11 December 2011

Christmas Ball and Virgin a Day 11

Today I am sharing a page
in my art journal
for the weekly challenge
Christmas Ball.
little tree 001
Please visit IA this afternoon.
Inspiration Avenue Weekly Challenge

And today is the eleventh day in our
12 days of Mary.
For me, it is a journey that has no end.
I have met many kindred souls
with whom I will continue to connect.
fish 010
This is a new addition to my family…
I found this chalk ware bust
in a fun shop in Lancaster, PA
last week while we were waiting for a dress rehearsal to end.
You know what a fun shop is…
one full of vintage treasures
and art from local artists
a place were you must touch everything.
In the end,
I couldn’t leave her behind.
fish 011 
Does anyone know more about these busts?
Please take the time to visit
"here the door is a heart always open"
(recuerda mi corazon)
Have a peaceful Sunday.
Love, Lisa


  1. She is lovely. And your journal page is beautiful and perfect with the poem.

    Happy Sunday!
    xx Jaime

  2. Your sad eyed Mary bust needn't worry, her origins are a mystery to me but someone will know and seeing we are all going to hang out together she will fit right in! ;~)

    Sue x

  3. That is quite a find. I can see how you were drawn to the look in her eyes.


  4. She is beautiful and she is Our Sorrowful Mother!! Her eyes implored you with mercy to take Her home and you did. Any time you have a fear or a sadness She will comfort you. She knows your heart better then you do and you will always find comfort in Her. You will see.

  5. Peace to you too my friend.

    Beautiful ball on the tree - simple yet elegant and full of message.

  6. You do discover some amazing things Lisa! I bet your home is a treasure trove, and just like one of those fun shops where you want to touch everything!

    Your submission is gorgeous, full of warmth and charm. Your painting compliments the poem beautifully :) x

  7. Love your sweet journal page.
    Your new found sad-eyed Madonna is incredible. Synchronicity must be at work here,you seem to find the perfect things.

  8. I can see why you could not leave her behind. I know I would not be able to. Unfortunately, I know nothing about these busts. Just that I wouldn't mind having one myself!

  9. well done to you for making both the IA challenge and the meme today! and thank you for noticing my new banner :D. I love your chalkware. They are non-existent here in the sunny South and I will have to visit you in order to collect some!

  10. I adore your journal page. edward estlin cummings is one of my favorite poets and that particular poem always speaks to my heart. I love the drawing. Your bust is a find. She is sad but now she has a warm and inviting home with you. Lovely.

  11. dear one,

    each morning we have thrown open the doors to our hearts.

    we have called out glory, love, compassion.

    day after day we have set out welcoming chairs in the

    house of belonging.

    lifting the veil of sacred existence.

    beveled off the edges of difference and distance

    to see more deeply the

    unbearable beauty of simply being,


    for this and so much more i thank you,

    and look forward to our forever


  12. i have always thought it a gift, those who can see the jewel among amongst a pile of treasure! lovely tree so strong and bravely caring her heavy bobble!

  13. Her eyes are so sad and beseeching.

  14. Awww, so lovely! :) Loads of love to you Lisa <3

  15. Great journal page... looks like our very first Christmas tree when we got married... went and bought ornaments and then was so broke we had to use a branch from a tree in the yard.... the branches all bowed just like that... thanks for the memory...xx

  16. She carries the sorrows of all our lives in those eyes. I am unfamiliar with chalk busts but your treasure is gorgeous.

  17. I have a somewhat similar chalkware bust that a friend gave me after finding it at a yardsale in Montana. I think that the're mid-century and fairly collectible.
    Yours show so much emotion - beautiful!

  18. I would have bought her too if I had seen her in a shop. my home is kind of like a home for stray Mary statues :)

  19. Sorry I'm a little late in commenting for IA. Your journal page is so gentle & sweet!

  20. This is truly gorgeous. I have no idea about those busts, and couldn't tell what material it was made of, either. But I think you did a good thing, since she spoke to you.

    As for IA, I missed it because I was unable to upload my project, since the two other posts were pre-scheduled. I sure liked your entry, though


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