09 December 2011

Day 9 Virgin & Haiku

Today is the ninth day in our 12 day journey.
A journal page…
journal confess 007
A little envelope to hide my transgressions.
I also will share a Haiku…this is the first I’ve  written since highschool (30 yrs ago)

I let fear inside
yesterday - I lost my way.
This morning is new.

Click either link to be transported to a place of beauty.
Love, Lisa


  1. Love your creations ~ Our Lady is very 'zen' like ~ beautiful and your haiku is excellent ~ ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. oh my YES!

    isn't it wonderful
    that each morning
    is new!

    {{ we are so fortunate
    in that }}

  3. Of course, you know, we are all wondering what's inside the envelope! Beautiful haiku. Nice way to start the day.

  4. Nice Lisa, very nice. Happy Holidays and take care.

  5. hurray for the new day! Love the little santos hands holding open the page.

  6. I'm struggling to pick a favourite of these - maybe day 5... or...

    I see what you mean about 'beautiful' - also radiant, stunning, inspiring, uplifting...

    Wonderful :)

  7. I never knew what a haiku is until I joined a virgin a day! it is wonderful to be discovering all these amazing blogs and amazing people!!! have a great day nine!

  8. Beautiful Lisa and yesterday I let anger in but today is new. Thank you for your Haiku. Not bad for 30 years.

  9. Lovely words to enhance your vibrant painting!!!

  10. These sentiments about each new day are recited every day in my morning ritual. We get to start over and do it all again. Our examples are Grandfather sun, Grandmother moon and the Star Nation that watches over us.


  11. I love that your 'transgression' are in a little envelope under Mary's protection :) x

  12. How gorgeous! Love this one! (And love the little hands holding the page down!)

  13. So much courage to ask for forgiveness, for help.... Your post is powerful! Thank you for this peek into a private place in your heart.
    Bless you in your continued growth,
    Janie of Sacred Art Images

  14. oh i am so glad to have stopped by!!! love love love your blog... i think i always say that whenever i come by... do i? well, if not glad to have sed it again... and that ku... the most loveiest of lovely... amen, that we can start anew at every sunrise... thank you for the remembrance...

  15. a small perfect haiku that speaks volumes.

    and how fortunate are you to only need a little envelope!

  16. I take myself back, fear.
    You are not my shadow any longer.
    I won't hold you in my hands.
    You can't live in my eyes, my ears, my voice
    my belly, or in my heart my heart
    my heart my heart

    But come here, fear
    I am alive and you are so afraid
    of dying.
    ~ from I give you back by Joy Harjo

    I love your candor. I love that you have a private envelope for your "transgressions." I see that it is small. Perhaps you need also a very large container for all of the love and compassion that God holds for you ~ something of infinite size and volume. Mary is beautiful in this post, such a slight and whispering figure, almost blurred into the background but the blue of her garment and the purity of her white vesture can be seen for many miles by the keenest eye and heart. It is a lovely confession space and you are a wonderful artist.

  17. Love the haiku and journal page. The haiku says everything I am experiencing.

  18. Haiku is like riding a bicycle. You never forget. Ah, confess. We all have transgressions but it is so healing to know we are ever forgiven.

  19. There is something very 'of the moment' that I'm connecting with here, not sure if it is the journal, envelope, the immediacy of the haiku,they all touch my heart.

    Sue x

  20. This art journal page is beautiful! I love the bright colours and the little envelope (how small it is! I would need a larger one *teehee*) The haiku is lovely too, the first one in 30 years? You're a talent!

  21. great journal page, just love those popping colors! You are so talented lady!! Your way of making backgrounds is incredible.

    lovely Haiku

    xx Jaime


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