25 April 2012

Page in my Journal

Just a page in my art journal...
I read this passage last night
and I wanted to keep it.

Every female who is born into this life, no matter her station,
can be called courageous
as long as she keeps a part of her soul private and intact.
Outwardly she maybe a down-trodden daughter or wife,
scolded or beaten by father or husband,
suffer the agonies of childbirth.
She can be preached to of hellfire and damnation,
her body abused.
But as long as a tiny seed of self-consciousness 
lives within her,
the divine spark,
as long as it is never allowed to wither and die,
anything is possible.

It's from the book
Signora da Vinci by Robin Maxwell.
Although the book takes place in the 1400's,
it feels timeless to me.

♥Love♥ Lisa


  1. Beautiful painting as always. You just keep getting better and better. Love that paragraph. I've never heard of Signora da Vinci. Sounds interesting. Take care dear.

  2. You have created a very beautiful page. And Maxwell's words are powerful.

  3. This is wonderful Lisa love the painting and the words ...

    hugz bev

  4. This is truly *wonderful*! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Beautiful Mary...can we ever get enough Mary??? No way. I am painting Mary Magdalene at the moment......

  6. Oh I LOVE this page- beautiful art; beautiful words- LOVE it!
    P.S. Now I have to go look for that book :)

  7. Priti, Profound, Inspiring, Fabulous, just like you! Love it!

  8. Timeless, eys. Just like your art pages. Beautiful.
    Hugs to you, Beautiful Lisa !

  9. So deeply beautiful..powerful and amazing! Lisa you are totally a beautiful soul..i love all that you create..gorgeous and inspiring! HUgs

  10. Your painting has serenity and integrity, it makes a wonderful illustration for those powerful words.

  11. This is wonderful, i say that alot but I really do mean it, i just need better adjectives than i can come up with,?.. Her expression fits the quote so well! i see why you love the quote, it's perfect. I may have to get the book!

  12. These things still go on in our world. May we pass on the divine spark to our daughters.
    xx love<3

  13. Gorgeous painting - so full of soul!

    Kat Xx

  14. Hello,
    My sweet friend. I am just missing you over at IA. I am on my lunch break at work and I was poking around in your shop -such an inspiring place to poke around, and this is one of your pieces I really love. You know I love all your stuff, but I just thought I would tell you so.
    Sometimes we just need people to tell us so.

    I hope the sun is shining in your window today!


  15. Lisa dear, thank you so much. I sent you email to thank you for what was in the mailbox today. I am so happy, I love it and will post next week on it. Thank you dear amiga, may you be blessed forever. ::hugs::

  16. This is a wonderful piece and it reminds me of an article I recently read on women in the Middle East and how difficult their lives are...the things they have to endure including the physical mutilation, the abuse etc. It made me sad for them but thankful at the same time that I am FREE to be who I want to be.

  17. I love your post. So many beautifully deep works of art. I love the hands you chose to include in that piece. Someone commented on my post about the memories and imprints on our hands and your artwork made me think of that as well.


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