20 April 2012

haiku my heart♥...and a give-away

Found in my closet.
Frida and forever friends
freckled with flowers.

For more haiku and some of the best people in the blog biz
visit Rebecca's blog recuerda mi corazon.
For more on my gift-away
keep reading.

I love this Frida folk art.
And it is on a bag I found whilst cleaning out my closet.

And I am offering it as a gift.
A slightly used gift.

 But a fantastical, fabulous piece of
fabric folk-art.

If you would really love to have this bag,
tell me that.
If you are a fan of all of my haiku
and all of my F-words,
feel free to frickin tell me that.

I really do pick a winner for my gifties.
I just don't broadcast it on my blog.
If you think I should,
tell me.
I just think it's boring to read about the winner
if you are not (the winner)

Have a joy-filled weekend,
I ♥love♥ you!


  1. Frida made for Kim
    Found in Priti's closet
    Flowers be mine

    How's that for do I love it?


  2. As i won your last lovely giveaway, which i am still savoring slowly, you don't need to add me in the draw this time, just wanted to say how much i do like your haiku and friggin F words, as well a your buddha boxes and sketchbook pages! Always glad i visited!

  3. Wonderful haiku ~ love Frida ~ she is such a wonderful icon ~ enjoy the f---- weekend ~ LOL ~thanks for sharing, namaste, ^_^

    PS ~ I think gloria on PPF would love your bag ^_^

  4. good morning beauty!
    i LOVE and relish seeing you among the flowers of haiku my heart.
    thank you for being here with your verve and delight.
    now that most of my travels are complete, until dia de los muertos for an art infused retreat i am hosting in san miguel, perhaps i can finally join you at inspiration avenue!

  5. Love your Haiku and indeed I do love this bag. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope to be the winner.


  6. Hmmm but which Kim ?

    I am a fan of you, in every which way possible ! ;-)
    Happy Friday, Beautiful One !

  7. Hi Priti. Oh yes of course I would love to have this beautiful bag. How can I prove it to you?

    1. Begging on hands and knees and oh how my knees are hurting. Anything for Frida. {that's one way of showing you how much I want the Frida bag}

    2. I promise to have it forever!

    3. My Haiku for Frida's bag:

    My hands clutch Frida's bag
    My cup it runneth over
    My bag, happiness.

    Okay, I feel great and hope you have a wonderful weekend. Me, Gloria and Carol is right. Take care dear.

  8. What can I say, I love the bag!! I just adore Rebecca and all her humanitarian work...lovely lady. As for your haiku's, I appreciate anyone who can write poetry...I'm poetry/haiku challenged!! LOL

    Have a great weekend and keep creating.


  9. I love finding forgotten treasures!

  10. Aw...great haiku and bag! I know what you are saying about doing a post about who the winner is - when 99% of your readers are NOT the winner - LOL!

  11. love your words and bag
    full of flowers and frida
    life de colores

  12. we love Frida!! strong female figure becomes cult.. love that!

    Imagine your bag; our perfect Los Dias / Halloween - carry-all..

    expressing our angst, her fears
    our Frida; driven
    an inspiration

    L T and C! Lenora and kids

  13. Hello Lisa,
    I just dropped in to say hello and tell you that you are wonderful. I love your bag. I don't need it. I love your haiku too. You can use as many F..words as you like. I don't f..ing care :)).

  14. Cool don't ya love finding good stuff? Today I found a childs book in the library called Deigo. Did you know he was sickly as a child? Awesome treasure and haiku.

  15. i love your freakin blog
    i love your freakin art
    i love your adoration of Frida which i share and i love your freakin Frida which i wear so much that i ordered one for my friend Annette from u , and i love this freakin bag
    and i hope i freakin win woooohooo

    hugz bev

  16. I would be honored to welcome frida into my world of other fridas. Love your haiku. Other F words? No no except fabulous.

  17. I thought I left a message but it is not here. Love frida and would love to give her a home.

  18. Hi there dear friend. Glad you are cleaning and clearing. I'm also glad I was able to visit your blog. I stopped by earlier and couldn't log on. No idea why, but ended up having to call my ISProvider who helped me get back online.

    Please DO NOT add me to the list of giveaway recipients. I am thrilled with what you have sent me in the past, like the adorable paper dolls and your art and bookmark. So, I am just here to catch up and see what I've missed since I've not been around the past few days or so.

    I'm SO not a Frida person, although I love the image on the bag, which would make a great Halloween/Day of the Dead spread.

    I'm off to see what else I've missed such as the buddha boxes and your new Vino, who has the best name around! Bleubeard is actually jealous.

  19. i think my post today will speak straight to your frida loving soul!

  20. Being rather intimidated by the some stiff competition in the frida-love department,I state my hope for winning the giveaway humbly.

    Ever since reading Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna, I had been collecting frida-knowledge and familiarizing myself with her art...


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