xx Jaime

    p.s. I love your way of explaining being lost... in the weeds :)

  3. A lovely poem, Lisa, and a beautiful journal page. Waiting to see the rest.

    hugs and have a great weekend!

  4. Harlequin and checkerboard look the same to me. I know nothing about them but I do love the first which I think you said is a harlequin. Very nice piece, love it. Hope you are doing good, enjoy the Nutcracker, take care. ::hugs::

  5. Beautiful as always my friend. I used digital techniques for my Harlequin... (sort of cheating... but quicker at least!!)

  6. I love being in the weeds :) and do you know that most weeds have wonderful medicinal and transformational properties? I also had a week of absolute daydreaming and imaginings! Look out for my painting of AA Michael - I will be posting today! love to you

  7. Love this journal page, and also your previous post--Is there anything that you can't do that turns to magic???

  8. Love that journal page - you should use it on a prayer box or something!!!

  9. I love love love anything harlequin. It's an obsession for me.

    Lovely work Lisa!


  10. checkerboard or harlequin, that wall hanging "you are loved" is soooo wonderful!!!

  11. It's lovely to have a peep into your journal. I need to do more of this, it helps me to get my thoughts out somewhere and make sense of things. I love your harlequin pattern, I like to do this too!
    Jess x x

  12. Wonderful stuff Lisa! I just adore your style!

  13. Loverly !!!! I love the "You are Loved" piece, very much.

    Enjoy the Dancing, Beautiful One !
    HUgs !

  14. I know what you mean about time! Loved the journal pages, such a powerful thought, felt like a blessing.

  15. The journal page looks fantastic... and I would have said a checkboard is just a harlequin on its side... glad you did that beautiful page though xx

  16. You are SO right! Harlequin is not square, and it's not always easy! I tried some on a stocking yesterday and the sound URGH was heard far and wide.

    Beautiful work. And let the time wash over you...we have no control...

  17. Gorgeous as always!! Both pieces :o) I love harlequin too! xo Michele

  18. I thought I left a comment on this the other day, but I'll try again! I love both the box and your journal page. The words you wrote in your journal are so beautiful and inspiring- and when combined with your beautiful painting, they become one of my favorite journal spreads you've done. Beautiful work as always!

  19. I love the thought behind the painting. We do have so much to be thankful for. Your new work is a treasure. Happenstance or synchronicity your pieces turned out fabulous.

  20. Talk about measuring and math! And to think, I only made one of these harlequin shapes. I truly love your journal entry. It is gorgeous and so well made. Blessings to you for this perfect example.

  21. Lisa..I love all that you do..your work is phenomenal and beautiful..my soul is always ignited here! Gorgeous!
    Shine on friend!!
    Happy Nutcracker season..enjoy

  22. I love your beautiful journal page and the saying that you wrote. It is a beautiful tribute for November's special days.

  23. Great journal page and the other could have passed... love the poem.

  24. Confession = I wouldn't have known the difference between harlequin pattern and sideways checks if I ahdn't read this (though I can see it now!)

    Both your pieces are beautiful Lisa. The pattern and words on your journal page co-ordinate so well (I wish I could write that beautifully!)

    And your shrines always make my jaw drop, the detail in them and the skill you have in putting them together is awe-inspiring!

  25. You always have such beautiful journal pages. Love the sentiment too...sometimes we forget the real meaning behind Thanksgiving. Thanks for reminding me, and thanks for being a wonderful friend!

    I've been trying to forget the weedy place that is supposed to be my garden. I should be out getting it ready for winter, but I'm not doing it. I keep thinking it will still be warmish for a few more days, and I'll do it then. Not a great plan...

  26. Love the words and the harlequin patttern is perfect. Can't believe you did that by hand.

  27. I like harlequin patterns too but didn't manage to create anything for the challenge. My challenge is to create anything at all, I am a dry spell it seems.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving my friend.


  28. I am always astounded by the richness of your work. :)

  29. Hi Lisa...loving the harlequin journal page. Visiting you makes my day. xx

  30. This is absolutely beautiful work, I love how your spread turned out, thanks for sharing x

  31. Oh Lisa ... you are full of so much light! I finally made it over here to join your happy followers. Your work is incredible. I'll drop by when I can. xxDonna


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