09 February 2012

Haiku my Heart♥

the beginnings of a painting

Not black or white; but
charcoal, graphite, eggshell, chalk.
The sound of color.

As I was preparing this canvas today,
I was thinking...
black and white are not really colors or adjectives,
but nouns...darkness and light.
Black and white are not enough to describe this world.
Or, even more, the people on it.

Ingredients: charcoal, graphite, eggshell, spackle

 Maybe spackle fumes provoke deep thoughts.
Or maybe I is just quazy.
♥♥♥ Lisa

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  1. Again, your words and pictures are profound. I wouldn't do a thing more with your black and white/not-black-and-white piece. Stunning!

  2. I love your descriptors...and I do think that spackle has a way of getting into our brains! Very cool piece!

  3. This piece is so strong looking
    already....love it!
    But I do think you are a bit quazy,
    (all the best people are ya know)

  4. The sound of colour - I like that.

  5. Beautiful haiku Lisa! Yes, colours do have sound... I can hear your painting!

  6. I, for one, like to think of you as a little quazy. Aren't all artists? Just Sayin'.
    Is this Frida? I can't wait to see it in color, but the black and white of the charcoal is the way things seem on cloudy days. Very nice haiku.


  7. I look forward to seeing the finished work, though as it stands it is beautiful. I personally enjoy charcoal sketches and etchings. In their way they are very dramatic, just as this picture appears to me. Thank you!! Cathy

  8. Love the start of your painting and haiku ~ wonderful! ~ love the words 'sound of color' ~ I can relate to that alot ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) and HMH

  9. I am going to love this one when finished. Spackle is my favorite background and your lady looks like a classic being born.

  10. "the sound of color"

    exquisite! it never fails to sing in the heart of a painter..when it suddenly forms dreamlike words in the hearts of others, we are there!

    i love seeing this birth of your painting....would love to see a series of photos at each new profound stage.

    sing on!!!

  11. Love, love, love!! And you're probably a bit "quaezy" too!! LOL One reason we like you so much!!! Don't know about spackle, never have worked with it even though I have some in my studio...probably hard since it's been about 3 years since I bought it for something or another, but resin does me in and it's too bad, I love the results, but the fumes drive me away.

    Anyway, can't wait to see your Frida in tones of light and dark and grays...going to be amazing!!


  12. I love seeing the process. <3 PAINT LOVE!

  13. The sound of color radiates from your words and image...

  14. The sound of color...beginning to emerge

    Will look forward to seeing her unfold.

  15. Love her emerging from the shadows
    What colors will we see next? An essense of Frida is present here.

  16. Quazy you're not, creative to the nth degree you are. Your woman is shaping up to be gorgeous.

  17. Your beginning is amazing! I can't wait to see what "color" sings forth as you progress.

  18. This beginning is wonderful as it is and with the way you use color it promises to be stunning.


  19. not cwazy, kool...white & black...colors all together and absence of light...love your painting start, cant wait to see more...

  20. I love white on white , or rather spackle on eggshell, so this is lovely as is. But i'm still anxious to see it finished, the textures you do are wonderful! I really want to try that sometime.


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