08 December 2011

Virgin a Day 8

August 2011 009
A little Madonna icon I made
from reclaimed wood.
August 2011 010
Join us at Rebecca's blog.
I have never used the word beautiful
more than I have these past 8 days.
I should dig out my thesaurus.
Click Mary’s Heart.


  1. This is a great icon. I know what you mean......some of the blog offerings have left me speechless, some are so intimate and touching. Sometimes I just want to soak it in, be still, and not comment. Sometimes my comment just doesn't do the post justice. But beautiful just seems to work for all of them.

  2. Lisa this is my absolute favourite of all your beautiful :) icons. I agree with you and the above comment : I actually do not want to comment at all - I just want to stay in the glowing presence of these beautiful posts, the one more divine than the next!

  3. Another strong gorgeous art! Your faces are so deep and loving Lisa!

  4. beautiful beautiful beautiful - sublime, awesome, majestic, love her lips!

  5. (LOL)....BEAUTIFUL!!! If you made a bunch of these, they would sell out the door in the wink of an eye!

  6. I love the crown atop the chunk of wood! Your painting is wonderful, as is the base - I love the whole thing!

  7. Bella!! ;)

    Another lovely Madonna.

  8. I adore the twinkle in her eye. <3

  9. gorgeous! i know what you mean about needing the Thesaurus! that's exactly how i feel!

  10. gorgeous! i know what you mean about needing the Thesaurus! that's exactly how i feel!

  11. Lisa,
    This is heavenly. There, I have chosen a different word and it is appropriate. I love that this is from reclaimed wood. I am not really a religious person. I am a spiritual person. But the reclaimed wood makes me think of the cross, and the fact that you reclaimed it for something beautiful, new and feminine, rather than to represent crucifixiom, shows how synchronistically the divine feminine goes about the business of turning swords into ploughshares. It is lovely with depth and humanity. I adore the crown :)

  12. you know how much i adore your marys,

  13. Long work and volunteer day so I'm late visiting VAD. Now this is a great and beautiful example of repurposed art!

  14. your Icon is just divine. I love it! love the crown especially

    [thanks tons for coming to visit my post x]

  15. I have always had a fascination with elongated figures, paintings etc. This is a perfect example of my kind of art, fabulous!

    Sue x

  16. just beautiful! so glad I joined the group so that I can enjoy these beautiful Mary's!

  17. She's fabulous, Lisa! I love her.

  18. She's beautiful, I love painted wood. :)
    Jess xx


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