12 April 2012

Haiku my Heart♥...Meet Vino

my son the cat whisperer.
Rescued, safe and loved.
No more fighting tooth and nail.
Furry Crocodile.

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For more on my new kitty...keep reading...

This is my new kitty...
What would you name him?
I wanted to name him Otis.
But he didn't like it.
I thought Rudy
and Piglet
were perfectly perfect names.
But he didn't.
Are you kidding me???
So I started calling him 
Chief Me First.
Like he belonged to the Cherokee.
It suited him...he is always plowing his way in front of me...
wherever he thinks I am going.
The stairs are even more dangerous now.
My son Leo suggested Cactus
after cuddling with him.
Now that is a fitting name.
But, I was kind hoping he'd grow out of it.
My friend, you all know Eva,
was the beacon who led me to him,
and she suggested naming him after Vincent Van Gogh.

Vincent?  No, that was my PopPop.
Van?  Nah.
Gogh?  Now that's just plain weird.
He likes it!
And we all know how much I like Vino :D
So, here is Vino.
My new baby...

everyday a little less prickly,
everyday a lot more lovable.

Thank you Eva,
for helping me bring more love into my life.

♥Love♥, Lisa


  1. aw Lisa .... he's cute , looks like he's been through a lot , wish he could talk
    but now .... he has a good home

  2. Hello my friend!

    Wow, what a wonderful new family member! Good for both of you for the new "adoption!" He's quite a scrappy looking guy, but I am sure he may get a little more and more cuddly as time goes on!

  3. He's beautiful Lisa! Sweet fur baby!


  4. Hi Vino!! Btw, what a clever haiku. I liked it!

  5. Such a beautiful cat. Vino, nice. He seem to have adapted well. Missing Weber and Sam right now. God Bless!!! Cathy

  6. Adorable. Always room for a little more "Vino" in life.


  7. Congrats on the new baby! You can never have too much Vino aye? heehee Gorgeous eyes...love the first photo. And by the way, what is that in your window in the last photo? Ironwork? I have an obsession for curled ironwork...

  8. fantastic haiku ~ Love Vino ~ so glad you have each other ~ perhaps Croc would be a good name from your haiku ~ 'furry crocodile' ~ Vino is blossoming with your love ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  9. Ahhh, I'm SO happy you adopted little Vino!

    His poor little ear! I know you will love him so much he'll forget all about it. He already looks blissful to be part of your family.

    Naming a cat is hard, and sometimes you have to wait for them to tell you what they like. I had a cat named Rudy. He was my best-loved cat (don't tell my 2 that currently live here). But when my husband (then boyfriend) and I moved in together, he started calling him "Duke". He was already 14 years old, but somehow it suited his big rough-and-tumble personality. He only lived one more year after that, but I still think of him as Duke.

    Welcome, Vino!

  10. Oh Lisa, he is so adorable! Vino is a perfect name for him.

    So happy you found each other!

    xoxo to both of you.

  11. Sweet. My son got a cat a few days ago (while we're here visiting) and we are all working on names. The right one will come eventually! So far...Stink Bomb, Mr. Kitty, Squawker, Mr. Stinky, Shelbot, and I can't remember the rest. :)

  12. What a lovely haiku and I enjoyed the story of naming Vino, oh yes it suits him! (I do like 'Chief Me First' too... my beloved calls me 'Chief Haw' lately... long story)

  13. welcome to the lisa love nest
    i cannot wait to see you sneak into her paintings. there's something about your willingness to look with such intensity into her heart that is immediately pleasing. i am sure she will toast to you with every tip of her glass forever more!

  14. I've never cuddled with a cactus. I like Vino, but I'd have liked Vito better. You just don't heart that name any more. Nice post! Nice haiku.


  15. Great haiku! How cool that you rescued Vino. I love the story! Happy Friday!

  16. Welcome Vino !!!! I am so happy for you, Lisa ! You know as a Momma of rescue cats that the more love you shower them with, the softer they get. Vino will probably always have a prickly part but I know he will soon see how lucky he is to be in your heart !
    Congrats, Love !

  17. Furry crocodile! I love that!

  18. Vino, is just purrrrfect, in-fact I'm going to get a glass now to celebrate your new love! x

  19. beautiful fur baby, love the markings... xox

  20. Vino is a great name and looks to be a great cat! Congrats on the new family member!

  21. I am also the owner of a rescue cat - Sasabee - and we have created an incredibly wonderful bond over the last 12 years. Bravo!

  22. There's a certain wildness in that first photo, but it is definitely tameness I see in the others. Your son must indeed be a cat whisperer!

  23. pssst pssst Vino sweet kitty soooo happy you found home.

  24. I love Vino. He's a doll. Thanks for visiting me today. Your new kitty made me smile also.

  25. Oh Lisa I am so happy you finally found your baby!! Vino is purrrrfect - sorry I couldn't resist.

  26. Aww! so cute, he's very striking in his look! I bet your going to love him so much!

  27. Hi my friend, just checking up on you!I can see that you are doing fine (from what I can).
    Love your new Love, you can never go wrong with a little "Vino".


  28. Well heellllllllo Vino! Where have you been all my life, lover? (well, we can hope for you can't we?)

    He is beautiful, just like you <3


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