24 February 2012

Haiku my Heart♥...Undying

She sits alone now.
Forgetting memories...she
calls it 'undying'

Just a sketch for a new painting in my new series I am calling
"It wasn't Always this Way"
In a sketch book that isn't mine.
Inspired by the painting of Mary Magdalene by
Georges de la Tour

I am excited to dig through my junk and find the makings of a canvas
for this one.
I haven't had much time for my habits this year so far.
But this shall pass.
And become a memory.
As all things do.

Please visit recuerda mi corazon for more Haiku.
And magical goodness.
Rebecca and her circle of friends have changed my life.
♥Love, Lisa♥


  1. Love this. Just read my cards and got a similar message in fact - I need to move on and forget memories that do me no good!!! I need to start fresh......As always something you do touches me deeply!!

  2. Loved that last line - and great pic.

  3. You are so amazing, Miss Lisa. I love where you go with your artist's mind and heart. Beautiful haiku and this looks like a great new project to play with.

    Much love to you !

  4. I love your sketch...it says so much to me! And such a beautiful haaiku goes with it today...very cool!

  5. Undying girl has sad eyes, sad but beautiful, deserving her place of recognition!

    Sue x

  6. All I can say is that I commiserate and agree with everything your adoring fans and friends have said.
    Thank you, as always, for being you.

  7. I love your haiku, and your sketch. You are awesomeness itself! :) xox

  8. God knows I've done my share of this. You touch my heart.
    awesome illustration.

  9. This sketch and haiku resonates with me in many ways... I look forward to seeing how this piece comes to life beneath your hand... Thank you Lisa.

  10. Hi Lisa,
    I left a comment and it disappeared. If it reappears, please delete it. I love George de La Tour's painting. It is my favorite of Mary Magdalene. I love her pensive gaze and her focus on the light. Your own sketch is beautiful, particularly the eyes and the emotive mood of the piece. Wonderful beginning, truly!

  11. Oh, how I wish I could draw, but alas, it is not one of my gifts. I'm sure glad that you share your work with us, however.

  12. i cannot tell you how much it means to me to gather hearts on fridays.
    you are a favorite stop on this soul train.
    today you have taken me to a deeply mystical place between remembering and undying.
    thank you....

  13. undying.. the facial lament is exquisite..

  14. oh, the undying - beautiful sketch!

  15. You captured so much emotion in this. Beautiful blog post.

  16. Lisa,
    I feel your art. I am sure I have sat in her chair with that same look.
    I also loved the finished piece.


  17. Lovely haiku ~ great words 'undying' ~ wonderful sketch ~thanks, wishing you a great weekend ~ namaste, carol ^_^

  18. I like this concept. Undying. Not dying, but living perhaps? Being alive. So many thoughts and feelings as I look at her. I want to sit and talk, see what she's thinking about, tell her my stories, indie with her for a while, over coffee or tea. Then pass along my memory of her as I travel. I have lived a volume here. Very nice.



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