21 March 2012

I know it must seem I have abandoned my blog
and my readers
and even my art itself.
I like to keep my blog positive,
but I feel you would want an explanation.

I don't know how to explain my gloominess.
I feel detached and disenchanted.
Usually I blame the long winter,
but this year spring came early and it has done nothing to ease 
my dull despair.

But I am trying to pull myself up and get on with it.

Books make me happy-er and I had some fun looking at and reading
Seth's new book...it was really cool to see so many of my
 friends' art and thoughts published.
I bought book in the middle for $5.00 and the book on top...
I constructed that one for an Art Journal round-robin
that starts April 1st.

I have been using and re-purposing things I already have this year,
and this book was made from the parts of 2 tablets of water color paper, an old book from a library sale and some scrapbook paper.

Some sawing and some gluing.
Some hammering and some etching.
And look!

8 Artists
The sign in page.
I got that Frida card at the Art Museum in Pittsburgh this past summer.
I just finished my tag today.
I think if I continue focusing on all the good,
the yucky-ness will drift away.

♥Love, Lisa♥


  1. Love this Lisa and you. So many of us are with you on all of this. No need to feel bad. This has been a hard time for some reason - something is going on and we all need to pull each other up and out. So here is my hand giving you a lift just grab on......

  2. I'm so excited to see your journal Lisa! I always have high expectations when I visit here that you'll make something I love, and you've not disappointed - it's fabulous and fascinating!

    Interestingly, although they are really quite different, I've spotted some small similarities between yours and mine - we must be on the same wavelength!

    Thank you for organising this project, I already know that these journals will become a treasured possession for each of us. I hope that your spirit becomes brighter as the days do :) x

  3. Yay! What a fabulous Art journal! I love the little pockets with the tags. I would love to send you some sunshine and happy thoughts , sweet lady. Thoughts of you always make me smile inside and out.

  4. hi delicious babe.
    melancholy makes you more appealing.
    better be careful or i'll have a crush on you.

    sheeeeit. what are you doing having a round robin without me?

    i think i'll probably buy seth's book too - i like him and think he's a talented and generous soul.

    maybe i should send you a dirty joke a day until you cheer up.


  5. you don't have to publish this - i won't be upset. but here is your daily dirty joke:

    what do blondes have in common with nessie?

    they've both swallowed a lot of seamen. semen. sea men.
    geddit? geddit?

  6. Hi from one Lisa to another! Thanks for sharing so transparently. I think this happens to a lot of us. In fact, just this morning I was feeling just what you described. I spent the last two days with a bad back, so I spent all my time sitting and doing art. Just gorging myself on art. I enjoyed it, but felt dull this morning. I don't know anything about your spiritual beliefs, but when I feel this way it's usually because I'm looking to something other than God to fulfill myself.

    Art is such a wonderful outlet for creativity, but it, and everything else loses its zest when I try to use it to give me the joy that I can only get from Jesus. Once I have that relationship in the proper place in my life, the joy returns (because He is the source of joy) including the joy of doing art.

    Just my two cents worth! {{hugs}}

  7. Hey Lady, we don't want no yuckness - I am sending sunshine thoughts your way!

    This journal looks sooooo amazing. I'm beginning to wish I'd spent a bit more time with mine before sending it off! Never mind, I can pour all my efforts into the work of others when they arrive on my doorstep!

  8. Hey Lady,
    I don't know if it helps, but I want you to know you're not alone in your melancholy- I think something's just in the air. At least I hope, we can't keep feeling this way during the most beautiful time of year; can we?
    That said, you've done it again! Made something incredible and amazing and as always, inspiring! I've gotten my papers cut and will be getting my covers together to mail out next week. Can't WAIT for this to get rolling!

  9. This is you not making art?? Whoa! It's beautiful. And I'm completely there with you on the gloominess. Haven't been blogging much for the same reason. Hugs dear lady!

