01 January 2012

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Challenge

Here is my offering for the Inspiration Avenue challenge;
Old, New, Borrowed Blue.

A Santos Mannequin Doll.
I have been wanting a Santos Doll for forever.
So I borrowed the idea
and made my own with things old and new.
His arms are pose-able so he can hold things,
like this bleeding heart ornament.

He was a lot more difficult to make than I thought he would be...
Here is a picture of a 'real' Santos
and a link to their shop.
 Image of 20" Articulated Male Italian Style Santos Mannequin

I actually have 2 more started, because clay takes sooo looong to dry.
I want one to be a cage doll...we'll see.
I don't have sculpting tools, but that isn't an excuse,
I think I am impatient and inept in this art form.

It's a good thing they are primitive looking.

Happy New Year!
Let's pray this New Year brings positive changes to the world and the human race.
L♥ve, Lisa
Walt Whitman: this is what You shall do.


  1. Love, love, LOVE your Santos doll- beautiful work!
    Happy New Year HUGS to you,

  2. Your doll is infused with yourself, it's beautiful work. The face is especially your signature.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I just looked at a beautiful old santos in an antique shop yesterday.
    Unfortunately a bit spendy for me.
    Yours is every bit as cool.

  4. Love what you can do with clay it's amazing! That Santos site is awesome....but yours is every bit as wonderful! Swoon! You totally rock! Happy New Year to you and family.xx

  5. He's amazing Lisa!! LOVE him!! You don't give yourself enough credit!! Happy New Year!! xo Michele

  6. WoW! The Santos is amazing! I'm sure it took quite a bit of work--it definitely looks like it! :)

  7. Little Santos man look very proud. I think you did a great job. Keep going. Make more.

  8. I'd never actually heard of these before but I want one too now!!

    It's a lovely idea to make a personalised one and Lisa your version is as amazing as I'd expect from you! His face has real soul, and I love the wonderful, worked-into texture of the clay.

    If you get chance to google her, there's a ceramic artist called Claire Curneen whose work I love and reminds me a little bit of this.

    Happy New year to you sweetie! x

  9. You did a fantastic job of the doll - I think yours is so much more interesting than the other!

    Hope 2012 brings you a fantastic new year, Lisa!! (And new friendly neighbours...)

  10. Your Santos is amazing. I can just about imagine how much work went into making it. Can't wait to see the other two that are in progress.


  11. I was not familiar with Santos dolls--they are most interesting! I think you did a fabulous job creating yours. I really like his expression and that you gave him a heart!

  12. I didn't know about Santos dolls, they have lovely faces. I really enjoyed what you did with yours, and his bleeding heart-- and he still almost seems to be smiling, which I think depicts art/artists very well. You are happy when making art, and love what you do, even though at times really personal work can come from the heart, an emotional place (I am thinking of the phrase "bleeding heart")-- I'm not sure I'm being that articulate, but in so many words, I wanted to say how much I loved this entry and to wish you a great Twenty-Twelve!

  13. I love santos!!!
    This is a lovely one!
    I am taking a santos class in march.
    will keep you posted!
    Have the best art 20012!!

  14. your Santos looks most satisfied and proud, comfortable that he is loved.. yes a toast to an improving world! enjoyed Walt's wise words..

  15. I'd never heard of a santos doll. Beautiful! I love the facial expression. So peaceful. :)

  16. you and your santo are a pure delight!
    thank you for such a perfect embracing of new and old!

  17. lISA,
    ME TOO! I have wanted one forever and didn't even think to put it on a wish list for Christmas. Yours is amazing and has inspired me to buy myself one! Merry Late Christmas to me!

  18. Lisa this is stupendous!! I have wanted a Santos doll ever since i saw a tv program on the Failas in Spain. They are not available here and too big to be mailed from your side of the world to mine! So I am hoping to bring one back from Mexico soon - fingers crossed. I have been looking at making ball jointed clay dolls lately but none of the materials are available here, but now you have inspired me in a BIG way!!! this is soooo beautiful!

  19. Love Your Santos! While I Was Here Browsed A Bit And Discovered Other Beautiful Pieces As Well. Lisa My Sweet Friend, Thank You For Your Comforting Words Earlier. I Do "Hear The Whispers Of My Mother". More Often Than I'd Like To Openly Admit. That's How It Is When A Spirit Leaves This World ~ Some Folks Just Cannot Comprehend The Mysteries That Follow. But I Tell You With All The Truth In My Heart, I Hear My Mama When There's Something Important She Needs To Say. I'm Looking Forward To Working In Her Room ~ Staying As Close To Her As I'm Allowed Down Here. Sending Much Love & Georgia Sunshine Your Way, Terri

  20. I confess I don't really know what a Santos doll is - but I know I likey this one you made!

  21. Love your Santos doll. The Whitman quote is awesome. Happy New Year, my friend! xox

  22. You did it! Wonderful Santos doll. I like that you created the male version as well. They are addictive though..you can't make just one.

  23. You have done such a fabulous work here! I have longed for a Santos doll for year, but can never afford one - now you have me thinking! All is possible -- would you like to come over and play? :o) take care xoDonna

  24. Great Santos doll, Lisa! So talented.

    Stopped by to tell you that the Artist's Play Room is now LIVE, since you'd been kind and signed up to participate!

    Jenn of www.JustAddWaterSilly.com


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