03 December 2011

A Virgin a Day 3

Today I will share a painting I did inspired
by a Master, Lucas Cranach, the Elder.
A German Renaissance painter.
This painting is from my series of Tarot cards.
I believe Mary takes many forms
to appeal to all.
The Empress suits her, for me.
I was raised Catholic,
but I honor all religions and beliefs
that stem from Love.
This is the painting that inspired me,
lucas-cranach-the-elder-virgin-and-child-under-an-apple-tree[7] (1)
Virgin and Child under the Apple Tree.
I used pears, because I like them better.
The shape of a woman.
And none of that guilt associated with poor Eve.

Thank you to all who visit.
I am really enjoying this vigil for Mary,
and want to thank Rebecca especially.
If you have the time…join us.
Love, Lisa


  1. I love your Empress Mary. I love the tarot cards and have many decks and have been reading them for years. So far in all my decks I love this Empress your Empress THE BEST!!! Mary IS the Divine Feminine in all forms.

  2. Lisa, This is awesome. I love that you used pears instead of apples for Eve/subliminal guilt in them.
    I am trying to follow grace and love though not in a church. In doing that respecting everyone's beliefs. xx

  3. Very very cool! I love the Empress. I totally agree that Mary takes many forms. All depictions are created for the artists reason. I like this one a lot!


  4. I would love to see your other tarot cards - I am working on my own deck but it is taking a very long time!! love this post especially about the pears!!

  5. Tee HEE! The pear comment made me smile. I do believe She comes to us in many forms-- many faces, many shapes. It is a beautiful painting. :)

  6. I've always loved this painting of yours and am very pleased to see it again. Just beautiful.

  7. I love how you got your inspiration for this tarot card from this famous master work. Your words made me think, too. None of that guilt associated with poor Eve. Yes!

  8. hi lisa.

    i forgot to tell you earlier that you have become my new art hero.

    but i'm guessing you noticed.


  9. Hello Lisa,
    I adore your painting and that it is an Empress tarot card makes it incredibly wonderful since the empress is a creator and she is represented by venus who is the goddess of artists. I think that Mary too has a special place in her heart for all who create because those who do change hearts and lives for the better.

  10. A beautiful rendition! I remember her face but not the babe. Wonderful!

  11. i appreciate your beauty, wisdom, compassion and humor!

    day three and i am completely over the moon.
    thank you for taking me there!

  12. my dear friend....i left a comment and have just checked back to find it it not here. maybe you have a delay for approval?

    i will check back in the morning.
    until then i thank you for your beauty, wisdom, compassion and humor.

  13. I like the pear shape too, I think you have captured the same wistful eye look of Mary, beautiful.

    Sue x

  14. So pretty. Love your shrine on next post as well. Makes me feel peaceful...


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