13 May 2012


One is not idle because one is absorbed.
There is both visible and invisible labor.
To contemplate is to toil, to think is to do.
The crossed arms work, the clasped hands act.
The eyes upturned to heaven are an act of creation.

~Victor Hugo

I really wanted to participate in Inspiration Avenue's challenge 
this week...hands.
I use hands a lot in my art.
This is a picture of my collection of hands...
patiently waiting to be 'priti-fied'

Thank you Shelly and Loretta for the great theme.


  1. Lisa, I love visiting you and seeing how that mind of yours works. Hands are such a wonderful image, and can convey so many messages...like the heart. Beautiful painting! :)) xox

  2. Wonderful hands- and already kinda Priti; can't wait to see what you come up with!
    Happy Mother's Day my sweet friend!

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous collection !!!! I have only two that I love so far, but I too adore hands.
    I hope you are having a sweet weekend, Beautiful Lady !
    Love and light to you !

  4. Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend. May it be a beautiful day!

  5. In honor of Mother's Day and your hands,I am using a quote my mother always said.

    "Priti is as Priti does" ..... and you do everything so PRITI !!

    Visiting you is always my treat!


  6. In honor of Mother's Day and your hands, I am using a quote my mother always said to me:

    "Priti is as Priti does"......
    and you do everything so PRITI!

    Always my treat to visit you!
    Love to you today!


  7. Absoltuely stunning and sooo blissful..your posts and beautiful art always move me within.. and take me to an instant soulful place..hugs and much love..you are awesome sister kindred!

  8. Such a wonderful collection, Lisa!

  9. This is so simple but with huge impact.
    Happy Mothers Day Ms. Priti.

  10. Nice collection of hands, love to see how you use them.

  11. I realize I'm late getting here, but I sure love the hands. I think they are already "Priti." You are truly lucky to have that collection. That is a pretty amazing group, hands down! OK, I can't help myself. When I get around hands, I go nuts. I'm so glad you entered this week.

    And when I read that quote from Victor Hugo, I thought how true the invisible labor is. I've often said it takes (me) longer to come up with a concept or an artistic plan than it takes to actually create the project.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, too.

  12. Hugo said it well Lisa. Glad you posted his saying.

    I liked seeing the hands that will challenge you into creative action but what struck me the most in this post is your wonderful painting and saying "Harm None, do what ye will."
    It has sparked an idea for a sculpture I want to create. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  13. Like your hand collection and how you met the IA challenge.


  14. What a great Hands theme - thanks so much for the visit.

  15. lovely hands, Lisa. Those will be stunning when pritified, lol.
    Thanks for visiting, it was so nice to see you. Hope to see you this week in APR, my birthday edition, I love seeing your art!

  16. Your picture of the collection stands on its own, the quote reinforces; terrific in those tones.

  17. What a cool thing to have.... A collection of hands! I'm sure they will become something wonderful but then they already are wonderful this way too. It reminds me, I've been meaning to sketch some of my collections....

  18. Coming here is always so soothing. Love the quote and can't wait to see those hands in your works. The works in the previous post is beautiful. Hugs sweet lady!

  19. I love your harm none hand - really nice Lisa but your Mother of Mercy is gorgeous. She looks very happy, content and sure of herself in her powers to have mercy on us all. And may she always do so. Please!!!

  20. I love both the image of your collection of hands, and your painting. The pose with the palm turned towards the viewer, and the symbols, lend something quite primitive and mystical to it.

    The weathered effect on your painting is beautiful too, I'd love to know how you did that (if you don't mind giving away your secret!)? x


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