15 January 2012

Paper Dolls...free to a good home

Paper Dolls.
This is the theme...and a great theme...
from Maggie at Magpie's Nest.
I have always loved paper dolls.
I am old enough to remember them fondly.
More than fondly.
I lived for the paper dolls I could cut from my Nani's Housekeeping magazines.
I also imagined better clothes for them,
and tried to make them myself.
And there began my first art anxiety.
The clothing never matched up to the bodies.
And were never as glamorous and sparkly as I saw them in my head.
But,I still have a love for paper dolls,
which is why I have these saved sheets.
They are from Mary Engelbreit's magazine, Home.
Years and years ago.
I got rid of the mags this past spring, but saved the paper dolls.
For now they are a give-away!
If anyone would like these...they are yours.
Just let me know in the comments.
I would be happy, so happy to mail them to you.
Let me know.

I HAVE been playing with paper dolls of my own...

Or you could call it a puzzle.
Or a thought process.
I am working on a commission.
And I think I am in over my head.
The Last Supper.

Have a happy week everyone,
I'll be visiting you....
Love, Lisa


  1. They are so cute. I would love to have them :)


  2. The Last Supper? I can definitely see that with your style twist added in- it will be amazing! And that's so generous of you give the Mary dolls away!

  3. I LOVE them. I remember playing with them, they would be a beautiful present for our granddaughter!!!!!
    They are more then welcome here!!!!

  4. Those paper dolls are so sweet. I know somewhere here in Blog World will be thrilled to get them. You are a nice person, have I told you that? AND! I love paper dolls, too, and I have been fiddling with some in my spare time. Not sure what I plan on doing with them, but they are very fun. Happy week, my friend! xox

  5. Well, I feel rather strange saying how much I love those paper dolls, when I got such a glorious Christmas card from you. But I am crazy about those dolls and their dresses. Even ONE sheet would be a blessing, in my book.

    As for your commissioned piece, I can think of NO ONE better qualified to create The Last Supper than you! I think this is something you were destined to create.

  6. What a cool giveaway! I love Mary Engebreit's art. It's probably where I got my love of whimsy.

    I can't wait to see your Last Supper. What a wonderful commission to get! I think you are off to a fantastic start!

  7. Lisa I did the same thing.....went through all my old Home Companions, saved a few articles, and gave all the paperdolls to a coworker for her daughter. Roll ahead in time...
    one of my favorite things to find in a thrift store.....old issues of H C. Go figure!

  8. I forgot to add that I am intriqued with your commision....

  9. The Last Supper is quite daunting but I'm sure you'll do great. I paint saints, or "retablos," as they are called out here. I've often contemplated on painting the Last Supper, but like I said, it's a bit daunting! Can't wait to see yours completed, though.

    I love paper dolls too. I too cut them out of Mary Engelbright's mag and have some in a file. I'm sitting here waiting for the birth of my first granddaughter...daughter's already been in labour for over 12 hours, so our Zoe is soon to make her appearance into this world. Anyway, I would love to add some more paper dolls for her since they're almost extinct...unless I make my own. I used to make them when I was a child and loved making clothes for them. It sort of propelled me into fashion design, but that never happened...life took me elsewhere.

    Anyway, please consider me for your giveaway and I'm so very glad I found your blog.


  10. wow, a new look for your blog and a big commission... not over your head... but take as long as you need... : ) xoxox

  11. ooooh Lisa, I would love to have any spares you don't share.. I am loving making these Music Doll Assmeblages and would love any spares that aren't claimed already.
    LOL, I remember cutting dolls out and mine were never dressed very well because I hated cutting out all the clothes..I am a little more patient now!

    Have a great week!

  12. Darn clicked too fast. I am on pins and needles to see your new commission! Congrats! Sometimes being over our head is when we do our best work!


  13. if you are drawing for the paper dolls, please add my name in! Love ME stuff!

  14. Your blog is great, and so is your art ( I just visited your etsy shop)
    The paper doll giveaway is so cute, please count me in.
    And by the way I want to invite you to join my giveaway too

  15. Hi Lisa,
    I'm glad your paper dolls are finding good homes. The Synchronicity of your post amazes me once again. I have been looking online for a certain paper doll from Playmate Magazine for Children's centerfold called "Molly" When I try to google it, naturally, I get a lot of "Playboy" centerfolds pop up. I spent about 2 hours yesterday looking(sentimental to me since I played paper dolls 24/7 back in the day) and have a theory about that as well. I notice that creative women ALL seemed to have played paper dolls as a child! I went beyond that..It was embarassing to be a teenager (13) and still playing with paper dolls when all my friends were off with boys!!! Anyway, you are very generous and your theme for your own dolls will be magnificent!

  16. I used to adore Mary Engelbreit'magazine and remember the paper dolls well. Left them all behind when I moved to Mexico. Would dearly love a chance at winning this gorgeous collection. Thank you. xoDonna


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