  10. Lisa,
    I hate that you are having some days of gloom and darkness.. I know when that happens to me, I don't even know why. I think women take on everything and push too much of their own needs aside until there is no more room in the inn. I like think maybe it is a cleansing of the spirit. Take care of yourself sweetness, remember you are someone's universe. Even a universe needs sometime to for rest and rebirth. Open your heart and close your eyes, I am sending you some balls of light and fire to empower you over the darkness in your life ~
    I hope you feel it and the light encompasses you and picks you up and kicks that sorry gloominess in the butt!!!
    Your art journal is amazing! of course!! I can't believe you added tags to yours, I did too!!! I am such a tag-o-holic! I have not finished my journal but it will be mailed on time. I am very excited about this round bird thing! ha! It is going to be really hard to send your journal on....LOL
    At least I get to see it up-close and personal!
    YOU ARE AMAZING and WONDERFUL,with an ABUNDANCE of talent that speaks and has a lot to say!!

  11. What a beautiful book of art to share !!! You are such an amazing artist, Lisa.

    I know the difficulty of keeping things positive when the heavies have taken over. Yes, winter was easier but our bodies and souls still now that rhythm. Be gentle with your beautiful self. And yes, keep looking for the sweet little joys. They are there for the finding.
    Big love and light to you, My Friend.

  12. Hopefully the yuckiness HAS drifted away. Your work is gorgeous as always. I wish I could send you some of our beautiful California sunshine ♥

  13. Oh this is so amazing, Lisa! And made completely by you, yourself...you rock! Mine is not handmade, but I wish it was now. Too late, and it will have to shine by the wonderful art that will soon be inside it :-) I hope when the journals begin their travels, it will dispel any leftover winter gloominess. I'm sure it will help.

    In the mean time, be sure to get out in the summer-like sunshine we are having! Can you believe the weather we have had??? It's exactly like June, my favorite month :o)

  14. Your work is lovely and it is good that you have pushed onward. I sometimes have those very same feelings and I find the just creating something seems to help.

  15. OOoooOOOoo I love your journal...

    Lisa you are always so creative and talented. Did I mention also that you are a beautiful soul, caring, gorgeous, funny, giving, original, witty, intelligent, have beautiful offspring, have a fantastic life, have marvelous taste in friends that will always be here for you when you're feeling like shit. :)

    Hope that helps a teeny bit. Hang in there sweetie.

    xx and oooo

  16. we DO understand, remember you are talking to a bunch of creatives, we all have our times of despair ... your sawing and gluing, hammering and etching has paid off... sending xxxxxxx's

  17. you might not want to publish this...
    day 2...

    three dudes are going on this skiing trip together, right? so to save some dough they share a hotel room with only one bed.
    they all cram into the bed and snooze.
    in the morning one of the guys is all, 'duuuudddde, last night i dreamed i was getting a handjob' and the other guy is like, 'duuuuddde, i had the same dream' and the guy in the middle is all, 'oh. i dreamed i was skiing'

    (gedddit? geddit? the poles? geddit?)

  18. Lisa, this is a wonderful book. I am glad your thoughts are positive, even though you have been down a bit. Now please realize, many of us love you, and appreciate your art SO much. And now you can bask in the glow of the wonderful beauty you have created.

    BTW, so glad to see you have a copy of Seth's book.

  19. your book is really really cool...hope the wings of spring lift you up soon

  20. day 3.
    so this guy is early to pick up his date so she invites him in and tells him to chill on the couch.
    and he does. and she keeps getting ready, right?
    so then the guy realises he has wicked gas and needs to let one go.
    his date's dog jumps up on the sofa and he rips a fart out, hoping he could blame it on the dog.
    his date hollers, 'pup! get down!'
    and the guy is all smug in the way men are when they blame their farts on a dog.
    then the dog hops back up and the guy rips out another one.
    again, his date yells, 'pup! get down'
    and the poor chastised dog gets down from the sofa.
    a bit later the guy has to fart again (nasty man) and pats the sofa. the pup jumps up, the man farts and his date yells, 'pup! get down before he shits all over you!'

