29 March 2012

Haiku my Heart♥ For Amy

Listen, I'm okay
You noticed my struggle, friend.
This smile is for you.

If my arms could reach that far south...
I would scoop you up here to me
like an ice cream sundae.

Amy told me lots of jokes this past week,
but my favorite,
the one who made me snarl "Uncle"
was this:
so this old guy goes to the doctor for a routine checkup, right?

 (okay, wait. actually his daughter takes him there. that part is important)

the nurse is all, 'we need a blood sample, a stool sample, and a urine sample"

and the old guy is all, 'what?'

and the old guy's daughter is like, 'they need your underwear'


Thank you Amy.
You are a friend of my heart.

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won't you join us?

♥♥♥, Lisa


  1. i came over to leave you a joke, and i saw this.
    now i'm crying.

    yikes you are a star.

    i'll come back when i'm composed.


  2. Really interesting! (I liked your joke!)

  3. Great to see you smile! (Hated hearing you were down...)

    LOL - great joke Amy! (And good work!)

  4. Amy rocks. So glad she made you lol
    GREAT smile oh and it was wine glass Wednesday too Lisa! LOVE!

  5. Sweet haiku ~thanks, namaste, ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  6. Hey, I resemble that remark! That is funny. So wonderful to read that you have connected with a friend and it made you happy. Soothing haiku to read. Amy looks like fun in general!


  7. Nicely done. Love the behind story. Great haiku.


  8. Funny joke :-))

    And friendship is a great blessing, its true!

    I love haiku and last year I went through a stage of writing lots of them. This reminds me to write Haiku again, very therapeutic.

    The swap is well under way mine has been sent and received and I have got my first sent to me too. I just want to say thank you so much - this swap has been just what I needed to cheer me.

    Kat Xx

    Oh and I've posted photos of all the pages of my journal, before I sent, it on my latest post. But don't visit if you want it to be a surprise of course ;-)


  9. And though it seems strange, struggle is not against flesh and blood...

  10. Oh my, I've had a rough week, and your friends joke made me laugh out loud. I love your haiku tribute to her. Thank her for me too, okay? :)

  11. Great post. Love the old photo.

  12. LOL! soooo funny. I'll use this one. Thanks Lisa~

  13. What a nice tribute to your friend. And the joke is hilarious.

  14. Nice Haiku. You look like you are enjoying yourself. That's a good thing.

  15. Sometimes you just have to laugh in the face of struggle!

  16. Amazing what a smile can do, especially in a haiku... I love that scooping up like ice cream... great joke, if I could only remember them afterwards, this is one to tell again! Thanks Lisa!

  17. Amy was very dedicated..... Hope happiness stays..... I had 2 sangrias with dinner the other night and thought of you because i was extremely out of the "loop" and had never even had a sangria before until you mentioned it on your blog once quite awhile ago. At least i think it was you, i'm giving you credit for it even if it wasn't!

  18. It's always best to joke and smile. Nice one.

  19. You made me giggle... it's too early for the wine but my smile is like yours on the photo! Enjoy your weekend.

  20. I'm sharing this joke with everyone I know. Fabulously funny! Thanks for getting my day off to a great start!

    Eager Wildflower

  21. Awesomeness !!!! Love you ! Love your friend, Amy ! Love life, in spite of the crap that fills the edges of the picture sometimes.
    Huge hugs, Beautiful One !


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