15 December 2011

Haiku my Heart

In the barber shop
on an ordinary day.
A dancer poses.

Recuerda mi Corazon

If you have the time...
A few days ago,
Mia and I went to our family business for a photo shoot.
The Barber Shop!
Just me and my cheap camera,
Mia in her costume,
and the barbers,
my partner and my son,
on break.
I have been wanting to share these pictures...

Stringing perfectly chosen words together 
is an art.

There is poetry in motion.

And poetry in stillness.

And poetry in love
between a brother and sister.

I didn't take a picture of Deb.
My partner, the barber, the other mom. 
But I wrote a haiku for her too...

A mother's focus
Omits all others sometimes
Purely accidental.

It's fun being me.
That's God's poetry. 


  1. I LOVE these photos....especially that you took them in the Barber shop!

    Happy Holidays!!


  2. A Ballerina in a Barber Shop. Could be the title of a book.
    Fun post!


  3. Very cool photo shoot! How creative to do it inn the shop. Comfortable space for you since it is your business, yet intriguing as it is unusual to see a ballerina there. Mia is beautiful!
    I think I need a haircut? Does this place do straight razor shaves? I couldn't help read the name on the window. Italian, that's very cool! I'm Italian too.


  4. well
    my goodness
    i am Completely
    and smiling ♥ LARGE!

    ----> :-)

    this is Beyond Fun!
    i wish i could have been there
    i guess
    i was....

    ♥too cute♥

    the entire thing makes me happy

    {fortunate U }}

  5. i am not sure i have experienced as much JOY and LOVE
    in a haiku,
    or a

    BRAVO! you have lifted hearts today!

  6. God, She is Beautiful !

    Thank you for sharing these treats!
    Love and light to you, Proud Momma !

  7. She's beautiful, you must be so proud of them both! My neice has just had a new baby daughter and she's called her Mia!
    Jess xx

  8. So lovely to see you all having so much fun. You have such a beautiful family! :)

  9. I love when you post. You always have a fine balance of words over here - comfort.


  10. Wow! Photos are so creative and fun at times and yet lovely too ~ love the haiku ~ Happy Holidays ^_^~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  11. Fabulous!!! What a perfect location for a family photo shoot..


    love it!!

    Mia is beautiful and talented, balancing in the barber's chair..your son is very handsome as well.

    just love it all, thanks so much for sharing...

    happy happy!

  12. What a beautiful post! It may have been a cheap camera, but through words and photos you have managed to convey so much love!

  13. I am at a loss for words. Truly, poetry in motion-fabulous idea.

  14. poetry in motion i have heard.. but poetry in stillness is a lovely thought! My daughter has a costume so similar to this - from her Swan Lake Spanish Bride solo :-)

    an i love the idea of dancing in a barber shop - especially on the chair!

  15. Great photos and wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

  16. This rocks!!!Stunning happy photographs.You have a beautiful family.Hugs all around!!!Hey it's great to see you here at Haiku my heart.

  17. A delightful post! have a grand weekend! Cathy

  18. I think that your Mother's focus was well deserved! What a beautiful family you have! The shots are incredible!

  19. Lisa,
    At first glance I thought your daughter might be dressed to play Carmen, a ballet version. She is so beautiful in every way. These shots in the barber shop are so warm and intimate. Everything about it speaks of family, love, encouragement and making room for each person to shine. I did some posts a while back of ballerinas in very unusual places. It was a series of about five called Metamorphoses by Luca Rinaldi. You can find it on my blog. These reminded me a little. But Mia is like a little flower, wherever you plant her and her laughter at the end is magical. She is lucky to have two such wonderful moms. beautiful post!

  20. I love it all of it MIA your poem everything is beautiful just like you your so amazing. I love you

  21. Every pic and word just fabulous! I especially love the one in white where she is arranging something I think. You are so talented, thank you for sharing.

    Sue x

  22. a day in the life...i LOVE the dance photos and you are so right...words, connected, are art...thanks for sharing your beautiful day, lisa

  23. What wonderful photos just packed with joie de vivre!

  24. you put a smile on my face, I can see the fun going on, big true smiles!!!

  25. How I love these words, "It's fun being me.
    That's God's poetry." I now adopt your way of thinking and feeling. Again, your daughter (and son) are spectacular, but do look forward one day to seeing a photo of your partner, the other mom.

  26. Beautiful. All of it!!! Blessed are you.

  27. Lisa, these are wonderful photos and your haiku is brilliant! I love that Mia is a ballet dancer in a Barber Shop - so cool!!
    And, your eggshell-textured paintings are fab!!

  28. Lisa these are so great. You should frame them up in the shop. Mia is gorgeous and Leo is looking handsome there. Beautiful offspring woman! I see where they get it!

  29. Oh I missed this post but here I am. Excellent photos of your family. How happiness shines through. Very nice Lisa. Thanks for the card and I hung up the little cross on my tree. Wow, your daughter is just beautiful, but of course she takes after you.:) Take care amiga.

  30. Thank you!!!
    I enjoyed this so much!
    You don't need an expensive camera when you have an artists eye!!

  31. I've missed so many posts..but better late than never I say :)

    Mia is breathtaking! That first picture is ...well, there are just no words to describe the loveliness and quirkiness! A beautiful Spanish dancer on a barber's chair! It's so wonderful, I want to paint her.

    What a beautiful idea you, as an artist, came up with. I'm so glad you posted these!

    A happy, creative, and blessed 2012 to you and all your family, Priti Lisa!



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