05 February 2012

Last Words on the Last Supper

This is me and Horace.
He commissioned this painting without ever meeting me or talking to me.
I thought it would be awkward when he came to pick it up.
I was afraid he wouldn't like it, or like me.
But it wasn't like that. 
It was magical.
I am glad I have this picture of him, because all I remember was his eyes.
His soul.
He wanted to know why I painted everything I did.
And so did some of you, my loving cyber-friends.

When I was asked to make a painting of The Last Supper
in my own interpretation,
I immediately thought of a book I read last year.
The Expected One 1st (first) edition Text Only
I loved her version of Christ, his life and his teachings.
I was raised as a Catholic and know the Vatican's version
of the Passion of Christ.
But Kathleen's is more passionate.
More believable.
It just felt true to me.
And so I added everything I felt.
Instead of what I thought I knew.
Like the 2 (or more) Mary's being there.
One his wife, one his mother.
There were no villains or victims.
Judas was asked by Jesus to hand him over to the authority.
He wanted it done away from the crowds, so no one would get hurt.
Each person fulfilling their own destiny.
A skull for mortality of the body.
And a dove for the ever-living spirit.
And Jesus made an 11th commandment that night...
'Love one another as I have loved you'
And my own prayers written behind the layers of paint.
It was a painting that pushed me to the edge...
But in the end, I did it the way I felt guided to do...
and Horace is happy and I am feeling relieved (that he is happy)
and reassured (that my guardians are really there)
and feeling blessed.
That I am on the right path.

 The Priti Last Supper 

Thank you ALL for your continued friendship
and love that I feel from you.
I really do 
need you.
Love, Lisa ♥♥♥


  1. I love your version of the Last Supper, as I read this post I could feel the emotion bubble up in me. I think you've hit your mark. Going to find this book.

    lots of hugs,

  2. Aw what a wonderful thing to have gotten to meet your buyer in person. We rarely get that opportunity. Your version is great, Lisa. I am sure he will be admiring it for years to come. Now he also has the knowledge of what led you to your interpretation and he can tell that to all that see it. Yay you!!

    ps. email me.

  3. wow Lisa! the painting is beautiful beyond words who wouldn't like it! and personally, i think you made the right choices, i know not much of Christ's story, what i know was from DaVinci Code the movie. and i felt the inclusion of Mary is a powerful one. not many would like that, but ... what if it was true. and why couldn't it be true. you did a powerful thing with that painting and a very brave thing. it was from your heart ... you ROCK my fren. i am sure Horace thinks so too.

  4. Awesome in every way. The painting itself, the story behind the commission, your thoughts while doing it, your new friend Horace. All done wonderfully!
    Busy today, but will comment further soon.
    Take care and be well.


  5. Lisa, I know that Horace will feel all that you put into that painting, every time he looks at it. And isn't that what real art does? Your work has a spiritualness that leaps off the canvas. It's a beautiful work. Well done, my friend! xox

  6. Lisa! This painting...LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am sure it has met and surpassed Horace's expectations. The apostles, the two Marys, the symmetry of the scene (with the exception of {Judas on the left?}, perfect!

    Horace looks like a kind soul and I'm happy this is his painting.

    I read The Expected One, and loved it.

    Have a wonderful week!


  7. Oh Lisa you have out done yourself. Totally awesome and so lovely. I absolutely LOVE (as you know I would) the two Mary's. All the symbols just gorgeous work. If he hadn't of loved it I would be surprised!! Love the last pic where it looks like you are also part of the last supper - which in fact you are. Now I need to read that book.

  8. Lisa the painting is absoulutely beautiful. I love that you followed your heart and painted from that guided place. Wonderful!

  9. WoW! I had no idea it was so big! Love it Lisa!

    Good job

  10. It turned out beautifully! I am so happy for you that Horace is pleased with your wonderful painting and that it has found a loving home!


  11. You are doing good work, Lisa and shining that beautiful light within you brightly.
    Brava !
    Love and Light !

  12. Love the painting Lisa and thank you for sharing why you painted what you did and your meeting of Horace. I was very touched by it all. You are a wonderful artist and person and adorable on top of it all :o) Really enjoyed this post :o) xo Michele

  13. You have an amazing talent paired with the courage to use it. Your piece is wonderful and I am sure that Horace is glad that he selected you to create this painting!

