30 December 2011

Haiku my Heart♥

full of gratitude
yet, for a holy woman
she complains a lot.

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hosted by Rebecca.

This is a spread in my art journal.

Remember the stained glass window?

When I held it up to the light it looked like this...

I wasn't feeling the best yesterday,
and so I was drawing pictures for me to color.
I'll prolly do the same today.
Even though I should go to the store.
We are out of stupid things that I always forget to buy.
Like foil and dish soap.
Can you wash dishes with shampoo???
There is still time to join the challenge I am hosting at
You have until New Year's Day.

And yes,
you can be a grateful complainer.
I am a pro at it :D
Love, Lisa


  1. Exquisite painting ~ and haiku made me smile ~ namaste and Happy New Year ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. your haiku has me laughing, and goodness knows i am a firm believer in the music of self deprecation.
    for a complainer you sure can paint holy, definitely you are a pro at that!

    i am off to meet your challenge...if it has nothing to do with shopping then i am in!

  3. Hope you're feeling better, and lovely pictures.

  4. You keep amazing me with your talent...just stunning!

    Happy New Year my Friend!

  5. Grateful complainer.......I think I might just be in that club!!!
    Thanks for the smile, hope you feel better soon!!

  6. It turned out just beautifully!!!
    Happy 2012!
    Thanks for your art!

  7. Your work is just gorgeous, Lisa! Hope you are feeling better. All the best for a Happy New Year!

  8. Soap is soap I say!

    You have really captured something special in these eyes.

    Happy New Year my friend :)

  9. Enjoy the irony in this, and it's beautiful, Lisa.

    Happy New Year, and hope you're feeling better.

  10. I'm pretty sure you can do dishes with shampoo and even wash your hair with dish soap, it's all the same stuff. Who's to know? Love that stained glass window!!!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your praying saint - do you have her in your shop? I am in love with her devoted look!!This is my favorite of yours so far.....

  12. Did I mention that I can't stop looking at her. OMG woman you have touched me deeply with this one. Her heavenly gaze.........OK I am going back to look some more.....

  13. Stunning portrait of--who? The Little Flower? Who is she? Your two page aj spread is wonderful, too. Happy new year and I hope you feel better. Yes, you can wash dishes with shampoo. I've done it. How is that gorgeous daughter of yours?

  14. oh Priti this one is brilliant.
    The Haiku and art so cool.
    Really and I love the new look here. Working on my piece for IA

  15. LOL A "grate" haiku for a grateful woman.

    What a fabulous page!!

    I hope you have a wonderful New Years Lisa and a fantastic 2012!

    I am grateful to have you as a friend.

  16. Hello Lisa,
    You can complain or do whatever you like. I will still love you. I am in love with what happened to the tower. It transformed into a beatiful long-necked woman with a stained glass window for a heart. I am amazed. The saint has lovely eyes but is a bit too long suffering. Still, I love anything you do. It is all so beautiful! If you are a complainer, you do it with a double dose of humor, which is fine with me!

  17. what can I say about your journal page.. stunning? gorgeous? wow? amazing... actually its ALL those things and more!

  18. WOW, this is so beautiful- I love her eyes, they are so full of expression! And your haiku is great too.
    Happy New Year my friend....

  19. Great haiku, great art. Your journal is a treasure I'm sure.

    Sorry I didn't make the challenge this time. I've been on kind of a creativity break. Hoping to jump back in soon.


  20. Lisa, you have truly grown so much in your work. This is awesome, I love it! She is just beautiful. I'm so happy that you are just blossoming in the best way possible. You seem very happy. Take care and enjoy the week.


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