13 November 2011

Sew Challenge

This week the challenge was SEW.
I remember sewing in school...
it was the only class I failed...the only thing that saved me
was the second semester...baking.
I made a Baked Alaska that didn't melt in the oven
and passed home-ec.
Hettiene did such a beautiful post about the art of needle crafts
that I had to be a part.
I love cross-stitch.
To me it isn't sewing...it's like painting a picture with thread.

I am excited this week's results.
It is always fun to see artwork I would never do.
Visit Inspiration Avenue Sunday afternoon
to see the gallery this week.

While I am here,
I thought I would show you what I made for myself.

A necklace made from broken rosaries
and medals and chain.

I found this picture locket in a clearance bin a few months ago.
I finally found the perfect pictures for it.

It is fun to wear, it make a little tinkling sound when I move.

Happy Sunday ♥♥♥


  1. I love your sweet cross stitch heart. You have done such perfect stitches! I ran out of time this week as the sewing theme was stumping me :(

    You've found the perfect pictures for the unusual-shaped locket. I love the entire necklace, it looks like it would be fun and comfortable to wear. So pretty!

  2. Aaah Lisa, you made the challenge and what a beautiful cross stitch - and what synchronicity I am busy making my own necklace from broken rosaries - will share when done! Have a beautiful week!

  3. I am in LOVE with your cross-stitch art. I like how you think: painting with threads. Just beautiful.

    And that necklace is to die for. You were right to save the locket because it is the perfect addition to compliment the rosaries and medals. I bet EVERYONE who sees it will want one.

  4. Lisa, they're beautiful!
    Thank you so much Lisa, it mean so much to me to know you like Michael so much!
    Loads of love and one day will repay you with buying one of your beautiful prayer boxes!
    :) Julie

  5. I love your painting with thread- the way you alternated colors and the colors you chose- both are beaUtiful!

    And your necklace is incredible, what an amazing idea! I think you should replicate it to sell with charms/pendant/lockets from your paintings, I KNOW they would be so successful!
    You are so inspiring!

  6. There is something sacred in picking up every stitch....your needlepoint and all of your artwork has that special quality.

  7. I've always been scared of sewing--you did beautifully! I adore the necklaces--I was working on a similar project a few months back that fell to the wayside. You've inspired me to finish. :)

  8. Great cross stitch and I'm drooling over that amazing picture locket!!!

  9. Such nice stuff here, Lisa.
    I love necklaces that make little tinkling sounds - and I love that you made it for yourself !!!!
    Wear it well, Beautiful!
    Happy Sunday !

  10. I call cross stitching sewing!

    Beautiful heart and rosary!

  11. Well your sewing is certainly looking accomplished these days Lisa - you've definitely been practising since school! ;)

    I love your bright and modern cross stitch piece - and hearts are a favourite of mine!

    Your necklace is amazing - a real work of art. I love that you've breathed new life into broken things, and also that it makes music when you move for you to dance to :)

  12. I was a disaster at sewing at school. I only had to look at a sewing machine and it would break!!

    Cross stitch is brave for a self-confessed no sewer!

    The rosary is so beautiful. You are such a clever lass!

  13. Your heart is so sweet! I used to cross stitch, too, but I can't tell you how many projects I have started and not finished--too much patience for me, LOL!

    I love the necklace, too. The pictures are beautiful and compliment the rosary sections and medals.

  14. baked alaska.

    i love baked alaska Almost as much as i love wine.


    i said ALMOST.

  15. Broken rosary necklace is awesome... and the cross stitch is wonderful too... such patience... and good eye sight... two things that I lack!!!

  16. Oh I used to love to cross stitch once upon a time! Love your painting with thread :o)

    The necklace you made is gorgeous!! LOVE it!! xo

  17. Great cross stitch - those are some tight stitches! and your jewelry is lovely - very inspiring - glad you liked my cross stitch - haven't done it in awhile and find I'm missing it.

  18. Hey there Priti Lisa. I got your awesome bookmark today. It is even more beautiful than in the photo. Thank you beyond words. I love it, even though I STILL can't send you a private e-mail to let you know.

  19. Yay for you having the patience to sit down and complete a cross stitch project in one week. It's very sweet. I have cross stitched 2 projects in my life. One came out beautifully and the other has been in my needlecraft bag for about 10 years 1/4 of the way complete. lol

    The rosary necklace is very special. I love jewelry that makes a tinkling sound too, like bangles. Enjoy wearing one of your pretty pieces of art.

  20. I love your rosary necklace - the broken rosaries are no longer broken and I LOVE necklaces that ching and chime together. It is like wind chimes of faith around your neck!!

  21. I'm not much on sewing either but your cross stitch is sweet. I love your necklace you've made for yourself! I love jewelery that tinks, too. I have a lot of it and it makes me happy :)

  22. OMG, that necklace is so cool!!!!!!!!!

    I am not even given to religious symbolism and I'd wear this everywhere.

    Nice needlepoint. I forgot how enjoyable that is. I wish I could do EVERYTHING!


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