14 December 2011

Abstract Fish

I had a commission for an abstract painting.
I have never done an abstract before...
at least not on purpose ;-)
I made a wood canvas 24x32"
And gesso-ed it.
Val had sent me a picture...
Hmmm...pretty monochromatic....
I knew I wanted lots of texture,
so I made an omelet 
and dried the eggshells in the oven.
I used modeling paste and a knife
to "paint' a picture and pushed the crushed eggshells
in the bottom border.

Next, I waited.
And waited...it took 2 days in our 
rainy, cold weather to dry.
The gesso again.
Then I hauled it outside for the messy part.
Black paint over everything.
 And then rinse it off...
and let it dry again.
 Then paint, sand, paper, paint, scrub...
over and over until...

That's it!
Try the eggshells...



  1. Fantastic work! I enjoyed seeing your process. I did an eggshell painting many years ago of a fruit filled bowl--still have it hanging in our kitchen!

  2. I'm gonna try those eggshells! Smart lady you!

  3. oh manohmanohman!! The eggshell trick is SLICK! I'm going to try it--I'll be sure to post the results. I love your interpretation of the photograph. :)

  4. i WIll try the eggshells. Let me ask you a question - does the modeling paste tend to 're gunk' or become soft again once you get it wet - you rinsed the black paint off - did it gunk up on you?

    and you are right. i love my wood burner now.


  5. Lisa, that is so amazing! Not having a painter's gene in my body, this really is amazing to me. Well done, my friend!


  6. I love using eggshells in art, but I haven't done it in awhile. Lately, I've been using my eggshells to fertilize my garden. Now that it's winter, I'll be scrunching some and bleaching them so they don't turn rancid from that part that stays and is next to the shell.

    As for your fish, I love them. They don't look all that abstract to me. They look like real fish.

    Since my internet has been down, I've been unable to drop by. I'm off to see your latest virgins.

  7. Wow - eggshells wow again. So this is a double wow comment. I love it!! In case wow wasn't enough.


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