09 November 2011

Thank you All 
for the Birthday wishes!
I bought the sheep today, 
and I will be sending the cards as soon as I get them.
Some of you expressed concern about the sheep being eaten.
As a vegetarian myself, I had the same concerns.
The reason I chose the sheep
(besides her obvious cuteness)
is because these animals are raised for their wool.
The owners are trained also trained by Heifer International
to shear sheep and make wool clothing and blankets
for themselves and for profit.
They also learn how to use the poop for fertilizer.
I feel really good about it.
And if someone does eat the sheep...
I can be thankful that I am not starving,
and can choose what I would like to eat.

I want to show off some of my busy-ness.
5 new Prayer Boxes.

The perfect place for prayer beads or written prayers/ affirmations.

I also made some greeting cards...

And I have made all of these treasures available in my shop.

The weather has been so perfect!!!
What a great month so far!
I don't even mind the time change too much,
since I am up with the birds.

I will be visiting you all really soon ♥♥♥


  1. Beautiful creating going on here, Beautiful One !
    I hope you had a fun day celebrating yourself. Congrats on the sheep !
    Hugs to you !

  2. Gorgeous artwork as always Lisa! Oh my I must have missed the birthday party!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope your day was as special as you are! xo Michele

  3. First, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. Sorry I wasn't around at the time. I am totally impressed with your choice of birthday gifts to yourself (boots and sheep), one of which is for others.

    My heart goes out to you over Bear. I can see why you are so bummed. What an adorable cat. It's too bad things like this happen. We can only keep them safe for so long. I just hope Bear returns. I'll keep my vegetarian fingers crossed.

    You do clay better than anyone I know. These boxes are divine and downright inspirational. You are SO gifted!

  4. you know, I wondered about the sheep being eaten too, but didn't ask. don't ask don't tell? haha

    Your prayer boxes are gorgeous and the card lovely as well. do you cast the bamboo in clay? and all the other tile looking pieces? I've always wanted to ask you :)

    Beautiful work!
    xx Jaime

  5. Happy birthday Lisa :) Hope you had an awesome day!
    Your art prayer boxes are so beautiful!

  6. SO glad you got the sheep! And glad to hear that she won't be eaten, but I do like your positive thoughts on how you'd feel if she were.....
    Gorgeous, gorgeous prayer boxes, so intricate- I agree, you do the BEST clay work!

  7. How great you gave the gift of a sheep on your birthday. A gift that will sustain a needy family.
    You rock! Also I love these boxes,
    An open heart lets light in...YES!

  8. Love the prayer boxes - I know that Mary does too!!

  9. I love the mosaic look of your prayer boxes. All the pieces come together to make the picture the focal point. So pretty, and I love that they are useful too :)

    I assumed that the sheep would not be eaten, but would be used for wool. After all, that use will last much longer than a few meals, bringing a steady income. You are so sweet for doing this!!

  10. Happy belated birthday!
    I'll be 48 in a week or so, love your idea for the sheep, very cool! and those prayer boxes, I've never wanted a prayer box so badly before!


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