01 November 2011

With Reverence...

A Prayer for All Saints Day

In times of need we turn for strength
To those who have come before our days
That their unseen presence might
come to us as guiding rays.

We need the voice of bygone times
In our present plight for peace
May the saints who lived for all
Bless us each in their outreach.

Continue to embrace our world
Hold us in your constant love
Dear holy one's in heaven's sight
Emblazon our hearts from above.

Remind us in your quiet ways
That we can reach the worthwhile goal
World peace will reign forever on
With kindness shown to one and all.

                                                                   ~Susan Helene Kramer


  1. This is beautiful... both your art and the words.

    xx Jaime

  2. What a wonderful prayer. It would be nice if we could actually achieve world peace, but I fear that is something we won't see in our lifetime. Love your Shrine tribute to Dia De Los Muertos.

  3. Light and love to your beautiful remembering heart, My Friend.

  4. Loved the prayer. Very nice Lisa and your painting is beautiful. ::hugs::

  5. momento mori...
    ciao, ciao bella Lisa! xox

  6. Wow..Lisa..super beautiful art..stunning....and gorgeous words..

  7. happy day, friend.

    i wish, i seriously wish that i made art like you do.

    i so admire your work.

  8. Absolutely beautiful!! Your painting and the words/hymn.


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