  14. OH Lisa this iis awesome. WOW and to meet your buyer how fun. Makes lasting impressions. Very cool. Congratulations this really is outstanding!!! Come to IA and Share about it too.
    Love Shel

  15. The painting came out so beautiful! What a lovely commission! Sounds like a good book, too...<3

  16. Lisa, this is such a fantastic piece of work. I am almost stuck for words to describe how beautiful and meaningful this piece is. I am sure the new owner is over the moon!

  17. Lisa, this painting is amazing...incredibly beautiful!! I love the symbols of the memento mori and the dove...great touch. Also, I love the black and white tile floor...adds a surreal tome to it.

    Well, I'm just floored and can go on all day about this wonderful piece of art. All I can say, is love, love, love it!!


    Forgot to send off a little thank you for the paper dolls...I'm looking forward to spending many hours of playing with my little Zoe and the dolls when she's older...Thank you.

  18. It is finished. To quote from The good book. Wow, to see your painting along side of you and Horace is truly stunning. You get the full magnitude of it's being and shear size. I guessed it to be a little smaller than what I see here.

    Lisa, you have me intrigued with this book. I was not brought up catholic, but pentecostal and Mary Magdalene was never taught to be his wife. It wasn't until I saw a show on the History channel did I learn of who she was to Jesus. How very interesting I find this.

    Your piece is truly breathtaking. I love the music in the video, it's so appropriate and paired with your painting it is extremely dramatic.

    Very well done my friend.

    xxxx Jaime

    p.s. you look so stinkin' cute!

  19. Lisa, you piece is just beautiful. I love it. I hope you are having prints made, I would love a print. Excellent work and you should be very proud of yourself. We are of you. ::hugs::

  20. Lisa,
    When you allow what is deep inside you to come out and through your work, you are being led. You can never go wrong when you follow your heart. For someone to commission your work without ever speaking to you or meeting you, he was being led.
    I love it when paths meet and fate intertwines and never the two shall break!
    What a blessing for you both and a Masterpiece was made!


  21. this is so beautiful! are you going to offer prints of it? i can't bear thinking we will never see it again!

  22. I'm afraid i am with Luthien on my knowledge of the bible, but i still totally love your art and your description of why you painted it! Congratulations on a wonderful sale and experience!

  23. Lisa, this painting is absolutely stunning. I am so proud of you. You continue to grow and amaze. You and Horace are glowing. Now get ready for more commissions. Much love xo, M

  24. I love you so mush.I need to see you even if.I can just relax at the house w some tea and just talk you r wonderful I love you...heather

  25. Lisa..hugs...beautiful vid..you look gorgeous and your painting is divine and exquisite ....and so very special reading your post and what you shared!

    HUgs..I am very happy for you..and Horace looks like beautiful soul!How wonderful to meet!

    your painting is truly beautiful..so much to enjoy and look at and meditate with...love everything about it!
    and your vid..love that song..i listen to your cd everyday in my studio!
    Hugs and happiness...thanks for all the incredible magic you share!

  26. LISA! It brought an ache to my heart. I'm not sure why. Very very beautiful and soulful. I would love to hear your own commentary on the painting, who's who and what spoke to you has you were painting. Absolutely exquisite. hugs and love, Donna

  27. Oh WOW, I'm not sure how I missed this, but I"m glad I stumbled onto it now! This turned out so incredibly beautiful- I love everything about it. Especially the meaning behind it all. Bravo to you!

  28. i love this collection of prayers, your intuition brave and true finding form in every detail.
    thank you for inspiring us and telling this soul stirring story straight from your heart.

  29. I find it so special that you placed prayers 'under the paint.' What a treasure for your client.


  30. This is SO incredible and so very impressive. Everything you wrote shows validation of your art. I can only reiterate how I know Horace must have felt. It truly MUST have been a magical moment for both of you. And to have placed your prayers under the images, embedded forever in the paint, was the part that will keep you a part of this painting forever. YOU ROCK!!

  31. {{ this--
    your version--
    is wonderful
    & shines with Grace,
    i am
    so pleased
    i came to look
    this morning }}

  32. This is a beautiful rendition of "The Last Supper," and your story is beautiful too. That you two had a connection, you made each other happy (you from his appreciation, and him from what you created that touched him), made me happy to read. Moments like that are wonderful, and what make art making so worthwhile. So glad you captured your moment together, with the painting, with the photograph! (-:


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