18 April 2012


I know I seem like a slacker, but,
I have been busy.
I have made some Buddha boxes...

These buggers take me forever it seems.
I also finished (and sent) 
my pages for Maggie's book.
I know you saw some of this in different stages...

Originally, I did a self-portrait behind the mica window...

But nobody knew it was me...
Mia thought it was John Lennon.
Which I chose to take as a compliment,
but pasted the other Frida on top.
And cut the page.

And ended up doing more than my share of the book.

In the end...I feel it is a self portrait of sorts.
Here are Frida and Van Gogh and Klimt.
And Cummings.
And Mary.

You will be seeing more of this Mary...
Mother of Mercy.

I am working on a few different pieces with her.
So I will be redundant.
Some more.
So, thanks Maggie,
for letting me practice in your book.

Friday will be a give-away day.

I just have to turn it into a haiku.

I ♥Love♥ you!!!


  1. I love your boxes and the Buddha boxes are a wonderful new addition to the ones I've seen.

    You are so productive!


  2. Love, love, LOVE these pages- definitely you with that lovely mix of Frida, Cummings, Klimt et al....I'm getting more and more excited about our little group!

  3. Oh my!!! I am so blessed that this is my book! I feel like squealing! And jumping up and down!

    These pages are too wonderful for words, and I thank you, Lisa, for making this beautiful art for me!!! I couldn't even pick a favorite page, but Mary is so other-worldly and beautiful ~ truly Full of Grace. I'm in awe of her.

    I can't wait (although I will have to) to see this in real life!

    Lots o' love,

  4. Hi Priti girl!
    I am so in love with the pages you did in Maggie's book. Please feel free to change your mind in my book and do more than your share! LOL!
    I love your Mary and I always love what you do..you are just a talented little heart sharing every beat with us! Beautiful work!!

    Have a sweet day!

  5. Oh, I got carried away and forgot to say how much I love your new Buddha boxes!!


  6. Nice job with the boxes. Just beautiful work Lisa, but you always do that. Enjoy your dat, take care.

  7. Love love love the Buddha boxes !!!
    And how lucky is Maggie to have so many beautiful characters grace her pages ? Lovely work, Ms. Priti !
    How is the Vino doing ? Well, I hope, and finding great moments of purring.
    Love and light to you, Gorgeous !

  8. Better to overdo than to underdo..at least I think so. Great pages and poem!

  9. Your Buddha boxes are very impressive as are the pages in the book. Not only are you "priti" but you are talented, too!

  10. Love your Buddha boxes. The special details you add always make your boxes come to life.
    Maggie is one lucky lady! Such fun art work and so many wonderful inspirations. She's sure to treasure it.


  11. Ooh the journal is sooo beautiful and one day soon it will be appearing on my doorstep!!

    I am in awe.


  12. Ooh gorgeous boxes Lisa, I've loved all the ones you've made before but Buddhas are a special favourite!

    And your journal pages are ... well, stunning. I think all art turns out to be a kind of self-portrait and those pages are full of your heart and soul. I'm already excited to see what you'll create in my journal! x

  13. Now you know I gotta LOVE these and I DO!!! These are terrific. I continue to be awed and inspired by your talent, openness and expansiveness. You are so good!!!
    xoxo, m

  14. Wonderful art! Great to visit your blog, and I'm STILL enjoying your shrine from the Oaxaca Street Children's auctions...

  15. Gorgeous journal pages - Maggie is a lucky lady. They are so full of heart and meaning. I could get lost looking at them and pondering on the words and meanings. Wonderful!

    Thank you for your kind comments on my journal pages today. I was so nervous of it being a mess. I've already edited my words in my head but I think I like the general gist and may try making more art with those words as I hope people may beable to relate to the sentiment.

    Thanks for organising this round robin - it is special sharing with you girls.

    Big Hugs
    Kat Xx


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