08 April 2012

Frida Fiesta

I hosted the challenge a Inspiration Avenue
this week, and I chose my favorite subject,
and then I hit a creative wall.
I really struggled...
and now I am out of time...
I can't even write a proper post.

Here is Frida before her trade mark eyebrow.

Happy Sunday!
I'll be back soon...
I have somebody to show you...
♥ Love, Lisa♥


  1. I do love your style. Your portraits are always so well done and so pleasing to look at all the face details!!!

  2. I always love seeing Frida through your eyes.........your love for her shows through.

  3. In my little world you are the Queen of Frida. I love every version of her that you come up with.


  4. You always inspire me. I knew you would this time, also. I love your entry, but I'm not sure which of the Fridas I like the best. I really LOVE the one in the arch. I had even considered an arch, but of course, couldn't find mu arch template. In the arch, the abstract Frida's colors are simply perfect. You have really created a TRUE Frida Fiesta, all on your own. Have a super rest of Easter Sunday.

  5. Fantastic Priti!!!
    This was the best challenge. I totally loved it.
    You rock!

  6. Oh wow, a new favourite Lisa, she's gorgeous.... Love the colours!

  7. She is perfect! I love the colors and the detail. Your love for Frida always shines through.

  8. I think Frida, is naked without her eyebrows, and two completely different looks. I love the word artist under the eye. And some of us work well under the crunch. And you did it;
    I want to see who, you are going to show us. Soon right?


  9. Gorgeous paintings, as always! It feels there is a bit of you in your Frida painting. It was fun to see her before and after the eyebrows - interesting to see how the uni-brow makes a huge difference. But my favourite of all these pieces is definitely the colourful 'the broken go bravely on' - the expressive face and words struck a chord with me.

    I hope we both get out of this creative rut we're in soon! It sucks, doesn't it?

    Look forward to who you have to show us...

    Big Hugs
    Kat Xx

  10. She's beautiful, much more innocent and young looking than some of the others,

  11. I especially love the little Frida tags. They'd be wonderful attached to gifts or as bookmarkers, etc, etc..

  12. You do great work when you struggle. Keep struggling. :)) I hope you had a wonderful Easter. Can't wait to see who you are going to show us! xo

  13. i didn't realize you'd painted a diptych... the other image gives it a totally different feel... just wonderful!!!!

  14. Who needs a "proper" post when you have stunning art to show? I love all of these Fridas, but she really rocks with her eyebrows on! I love the young innocent look she has, something different from what you normally see. So beautiful!

  15. I'm a little late getting around this week. Your love for Frida is very evident in your painting! Thanks for a great challenge!

  16. Lisa - you paintings are gorgeous. I love your distinct style. Thanks for such an inspiring prompt.

  17. Lisa, you are so beautiful! Your life is channelling and creating new energy beings everyday through your art. What your doing is one of the most beautiful gifts! Don't think for one moment your not doing a Godly energy gift... You are at the forefront of bringing loving energy and grounding into the earth and around you. Your art is alive!
    You will be getting so much, wishing to remember what's happening during your sleep time. Every soul travels and and soul carries on while the human body is resting. Many things you may have forgotten as I and My mum had while getting older and wishing to remember. Know you are a beautiful gorgeous Si-star in heaven and on earth! I know deep within your a truly advanced soul! Much love to you! <3

  18. dear beautiful soul,
    i am home and i have missed you. coming here is like opening a window and feeling the soul in full bloom.
    i have just announced my dia de los muertos folk art retreat and of course...i wanted to be sure you knew. just in case you wanted to visit fridaland.

  19. You may feel like you're struggling Lisa but it certainly isn't reflected in your work! Your different faces of Frida are all expressive and beautiful, but my favourite is "The broken go bravely on..."
    PS it's amazing how different she looks sans eyebrow! x

  20. She is really beautiful! I love how there are so many versions of her :-D I hope you feel better and do not feel any artistic struggles when making your next creations, but if it helps, I agree that I'd have never realized you were struggling <3 Thanks for posting so many pretty pictures!


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