  21. tomorrow remind me to tell you the one about the martini and the pickle.

  22. Lisa your so lovely I hate to think of you sad. I too have been in that sludge mood wise and it is no fun. I think you're right in concentrating as much as possible on the good stuff. I'm trying to be in the present moment and appreciate every simple beauty. But it is hard isn't it when inside you feel bad. I'm sending you lots and lots of love & hugs that I hope will make you feel better from the inside out.

    Now to your journal - gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it and view it for real :-) I was working on mine again yesterday and so have progressed from the preview shown in my blog post. Like you it has reds and pockets and layers. With mine though I'm a little worried about it shutting when all eight of us have added our art. I think it'll be okay, fingers crossed.

    Anyway sweetie, hope the bad stuff evaporates and is replaced with goodness.
    Kat XXX

  23. Wonderful art journal! I hope your melancholy drifts away soon, my moods change every few days so i always know i'm due for a change when i feel sad, but people have told me to try melatonin. I did buy it for my son to help him sleep but it really is supposed to lift your mood, especially seasonal depression, have you ever tried it?

  24. is this day 3? i think so. we'll call it three.
    this woman walks into a bar and has a seat.
    She hollers out to the bartender, "Tenderbar! bring me a tinimar with a pickle on top!"
    the bartender, used to drunks, brings her a martini with an olive. she gulps it down and groans, 'arrrrrggghhh. hearburn!'
    a moment later,
    'Tenderbar! bring me a tinimar with a pickle on top!"
    you know he brings her a martini. you know it has the olive and you know she gulps it down and moans, "arrrrgghhhhh! heartburn!"
    Guess what?
    she says, "Tenderbar! Bring me a tinimar with a pickle on top!"
    guess what?
    he brings her a martini. it has an olive.
    she gulps it down.
    she moans, 'arrrggghhh. heartburn!'
    and the tenderbar says,
    "look. it's not a tinimar, it's a martini. that is Not a pickle, it's an olive and you don't have heartburn, your tit has been in the ashtray for the last 10 minutes"

    enjoy your saturday.


  25. so today was crazy and i got here as soon as i could. everything looks the same and okay, so you didn't crumple to pieces in my tardiness. good.
    shall we then?

    now, i'm very tired, so this is an old stand by for me and not at all dirty (sorry):

    two peanuts were walking down the street and one was assaulted.


    okay now you do know that i intend on keeping this up until you are the nonmelancholy version of yourself.

    i'm no quitter man!

    see you tomorrow.

    i will be funnier tomorrow, i promise.


  26. lisa!
    i nearly fell asleep and then i realised that i hadn't come over here and delivered a retarded joke.

    i sort of imagine you getting these in your inbox each night and rolling your eyes and wondering if i don't have anything else to do.

    i don't.

    i'm sure eventually you will make some sort of blog post explaining how you are insanely happy and not at all depressed specifically so i will stop doing this.


    are you ready?
    i'm not sure what day this is now, i've lost track, we'll say day 7. but i think it's like 5 or 6. but 7 makes me sound much more dedicated.

    dirty joke of the day.

    this one is really bad, please don't get mad at me.

    what's the difference between a whore and a bitch?

    a whore fucks everyone.

    a bitch fucks everyone but you.


    the tart.

    Now i can go to bed.


  27. so this old guy goes to the doctor for a routine checkup, right? (okay, wait. actually his daughter takes him there. that part is important)

    the nurse is all, 'we need a blood sample, a stool sample, and a urine sample"

    and the old guy is all, 'what?'

    and the old guy's daughter is like, 'they need your underwear'


    i've had wine tonight, so the telling of this one was not very well executed.


  28. Hi Lisa, even though I've just barely scratched the surface of your amazing blog and art... I've noticed your absence on Friday haikus, I'm barely making it there myself. I'm finding that while I must consciously focus on the good, I must at the same time give room for the yuck, and walk somewhere in between. Isn't it amazing that just with a few visits, people in cyber space matter? It is good to be able to visit you! Thank you!


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