10 December 2011

Virgin a Day 10

This is a picture of the Nativity Scene at the Good Shepherd Church
in Lebanon, PA.
Last night, Mia and her Dance Troupe performed dances from the Nut Cracker
as part of their Christmas Program.
They do it every year for Charity.
This year, the Church leaders decided they could not include the 
Arabian Dance.
The reasons were political...
I am flabbergasted (and incensed) at this decision.
The Ballet was first performed Dec. 18, 1892.
I never thought of it as having any religious connotations.
If anything, I feel it honors other lands and cultures. 
Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Danish and Arabian
cultures are represented as the flavors of Christmas.
Chocolate, Tea, Candy-cane, Marzipan, Coffee.

I am not sure what sect this Church is,
but its narrow-minded and absurd discrimination
and censorship
is exactly why I am leery of organized religious groups.

Nevertheless, the Nativity was beautiful,
and I made my sweaty ballerina pose in front of it.

May Love conquer All.

Remember my Heart
Recuerda mi Corazon.


  1. Your ballerina is beautiful! You certainly hit the provebial nail on the head with yor assessment of the narrow mindedness of organized religion. How can any governing body tell another that they are not accepted in the eyes of God? It is absurd.
    Real people judge no one and practice basic principles of forgiveness, peace and acceptance. I won't even use the word tolerate as it means they are putting up wutgh it. Acceptance is preferred in my vocabulary.
    Now you have me all worked up. LOL Just call if you need me on your band wagon. I agree with you.


  2. I agree with Spadoman and am also incensed!! Your picture of Mia is beautiful and brings back wonderful memories. I am also a ballerina and danced till I completed university. The Nutcracker Suite costumes hanged one on top of the other in my wardrobe!! I can still smell the resin and spirits on my pointe shoes!!

  3. Hi amiga Lisa. Hope you are doing well. What a peaceful nativity, I love it and Mia looks so beautiful in front of it. I'm happy for you and yours and wish you the best holidays ever. Happy Holidays to you and yours Lisa and look forward to your posts.

  4. Love the Nativity and the sweaty ballerina. I too do not like organized religion at all. I am too free of a spirit for that!! I hate people telling me what to do or think!!!

  5. Isn't she lovely!!!! dhe is "glowing"!!!
    I am always surprised at what people can find if they look hard enough!.
    Mary Christmas!!

  6. the arabian dance was political?


    good grief!

    {{ i was taught
    to sing this--->
    ""jesus loves the little children
    all the children of the world..""
    and it has served me well
    my long life }}

    ~~perfect form~~
    on yon lovely ballerina,

  7. Well, it's the people in the organized religion that is the problem. What a pity.

    Mia is just gorgeous...

    xx Jaime

  8. Lisa thanks for posting this. I totally understand and think many of us feel the same. Luckily religion has nothing to do with the love and devotion to spirit that we share here.
    Mia is just gorgeous.

  9. Your daughter is lovely, and you must be a proud mama!!
    I think a lot of us have had these brushes with organized religions. I just remind myself that it is PEOPLE that have let me down, offended me or whatever.

  10. So much for tolerance! What stupid decision by the church leaders. However, for me I know that 'stupid' lives everywhere and there are many tests of faith. I still like the sense of community I get from partaking in organized religion (and much more).
    Many are called. Few are chosen.
    Your daughter is absolutely a vision to behold!

  11. Mia is absolutely beauty ~ full! I love the precious smile on her face.


  12. Hello my magical friend..oh wow..Mia looks super fabulous and dazzling..wonderful photo!
    Wishing you a sparkling day Lisa!

  13. The ballerina is lovely! ~ I totally agree with you ~ let it go and trust in the Universe and 'shine your lovely light into the world ~ that is what will turn things around ~ hopefully soon ~ will more and more people seeing the absurdities and atrocities ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  14. Dearest Lisa,
    I am sorry that this happened, especially when your beautiful Mia was offering something so artistically splendid in an attitude of love and acceptance of all people during the Christmas season. I believe that people have absorbed a lie about Arab people and that lie has been emboldened by our own leaders who empower themselves by instilling in the American people the fear of a common enemy. It is nothing new and has been a practice of this country since its inception. However, it is now newly intertwined again with the fabric of our country and has apparently made its way back into the church. It is tragic when religion is used as a tool for exclusion rather than welcoming and love. Your daughter, however, is a symbol of peace, a dove in a dark landscape and yes, the nativity scene is beautiful!
    Love and light,

  15. Exactly,'may love conquer all', well said. Love your ballerina belle.

    Sue x

  16. I so agree with all the above comments.... Organized religion I can live without..... Beautiful ballerina!!!

  17. you live in PA?!?!
    i grew up on the east coast!

    yikes! that's cool.

    okay, i didn't live there until i was a teenager, but then i stayed until i met manslave.

    your ballerina is very very beautiful.

    I lived in bensalem, Pa.


    i'm quite excited about this development :D

  18. I Googled the church you mentioned and it is a United Methodist Church. It obviously must be of a more conservative ilk to ban the Arab dance. What Noelle said. Your daughter is so beautiful and the nativity she stands in front of is exquisite.

  19. Your ballerina is so beautiful...and I'm glad that the production was a success. It troubles me, as well, to hear that
    there was such censorship, labeling one group, as a whole, bad and/or wrong. Shame on them!

  20. dear mother of beautiful ballerina,

    i stand here repeating your words "may love conquer all". yes. may it be so.

    thank you for being here each day and on this day sharing your lovely daughter. looking in her eyes it is easy to believe love will conquer all.

    it is disheartening when others in "high places" think they can interpret love for us.

    looking in your daughters eyes, i am flooded with love anew.

  21. Hello My Friend! I'm sorry I'm not able to visit often, but please know I am still following your blog posts!

    I am sad to hear of this foolishness and, like you, am leery of organized religion for their lack of heart. Yes, I understand that they PREACH love, but wow, what hypocracy!

    I am still happy that your beautiful dancer enjoyed herself and lent some beauty to the production!

    Happy Holidays, Beauty!

  22. I don't quite get organised religion, nor do I get 'politically correctness' - where we can't sing Christmas Carols at pre-schools.. one day maybe peace will reign xo

  23. Hi Lisa ... Thank you for sharing your beautiful picture of Mia and the nativity scene... i would love to see a picture of you !I found all comments and views on organized religion enlightening... i hope to learn more through your eyes ..... we pray that with love comes peace and understanding ... God si love! And we are one people under God... pure and simple!

  24. oh my, how crazy we are to think one is better than the other, one right one wrong, open our hearts open our minds that is the message of love, of the season.., we are blessed by our differences usually outnumbered by our similarities, may there be peace and acceptance, inclusiveness! But we are preaching to the choir i am sure! Certainly the nutcracker celebrates the communities of the world.. I love the Arabian dance, the fairies from far away lands.. your daughter is beautiful! Peace.

  25. Sad about the church. I'm just going to focus on your beautiful daughter and remember there are lots of love filled people like you out there.


  26. I agree with your feelings on organized religion. And yes it is the people who are the problem, but that's just it...it's people who run the show and you can't get away from that.

    Mia is beautiful, as ever! Her grace and beauty just shine in this picture!

  27. Your ballerina is gorgeous! So sad that this church is more concerned with being what they consider is "politically correct". It sort of negates the whole season.

  28. Bigotry, hate, prejudice, and censorship are all reasons to be suspicious of organized religions. Gotta agree with you there. Small towns, small minds. I just hope this doesn't influence in any way, how your daughter sees the world and people who really matter.


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