04 March 2012

Primavera or Allegory of Spring

The inspiration for this week's challenge was the painting
Primavera by Botticelli.

This masterpiece is a story within a painting,
and the challenge was to create our own Allegory of Spring.

You can read more about it here.

When I chose this challenge, I wanted it to be...well,
And it was.
It took me half the week to come up with an idea.
Finally, this is what emerged...

I read that since Art is subjective,
the artist should not explain her work,
but let the viewer see their own meaning, or story.
I see lots of different ways to describe this painting. 

Is she a seed, waiting for spring and rebirth?

Is she grounded to the earth, but reaching for the heavens?
Or is she just a symbol for creativity?

Or something all together different?

What do you see?

Please visit the Gallery of Primavera (in the spring)
to see some incredible works of art.
I love the way all of the artists had such different interpretations.
I will be posting the Gallery at Inspiration Avenue
Today at Noon.
♥Have a beautiful Sunday♥ 


  1. lOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PAINTING! So creative, so beautiful! Like a klimt and just as precious!

  2. Wow, oh my, i don't know how to say how much i like this piece! There's so much meaning there... I see it as a rebirth sort of feeling, she's waiting for fullness to show her true potential!
    I also just received your package... Thank you so much for the room of her own book!!! I can't wait to have time to read it, ....maybe in the bath! And eva's book is wonderful, your page IS so great to see the texture in person.
    Thanks ,thanks again!

  3. Stunning creation and what a lovely idea in design!!!

  4. Oh gosh. If I'd had to pick a winner this week it would definitely have been YOU! This is amazing Lisa - I can see it having real commercial potential.

    Love it. Love it. Love it!!!!

  5. This painting is breathtakingly gorgeous. It is so clever, thought provoking, touching & beautiful. WOW you are such a super talented lady!! I love this.
    Hugs (wish I could give you a hug in person)
    Kat Xxx

  6. Or is it all these things and more?
    Which is why this art is so inspired! LOVE!!

  7. Lisa, I'm traveling and on a strange computer but will try to leave a message. I believe your painting represents a gentle spirit, innocent and yet willing to emerge into a spring blossom. She is grounded yet ready for the challenge of life.

    Wonderful job!


  8. Very intriguing piece!!
    Stay inspired!

  9. Stunning Lisa. She is deeply rooted and only shows a little of her beauty to the world. OMG just wait until she is in full bloom.

  10. Beautiful interpretation, Lisa. I see her as a new life just beginning. I also see several hearts & wonder if they were put there on purpose or just happened? Thanks for a very challenging challenge!

  11. Wow!!!


    Such a beautiful and powerful painting! I love this one!

  12. The birth of spring,
    thats great,
    really unique

  13. I see the spirit of Spring ready to spout up. I see an artist ready to find her path. I see a young woman ready to come into her own.

    A lovely painting, Lisa!


  15. Lisa,
    I think your hibernating lady is representative of all women, naked bearing our soul to others in need, connected to the earth, dependent on her beauty and strength to carry us on, her roots to help us grow and her womb to give us rest to emerge the creative beautiful and unique souls that we each are; beautiful individual flowers re-seeding the earth.

    Heart to heart... you always deliver!


  16. Amazing, really imaginative and original! The sort of gruesome details (the budding feet, the blood red veins) bring Hieronymus Bosch to mind, but the sweet sleeping face and the posture remind me of Klimt, awesome mixture! There is something eternal about it, also something modern. Really impressive! <3

  17. There is so much meaning here, from the cycle of birth, to nature, to the fact she really does look like a peaceful pea in a pod, no pun intended with the store by the same name. Really beautiful and peaceful, it's a picture that makes me want to be quiet and not wake the girl up <3

  18. The earth is sleeping but getting ready to send out new energy, new growth for us this springs.

    Wonderful art!


  19. Lisa, this is my favorite of all the entries at IA this week!

    I think she is a seed, and since a seed has inside it the entire makeup of what it will become (ha there's probably a better scientific way to say that), I see her becoming the perfect earth mother once she has grown to her full potential. She's waiting for the nurturing warmth of the sun and quenching water to begin her journey :) I love the thought you put into it and the way you executed it...it's gorgeous!

  20. Oh this is incredible- I love how it is consistent with your style and yet seems to be moving you in a new direction. WonDERful stuff!

  21. I intended to get here MUCH SOONER, but ever since a week ago Tuesday, I've had a terrible time keeping my computer going. It keeps freezing up and I have to reboot. No fun at all.

    I admit, I was BLOWN away by this piece. I think it should be in an art show somewhere. It is beyond meaningful. I really LOVE all the meanings, hidden and implied, this piece suggests. And the mood it evokes is incredible. Can you tell I really LOVE IT?

  22. Beautiful work Priti! I see her as connected to the earth and being creative, growing in creativity. She reminds me a little of Klimt, one of my favourite artists.
    Jess xx

  23. Wow..totally exquisite beauty Lisa! She is everything..and all those things you mention..maybe even a plant deva..a goddessy pod giving life ad creating nature..i love her and all the many layers of meanings she holds and carries and shines all at once!magical!

  24. Love this painting!! So much depth!!

  25. My Dear Friend, I See So Much Within This Composition. This World Holds Many Truths In Its Belly And From Spirit To Chemical Compounds We All Connect. I Immediately Felt The Explosion Of Feminine Rebirth In This Piece ~ Her Individual Truths She's Protectively Holding Inside Until Just The Right Moment To Join The Rest Of Us. I Love The Heart That You Placed Forming Part Of Her System..Reaching The Earth's Surface Before The Rest Of Her Is To Follow...Giving Us A Hint Of What She Surely Carries Within Her Spirit. I Love This Composition! It Touched Me From The First Moment. Thank You For Sharing Your Innermost Truths With Us. You Are Truly One Of The Most Giving And Courageous Artists I've Come To Know In My Time Here. Sending You Much Love & Sunshine To Help Lift You Throughout Your Day, Terri

  26. I see the goddess of Spring!!

  27. This is so beautiful, Lisa. Hmmm, how I would love to get in touch with the soft, well rooted part of me ready to burst out...Feeling a little less pink than this gorgeous creature these days...
    Thank you for the eye candy !
    Have a cozy Sunday night !

  28. Such a beautiful and inventive painting, so full of symbolism! I see Mother Earth, nurturing, emergence. It speaks to me of great possibilities!

  29. stopping by to say i miss you and to have my heart slayed by your beauty!

  30. I see a really beautifl painting...

  31. this is so interesting reading all the interpretations of your painting. It is so deep. I can see so many different symbols, your specialty, in this that it's incredible. Bravo!


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