26 February 2012

IA Challenge~Texture

This week the theme was Texture at Inspiration Avenue.
Thank you to
Maggie for choosing such an all-encompassing theme.
For what would art be without texture?
Flat and untouchable, overlooked or almost invisible.
Like an after thought.
You might remember this picture as a sketch in my last post.

Normally, I would just leave it as is and move onto re-sketching it to a canvas,
but, this is in Eva's art journal,
part of a swap I am participating in, so I had to finish her.

There is plenty of texture...

And I did another spread.

As you can see, this is about November...this group is 4 months behind!
It's hard for me to go back in time. 
Or jump to the future.
I am an in-the-moment kinda guy.
I did another one of my "mirrors" for her book.
And do you see the little pogo photo?
It is a picture from a book called A Room of her Own.

This book is full of pictures of women's sacred spaces.
I happen to have an extra copy.
I could send it to a sweet reader :)
Let me know if you are interested.
Happy Sunday beautiful people, ♥Lisa♥


  1. Lovely, lovely pages and very inspiring. I must try that mirror technique one of these days. You make it look so realistic. Of course, the first one even LOOKS like it has texture, and lots of it. It looks like fresco. I am very, very impressed. Thanks so much for sharing.

    BTW, I do NOT need another book (grin), but thanks for letting everyone know about it! You are generous beyond words.

  2. I love your journal entry, but I love all you do...great work and love all that texture.

    As for the book, well, sign me up!! LOL...the room of my own is my studio, but when it comes to getting comfy and reading a good book, it's the red couch in my living room, with a sweet Chihuahua curled up next to me...now that's heaven...both places, that is!!

    Have a lovely and creative week.


  3. 'Undying'....love that! I also love the whole piece, it's fantastic!!!

  4. Your work is always so wonderfully textured! This is beautiful and I'm glad you finished it for this challenge. I've loved reading your haikus also...might just try my hand at it!

    What a beautiful space in that photo. Like Elizabeth, I prolly don't need another book either, lol. Oh wth, throw my name in the hat, I can't resist!

  5. The background texture in the first spread is awesome! The mirror is so realistic...I'm going to have to go back through your blog posts to read more about others you have created!

    I'm a Libra--it doesn't matter whether I "need" the book or not...I want it! Thanks for including me!

  6. This challenge was made for you, you ALWAYS use texture :-) Love both of the spreads you showed us.


  7. There is always so much texture in your paintings. Adding variation makes them even more interesting if that is possible. I know that book you are talking about. I checked it out of the library.

  8. Lisa,
    Your work is so soulful. You can see right into her heart. The use of your texture is beautiful. I hug your art. Stay inspired and let your heart lead your art, it's beautiful.

    If you are having a hat toss, by all means throw in my name. I love inspirational books, one can never have enough.


  9. Oh wonderful, wonderful. I asked the barman to pour her a tequila - she looks in that sort of mood...

    PS I have my journal ready to go in the mail! So excited!!

  10. Love the journal page. The texture in the wall is great. And I love how she seems so serene being alone.

    I'm a book addict, so please include me!

  11. Loving all that texture, I love backgrounds I'm terrible as I enjoy them so much an forget to mention the main study! Silly me. So loving this challenge. E x

  12. Love this she speaks deep thought and thinking.
    Great piece Lisa!! Looking forward to what you come up with tomorrow!!!

  13. beautiful journal pages...the room you share is lovely, unfortunately I have vertigo today...I can't imagine being in there...lol!

  14. Can i be in the hat for the book as well, as i so don't have a room of my own..... so i'd love to live vicariously through the book! love your sketchbook page, i hope that means i'll get to see it soon....., but i think i'm confused... I never did a november spread yet in anyone's , unless i'm totally forgetting. I'll have to actually read my blog to check, good grief!

  15. I find it amazing that work like this exists in 'swap journals' when it could be hanging in fine art galleries. Texture is incredible and the woman has such depth of soul. Your piece really spoke to me. A room of ones own -- so important and so delightful. I don't get over here as much as I would like to, however, love your blog. hugs, Donna

  16. This is SO gorgeous, Lisa! I love, LOVE, LOVE it! And it is SO good to know the books are on the move once more- can't wait to see this one in real life!
    And YES please include my name in the hat! I have a book about gardening and creating sacred spaces in the garden, I'd LOVE to have something like that for the home!

  17. I loved looking at your pages and I love the texture!
    Jess xx

  18. Sorry I haven't been here sweetie. Hope you are doing well. I love your journal pages. You always have a lot of texture in your pieces. Are you okay? I'm talking about the storm in Harrisburg. Let us know if you were affected in anyway. Take care.

  19. It's hauntingly beautiful Lisa! Love the texture - I always love texture - my friends laugh at me as I always have to touch something to feel if I actually like it.

    I hope you get your checkered room this year. I still haven't received the September or November (or January or February...)books and have no idea what I am going to do for those long past months (sigh)

    Thank you so much for the wonderful pages!!


  20. P.S. If You're Still Tossing Names Into A Selection Pile...Place Mine In Pretty Please.

  21. Hi, just found your blog, which is wonderful as is your work! And I would love that book too :-)


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