27 January 2012

Haiku my Heart♥ & painting progress

Journal page

When gray turns to black
I meet with The Consultant
and his ruby bliss.

The Consultant is a handsome Shiraz.
He has been giving me advice 
on my painting...

and on surviving the bleak winter.

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  1. I always love coming here..you have such interesting perspective on things :)

  2. Oh I go in for secret meetings like this too! Grey, black, red always cheers me up, leading the way back to my colour work!

    Sue x

  3. :) hi lisa. wine gets me through all of the seasons.

    much love,
    onion tits

  4. looking good... keep going! xox ps keep your art consultant handy... lol

  5. Now there's a great consultant!
    Your artwork is beautiful.

  6. This post make me hummmmmm.

    Sending you and the Consultant love, love, love, Beautiful One.

    Happy Friday !

  7. ha ha - love it! it took me a while to figure out who the consultant is!! seems like he has been giving you good advice.

  8. Yay Lisa..you are amazing and spark my soul every time i visit your beautiful magical realm...gorgeous pieces..stunning and so awesome! I would love to have a glass with you and the consultant!how fab that would be!
    One day!

  9. My consultant is white!!!
    What a lovely art piece!!!

  10. Wonderful words and photos! Very creative ~namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  11. I need a consultant at my house. Your Last Supper is really nice.


  12. You are too funny! Wonderful journal page, very indicative of moody gray winter days...great last supper piece too. I am probably due to visit the consultant this weekend...Cheers!

  13. Your consultant is looking good! Keep him nearby--I use his brother Carlo all the time!

    Your painting is magnificent!

  14. Oh Lisa! I love this page!!! (And the peek at the Last Supper) How fab to use a fun wine label in your art. Perfect!

    The Consultant Shiraz... I must look for that one...

    Have Faith my dear friend - you can overcome any Fear!

  15. Love, love, love your Consultant and his ruby red bliss! Nice to have such a friend in the depths of winter!

  16. How delightful to discover it was a wine. I love the journal page and haiku.

  17. Lisa you were very kind to leave a note on my posting concerning Rebecca. I was delighted to see you participating in Rebecca's haiku....I took a few minutes to see your four blogs (pretty amazing to do four!!!) and first look I thought, Rebecca would love all of this. And here you are a regular on her website. Such a fun coincidence for me.
    I know we all pray for her recovery and strength. The painting she posted today made me happy she was able to do that much, but made me sad because of the image. I don't like to think of her that way.
    You do have wonderful blogs and very intriguing art work. I will look for your posting each week. I was thinking of putting mine on her Haiku...but it isn't really Haiku...but the prayer is beautiful and heartfelt. smiles: sharon

  18. Funny in a way, I bought new underware yesterday on my way home from Chicago. Maybe I'll take a photo and sell some spaghetti gravy. I love the haiku and I really really love the last supper. It is awesome.
    I'm looking for your e-mnail, if I haven't misplaced it, I need to send you something and mention a few things if that's okay.

    Much peace

  19. How nice The Consultant is helping you with your painting. My consultant is of the pinot grigio variety. :)

  20. Love the paintings and the haiku. I no longer drink, but shiraz was my favorite wine. I had never heard of The Consultant.

  21. I love your sense of humour and your painting is beautiful.

  22. Shiraz being a favorite of mine...
    May I consult your consultant?
    This is an awesome painting and haiku...
    amazing and prolific wow

  23. I have a meeting with the ruby consultant Rioja now. A mature fellow who spent a lot of time meditating in a barrel!

  24. If Shiraz could "consult" me into painting like you I'd be thrilled...gorgeous Lisa!!

  25. My consultant did a little TOO much consulting last night and now I have a headache :D Seriously, tho, I LOVE this painting and your haiki is wonderful too! I swear one of these days, I'll make it to Haiku my Heart....

  26. i am so late for the party...
    forgive me, i didn't even dress.
    your beauty delights and lifts me....
    even from the covers of my bed.


  27. Wonderful paintings on here. Love to look around here and read your haiku my heart contribution.
    Wonderful written haiku. Thank you for sharing.
    This is my first time here and the first time I write a haiku my heart contribution.

    join the party
    of writing haiku for the heart
    and bring red roses

  28. This is such a wonderful piece and haiku!! I,ve never tried theconsultant though, i speak with "sweet walter"!

  29. Priti Lisa, I truly enjoyed this post. I love your Last Supper painting too! Thank you for sharing.

  30. Oh wow Lisa, the painting is beautiful and so full of meaning and symbols, I love it!

  31. Consult away my friend and stay in the light. Your painting is a reflection of your soul... Beautiful.

    Love your Haiku!

  32. It sounds like you and The Consultant have a thing going! :)

    Whirling Haiku and Senryu


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