11 February 2012

Here comes the Sun

I have a friend named Gemma.
She is a radiant spirit.
Unassuming, uplifting and knowing.
She is one of the first people I met while blogging
and I have held fast to her sleeve, ever since,
never letting her out of my sight.
Gemma was the co-host this week at IA
and her theme is her essence...
Here comes the Sun.

I wanted to do something in my art journal for the challenge...
something sunny, bright and spiritual.
My pieces of the sun.
My orbs of light.

The 'mirror' I made to show my own spirit...something caught in glimpses...
still a mystery.
I want to tell you how I made it, because it looks crappy in the picture,
but in real life, it's cool.
Aluminum foil (the cheap kind) behind a piece of mica.
For me the effect is like an old, old mirror...
You can almost see yourself...yet...

Anyway, I ramble too much.
Visit Inspiratoin Avenue Sunday afternoon to see more.
And visit Gemma if you like the Beatles,
The Lord's Prayer or MaryJanes.



  1. Beautiful friend and a beautiful gift of art, Priti One!
    Big love to you!

  2. What a beautiful page and post Lisa! I love your sun - absolutely awesome and so many bits of you shining in it's light... wonderful Madonna and child, prayer beads and your soul reflecting.

    This mirror sounds incredible and creative. Fabulous pages - what an art journal this will be!

  3. Yes Gemma is a true spirit of kindness. Very nice post dear lady. Have a great Sunday. Love your work.

  4. Lisa,
    There is nothing I can say about your submission, I mean just look at it! Captivating! Lisa, you are my orb of light!


  5. I'm catching up - you have been creating magic my friend. The last supper is just .... well .... words can't describe. It will surely be treasured and handed down through the generations.

    Always loving what you create. xx

  6. Oh wow, Lisa, this is so beautiful... Love the sun orb shinning, the mirror and the painting, wow what a page in your journal! :) Your so beautiful, Lisa!

  7. What a cool idea for a mirror. And you NEVER ramble too much for me.


  8. Wonderful idea of the mirror, wish i could see it! And your words..."orbs of light" as always are perfect!

  9. "Orbs of light" is such a fantastic entry. Love sun Frida. What an honor co-hosting IA then your sweet words here. You made my day girlfriend! Thank you.

  10. Lisa you are a natural artist and poet, and always inspiring :)

    I love your orbs of light and the idea behind the "mirror of the soul" is wonderful x

  11. I am SO grateful you explained how you made the mirror. I can now understand how you made it and the old vintage look you achieved. As always, I love your drawings, paintings, and inspiration. You always have that way of looking at things so positively.

  12. Beautiful tribute to the sun! It was very interesting to read how you created the mirror to reflect the sunny soul that is you.

  13. What A Beautiful Tribute To Gemma. Lisa, I Feel Very Much The Same About "You" As You Expressed Feeling About Your Friend. You May Not Remember That You Were My First Follower. You Visited And Returned To Me When I Had No One...You'd Leave The Sweetest Comments Letting Me Know You Were There ~ Listening ~ Absorbing. And It Meant The Absolute World To Me! Still Does!

    I Want You To Know Also, How Deeply Your Current Comment Touched Me. It's As If You Knew Precisely How Difficult My Present Day Journey Is. I Literally Cried While Reading Your Profound Words. Words That I Know God In Heaven Intrusted You To Share With Me. You're Such A Rare And Special Spirit Lisa. I Know I've Never Stood In The Same Room With You, But I Know You. Thank You For Your Generous Love, Kindness, And Friendship. You've Helped Make My World A Better Place. Love, Terri

  14. I love your image and of course the fact there is a rosary running right through it..... pure beauty!

  15. Your page of orbs is fantastical, each one different and a statement. TFS your words of Gemma's tribute. Also, thanks for peeking at the 29Faces Challenge on my blog. Have a great week!

  16. I LOVE your journal pages and the fact that your sun has Frida brows, just blows me away! I LOVE this!!!

  17. Pesonally, I love it when you ramble. :) Gemma looks like a kind person. It is important to hang tight to these people, isn't it? :)) Happy Valentine's Day! xox

  18. this is beautiful. I'd love to try that mirror technique. that is right up my alley ;) Gemma looks like an angel in that picture.

  19. Wowness...I love this..your sun orb is mega-gorgeous..and love the mirror...magical and inspiring..oh Lisa you are so beautiful and sublime!!


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